Instagram now boasts more than a billion users worldwide, and therefore to simply call it a popular and handy social media platform will be an understatement. Though in service for just a little over a decade, the platform has also successfully launched a plethora of features to make it a perfect social media marketing place for all kinds of brands and businesses around the globe.

Instagram marketing, though, has made it easier for marketers to increase brand awareness and sales, is achieving the same really as easy? Many businesses do not have one or two Instagram accounts that they use for marketing but many. Therefore, it must come as no surprise the trouble that comes with managing, analyzing, and tracking these accounts, not to mention the effort and engagement each account requires for visible outcomes.

The situation is precisely where the Instagram automation tools come in. The following article discusses what Instagram automation tools are, their use and importance, and the best automation tools worth considering.

What is Instagram automation?

The process of using third-party apps, software, or services to manage one’s Instagram account is known as Instagram automation. The process is usually driven using bots, who manage the overall account activity such as commenting, liking, scheduling posts, reporting, and much more.

The series of actions are often focused on those accounts that use certain hashtags, typically similar or niche-specific ones. It certainly helps in maintaining online engagement while increasing the views and attention of the targeted audience.

Why do people use Instagram automation tools?

While individuals or influencers do not have much use of Instagram automation, big brands and marketers can certainly benefit from the same in more than one way.

Most marketers’ prime focus is not Instagram popularity but sales, which requires them to be present on social media platforms like Instagram at all times while continuously building customer relations, authenticity, etc., for their products and services.

However, since manually managing everything online is tedious, companies often take the help of Instagram automation tools that interact and engage with the audience in their place, boosting revenues and awareness.

The need to find legit Instagram automation tools

While using a bot for online growth may seem appealing, it will not be right to miss the point that it is an equally risky and spam-like approach.

In the course of the past couple of years, Instagram has been actively taking actions against inauthentic and bot-operated activity on the platform, which includes buying Instagram followers, likes, views, etc., alongside restricting the use of Instagram automation tools that violate the terms and conditions of the platform.

In the effect of the same, Instagram also frequently runs check on accounts online and take actions against bot-operated or even linked accounts, attempting to improve platform’s efficiency and user experience.

However, it’s important to note here that despite the bad reputation Instagram automation holds, not all tools are spammy. In fact, the ones that mostly deal with the backend of your account, such as discovering hashtags or automating posts, are not just legit but also greatly valuable for any business.

Let’s look at some of the best automation tools online that could be used without the risk of spam or strike, assuring safe social growth –

Best Instagram automation tools 2021

While a lot of automation tools are available online with more or less similar features, the need for brands to analyze their needs and find the one that fits them cannot be emphasized enough. Below are five such tools and their key features to better understand what works the best for you –


SocialPilot is an efficient automation tool that not just lets you manage your Instagram accounts but other social media platforms as well, including Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The tool can help one manage over 100 social media profiles alongside analyzing and reporting their performance and finding and sharing content. What’s more, the capacity to schedule and post up to 500 posts makes it an ideal tool for big brands with a multitude of accounts and content that needs to be shared.

Other major features –

  • Visual calendar to keep track of social activities and appointments, keeping work organized.
  • Built-in workflows to keep the process of managing approvals and collaborating with team members seamless.
  • A single social inbox for accessing all social media conversations makes managing and recording important data easy.

  • Content curation feature that provides the content suggestions for better outcomes.
  • Canva integration.
  • Priority phone and email support.


If you are on a search for an automation tool that is both simple and effective, Ingramer it is. The tool provides easy operation with a number of features, including the ability to send bulk DMs, like posts, automatically follow and unfollow other accounts, comment on the posts of your targeted audience, and much more.

Another cool feature Ingramer boasts is that of filtering the target audience, letting one focus only on the right audience, saving time and efforts while making the process worthwhile.

Other major features –

  • Keeps the account active 24/7 with an efficient chatbox that instantly replies to the audience, increasing your brand and business value.
  • A user-friendly and customizable dashboard to meet the needs of your business goals, niche, and team operation.
  • Smart targeting focused on hashtags, usernames, and locations, generating a loyal and valuable customer base.
  • Smart unfollowing feature to keep your profile clean with the hint of human-like operation to prevent Instagram algorithm suspicion.
  • Schedule posting as per the insights and data on the best time to post to maximize reach and audience engagement.


Jarvee is one of the best window-based automation software available on the internet. The tool can benefit your social media landscape as a whole, given how it operates on a number of other platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc.

One can easily use the tool to like, follow, repost, block users, direct message, follow back, comment, respond, etc., alongside the ability to conduct user and hashtag research without much hassle, making it yet another great tool to consider.

Other major features –

  • One can customize all their messages and posts using the spin syntax feature, helping save time while being equally authentic.
  • The use of advanced and latest automation technology in Jarvee lets users import essential data from other tools.
  • Each Instagram account can run on its own HTTP proxy, increasing the account privacy and security.
  • Pick posting time or live session depending on when the audience is most engaged to increase organic reach.


Tailwind is much more than just an automation tool, as it also acts as your Instagram assistant by letting you plan your Instagram feed. The tool further allows you to optimize a post, schedule the content and use the right hashtags to go with it.

With Tailwind, one does not have to worry about finding the best time to make a post, creating a list of highly efficient hashtags, tagging relevant locations and users, or even formatting a caption.

Other major features –

  • Free trial for users to understand the tool better and acknowledge their needs.
  • The smart visual designer can personalize designs and meet your brand style requirements with just a click.
  • A smart assistant that lets you create a seamless post confidently based on statistical approach and data.
  • Free landing page with an auto-updating bio to keep the traffic coming effortlessly.
  • Ability to add clickable able links to your Instagram bio with no hassle whatsoever.


Agorapulse is considered one of the best social media management platforms on the internet, and a part of the credit goes to the efficient and fast services it offers.

The services are also supported on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and are reviewed to be worth the value and easy to use, not to mention a support team that takes no more than 30 minutes to respond to a query.

Other major features –

  • Community management options allow the users to manually or automatically hide and delete comments, increasing experience value.
  • Pre-load Instagram posts and schedule them for later depending on the best time to post, etc.
  • A unified social inbox that makes it easy for a person to manage comments, messages, etc., all in one place.
  • Social listening to keep track of trends, competitor’s moves and get insight into one’s brand.


Managing marketing both in real-time and online can be daunting, not to mention the myriad of other efforts that go into becoming a successful marketer.

The automation tools mentioned above can help one build a strong online presence, authenticity, and credibility easily and quickly, and it’s true not just for Instagram but several other popular social media platforms. However, ensure that you choose a legit and functional automation tool for the task so that your online growth is safe and healthy. Happy Scrolling!