Instagram is currently one of the busiest social media sites that have attracted several million followers online. A new niche has been created, which has given opportunities for several other businesses to flourish.

You may be a beginner or a usual user, and you can make it big on Instagram by simply attracting a large crowd to your account. Slow and steady rhyme is an old-school technique that does not work here. Perhaps, the game is challenging with tones of competition surrounding it.

  1. Your content needs to be upgraded!

    Say you are a wedding planner and what to expand your business online too. Just posing a picture of the bride and the groom will not help people know your motives. Creating behind-the-camera stories, creating some fun punch lines, and revealing the pros and cons of your posts can attract people to approach you for their big day.

    A story can change your life, and all you go to do is provoke some intense emotions in your customers.

  2. Hashtags are a must!

    Hashtags make you more visible and viable. Did you know that the recent Instagram update allows you to follow an account through hashtags?

    When you invest in creating branded hashtags for your Instagram campaigns, you are using a low-budget way to increase your sales. Creating these hashtags is one aspect and promoting them is another. Let them go online, offline, on your websites, or via emails. You just got to flaunt them.

  3. Audience interaction is a must!

    Instagram features like “story” “Reels” are fascinating as they allow fundamental interactions between you and your audience. You can even use the “Live” feature to announce your next brand and openings or even if you are looking for new collaborations.

  4. Collaborate with influencers!

    Instagram influencers are minting some good money for the content they post. With such thousands of users, you can stand a chance to promote your brand if you manage to contact some. They welcome brand endorsements, advertisements, promotions and aid in creating brand awareness. When you do so, you promote your brand to their followers as well.

  5. Come up with exciting quizzes and competitions!

    Arousing feelings of competitiveness within your audience is tricky in getting them towards your product. One can even run Instagram promotions on coupon codes. So when you run quizzes like “what’s your favorite clothing?” you will get responses, and accordingly, you could customize your products for them.

  6. Expand your followers for a short interaction!

    Imagine having 50 followers. There are high chances that most wouldn’t even know you exist. So one of the pivotal ways to increase your sales is by having a target audience who is viable to all your products and services.

    There are numerous ways one can grasp some audience, but one of the easiest ways is to buy Instagram followers. Sites like provide precisely the numbers you need. Browse through their site for a deeper understanding.

  7. Make the best use of the various features on Instagram!

    Features like “Story” or “Reels” are some interesting things which are in trend and perhaps create a lot of hype and keep you in the limelight. Whenever you post a story, it tends to increase your visibility as your profile gets uploaded at the top.

  8. Follow the influencer trend!

    Influencers are well-known personalities or even ordinary people like us that have sparked some fire due to their Instagram appearance. Their sense of fashion, travel, and living interests are adored by a few and criticized by some. Follow trends created by them and see how your engagement increases quickly.

  9. Propagate your Instagram everywhere!

    Promoting your Instagram account on other sites like Facebook, WhatsApp and list it to your website and other social media networks. This creates visibility and awareness and a better mode of reaching your users and getting discovered instantly.

  10. Honesty is the best policy!

    Simply bragging about stuff can get you criticism because people may not feel you on any level. Perhaps, making your user happy and being genuine is the best way to lure them to follow you. Never be afraid to be authentic and talk about fundamental topics, rather than talking heights on fake things hyped by some.

  11. Join Instagram engagement groups!

    These are called Instagram pods. There are different Instagram groups related to fashion, beauty, and travel. You can join them, interact and get some users from them. It is included in one of the short-term means of gaining some attention.

  12. Speak on real issues!

    There are a lot of things going on which have caught the eyes of many. Speaking on those issues, like climate or the current pandemic scenario, will attract a large crowd having similar or dissimilar interests. In earlier times, people had to stand in line for auditions to be famous on television.

    Instagram has changed this environment wherein with just a few followers and likes, and you can get prominent and grab attention from the actual crowd.

  13. Buy Instagram followers!

    Though this may seem to be in the top seven on our list, it should be in the top 3 on your list. Some of you may not be aware of something like this. Yes, it does!

    There are various sites available that help you get accurate and authentic Instagram followers. For instance, is one of the pioneer sites that works effortlessly to help its customers instantly increase their followers at low prices.

    All you gotta do is, visit their site and browse through various packages available. Select the most appropriate package and do an online transaction. Your order will be delivered to you within the next 24 hours.

  14. Emotion-raging content!

    One of the basic concepts to increase some strong engagement is to provoke certain feelings or emotions that would easily attract people towards your post. Your content needs to be planned and executed so that it evokes discussion or some deep thoughts. You may get good remarks or some negative comments, but your main motto should be to get more and more interested in your timeline.

  15. Be consistent with content!

    Your content is like a piece of your work or your personality that forms how users tend to judge you. Consistency is undoubtedly the key, and therefore, try and upload relevant yet fascinating content consistently. If you think you are sure to forget about updating your profile regularly, then try and make a timetable with a google reminder.

  16. Be public!

    Personalizing your account, that is, if to keep it public or private, is solely your decision. But it is mainly recommended that you need to have a public account for a more excellent crowd. Also, if you want to secure your account from any hacks, don’t forget to get it done with Two-factor Authentication.

How do you secure your account?

Go to your profile and click on settings. Next, click on “Security “and select Two-factor Authentication. Follow the instructions given to secure your account additionally.

Instagram is perhaps a social networking site that talks volumes about people’s lives through its pictures and photos. Use these simple tips and get your followers to rise instantly.