With Instagram topping the charts of popularity for users as well as marketers alike, everyone is going crazy over numbers. The golden numbers are the number of followers, the number of likes, and the engagement number. Though it is a naturally growing process, where the numbers boom with your hard work and patience, who has the time to wait when you can have them with a few clicks? When time is a constraint and money at hand, you need to look out for alternative smart works rather than toiling the barren lands.

The glittering vision

There are multiple service providers who can provide the facility to buy likes, and followers count in thousands, and that too, all for a nominal fee. Nominal fee that won’t pinch your pockets but would do wonders for your business. Depending on the providers you trust, you can browse through multiple packages catering to each one’s pocket and account.

And with their help, all you left to enjoy the success of exponential growth, which grows in cycles bringing you returns with each investment.

The caution signs along the way

However, if all these would have been so easy, there would not have been tons of sites cautioning you not to buy followers. It is overwhelming but at the same time quite true to say that nearly none of the leading Instagrammer or brands would vouch for buying the numbers. Even with the internet being filled with n number of service providers and their thriving business, their numbers fail to bear a large testimonial to rule to public judgment in their favor.

The truth that cannot be hidden

How hard we try; it is nearly impossible to negate the negative impacts of the buying business completely. With low return rates and high risk factors, buying may not seem a safe territory to those who want to glide over comfortably. Rather it welcomes the risk-takers who are willing to take a chance.

Some of the most publicized negative aspects of buying followers are the following:

  1. The returns are far too low

    What was promised by the service providers was the booming growth of your business, with the initial numbers setting the balls rolling in your court. Few brought followers bringing in a lot of followers by increasing your visibility in the domain.

    But the reality speaks that the returns are there but too less for them to be considered profiting. With dwindling numbers, your cycle is never going to inflate; rather, it will die without regular investments to keep your initial money afloat. Thus, it fails to serve the primary purpose itself!

  2. The followers are not real

    When someone actually follows you, the thought of them being fake does not even cross your mind. But consider a business enterprise that is selling out hundreds, thousands, and ten thousand followers to users and all these in a span of few days! Doesn’t the credibility come into question?

    Even if it does not, it should. Because from where are they going to find so many followers for you? If not most, some of them are bound to be fake accounts run by bots. Larger the numbers you buy, the larger percentage of fakes you are buying along.

  3. No engagement = no growth

    While the first two golden numbers do serve their magic, it is the third one that truly designs the metrics by which the actual growth is measured. Engagement can be measured by the likes you receive, the comments that are typed in, or even the clicks that get generated to your channels.

    Simply saying, even if few followers engage with you, you have high engagement rates as compared to when only a few engage from your thousands. Better engaging content gets more promotion from the internal algorithms of the platform. Hence, it is simpler to imagine a scenario where your followers run in thousands fails to generate even a hundred likes is suspicious towards algorithms and users alike.

  4. Waste of investment

    Not getting returns is one thing, but imagine the case where your investment itself vanishes gradually?

    Instagram does not appreciate the inflation of numbers. Though there are no strict actions undertaken so far against the account holders, there are scenarios where the fake accounts have been deleted by the algorithms. That is, out of the hundred likes you purchased for, you may at the maximum receive about ninety. And from these, the numbers dwindle down to the sixties when the algorithm deletes the possible fake accounts.

    Thus, at the end of the day, what you have is neither the numbers nor the money!

  5. Moral angle

    The numbers also double up as signs of credibility. The more numbers it has, the more likely it is to be that the content is loved by the universal masses. They do not look at the fact that this might be just some inflation that can be done with just a few clicks.

    Hence, when you are guiding in numbers because of money, you are faking it to the organic numbers that are flowing in and also stamping over the hard-working who are still toiling the soils to see the results.

Then what about the promises?

Looking at the above points, it is hard to picture the promise that is spelled out by the companies. But they must have some truth in them for thousands to still trust and use their services.

The key is that you need to put in some effort to make the vision into reality. Here are some effective ways to counter the negative impacts so that you may enjoy the promised joys.

  1. Get returns for your investment

    The main agenda for your brought followers is to increase your visibility in the domain and hence to bring in followers from this visibility. With increased numbers, the algorithms promote your content in the explore or others feed, making your content exposed to a larger audience range beyond the number of your acquaintances.

    If you really want to increase the numbers during this period of brief visibility, then you must make sure that your content is engaging enough. Only if your contents resonate with the consumer targeted, they will turn into numbers and keep your cycle growing.

  2. Buy from trusted sources

    Buying from a reliable party helps you decrease the risk of getting fake followers. Though all party claims to provide organic and authentic followers, there are no enough backups to their claims. Hence, to remain on the safer side, make avail of the websites that have a history of credible deliveries.

    Adding to it, the websites that have insurance, as well as an official contact to trace back, are more appropriate for money dealing.

  3. Create engagements

    Create scenarios of engagement if you cannot get them from the followers. The first step for engagements is interactive captions…captions that pique interest and makes the users interact with your content. Another way is to use the chatting options to initiate the conversations with the potential followers.

    Using all the features of the platform, from reels to the stories, helps you send a message across to the target audience of each arena, thus helping you generate avenues from all areas.

  4. Buy in small numbers

    Since buying in large numbers increases the percentage of fake numbers, it is better to buy in smaller packages in periodic investments as it serves two purposes.

    One, a small number decreases the chance of getting fake followers. Second, the small numbers make it less obvious that you are buying them, and lastly, small periodic investments keep the cycle running without burdening the pocket.

  5. Build trust

    Now, this is a totally new area which you need to work on. Remember, once broken, trust can never be placed again.

    There is no way to justify the act when questioned morally. However, it is up to you to decide the extend till where you depend on the external service and the degree of transparency you have about it. It is better to acknowledge that straight-up denying when the truth is difficult to hide.

When to try the muddled waters? Conclusion

If you want to take the risk, then it is up to you on how to bring the positive effects. But no matter how you try, the risk that remains still remains. Hence, using it as a last resort when things fail is the best option. Since no one wants their hard work to remain hidden in the pages of the web just because luck is failing to show its magic.