YouTube has a dynamic force; this force can uplift your channel and even throw you out of the rat race!

There is a general perception that poor quality is linked to unreliable and cheap services. It is a universal truth and holds good in all segments of the market, not only YouTube. If you carry out an independent survey, you will find that cheap service will lack quality.

Cheap YouTube engagement will be a direct service offers that will lack authenticity, credibility and often provided by bots. If you are trying to save money, don’t get caught in the bad storm.

If you are looking for services to grow your YouTube channel, trust me, this article will save you from a lot of embarrassment and pain later.

The Legal Aspect

The first question that arises is that have you gone through the terms and conditions of YouTube? You will say no one does! Agree, but it is always better to know about the rules and regulations. Here are the terms and conditions that you must be aware of. If you plan to buy a subscription, your attention is drawn to Permissions and Restrictions section 6.

This clause should make things amply clear about the limitations and the restrictions invoked by YouTube management. So, the underlining fact is that it doesn’t matter who or where; legitimate or fake. If you are paying to grow your channel and manipulate YouTube metrics artificially, you break the rules.

Why Are Likes Important for YouTube Channel?

Likes play a vital role in the success of a YouTube channel. Likes, comments, subscribe and even dislikes add to the engagement metrics. Any engagement metric is considered as a positive indication in the algorithm of YouTube to decide on the ranking of your video. Social Media platforms are all about engagement and the number of visitors hooking on to your channel. Another added advantage linked to several likes and views is the monetary gains.

Why Buying YouTube Likes is a Bad Idea?

Let us assume you can take some agency into confidence who can help you with likes in a very discrete way. How will that help you? Even if you paid someone to watch your video and like it, it would not help your channel. The reason is once the job is done, it is not obligatory for anyone to view your next video or remain with the subscription. So, it is not helping your channel anyway.

The biggest danger in buying likes is getting your channel blacklisted by the administrator. All your hard work and pain of making a channel and videos will go down the drain. The lesson here is not how to buy likes but tell you how to increase your YouTube Channel’s brand value and authenticity.

10 Ways to Grow your YouTube Channel

  1. Quality of Content and Video Matters

    Setting your mark with a YouTube channel, get the basics right. The content must be thoroughly researched to add some value for viewers. There are numerous channels and unlimited content on YouTube. Unless you are adding some value for viewers, don’t waste your time. The quality and finer aspects of the video should be of high quality. Don’t make run-of-the-mill average video and expect it to become a path-breaking video.

    Research and quality content is the backbone of success, and if you compromise these two aspects, you will never hit the mark.

  2. Promote your YouTube Channel on Various Social Media

    A better option is promoting your YouTube channel on various social media than looking for cheap services. Cross-promoting your products on social media works well. Promoting your YouTube channel on other social media is easy and pays great dividends in getting views, likes, and subscribers.

    Promote your channel on all sites – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and others. Also, explore your blog channel to promote your YouTube Channel. This strategy has proven to work out well for many YouTubers.

  3. Plan your Content

    A well-scheduled content delivered at the right time creates inquisitiveness and expectations amongst your subscribers. If you are in the habit of posting your videos in a hazardous manner, things will not work. Be consistent with your post and, at a later stage, plan their release dates. Do an engagement check as to the suitable days and times for posting content. The analytics will reveal the engagement time and watch hours to plan your content.

    The first tip for growing your audience is to increase the post frequency. You must plan a video a week in the initial phase until you can make a substantial subscription list and followers. Learn to use your mobile effectively to make excellent videos.

  4. Keep it Short

    Statistics prove that videos that are made under two minutes work well in the initial phase. Try and compress your content and make it to the point. Long videos become monotonous, and people lose interest unless the topic is engaging. If you are new in the game and trying to make your mark, it is better to produce well-edited videos, preferably under two minutes. Also, keep your openings and credits very short and to the point.

  5. Add End Screens for Promotion

    End screens are graphics that link to new videos at the end of any video. It may also prompt others to subscribe to your channel. The best option is to frame the subject to have room for the end screen; this technique will engage the viewer and prompt them to view your next video. You can add an end screen easily by going to the creator studio of your YouTube channel.

  6. Cut Out the Distractions

    Meandering talks, long pauses, or irregular cuts from one shot to another are distractions that bore people. It will make them exit from your subscription list. Keep distractions to a minimum level, create content that tells a story with a flow and engages the audience. The idea is never to have a single frame of more than 4 seconds.

    The background and content should keep changing for visual alertness and engagement. All you need is a good editor with the presence of mind to chop off irrelevant and monotonous clips.

  7. Learn from Top Performers

    Copying or duplicating content may not lead to success, but it is always good to learn from the masters of the game. Do analytics check and find out which videos are performing well and which ones did not hit the mark? Look for successful patterns, style of delivery, and editing style to replicate in your future videos.

    You should also check the watch time as compared to the number of views. A dull video may have a reasonable number of views, but the engagement time will be less; this means people are leaving your video in-between.

  8. Mix your Content

    Don’t go for similar repetitive content again and again. It is alright to stick to your niche, but you must deliver a variety of content. If you are posting one video a week, try and go for three different types of content. Three different types of content will have versatility for viewers, and they know your videos are diverse and engaging. An incredible way is to share success stories, your personal stories, or a motivational video in between.

  9. Try and Develop Series of Videos

    To intrigue your viewers, give them something to binge on. Create a curious experience for your viewers to pursue them move from one video to another, all linked and woven in a series of tales. You can develop a DIY series or an educational series, and if you have the gift of the gab, you can also try a comedy series. Add all the videos in a series playlist; even statistics prove that a series of videos works well.

  10. Collaborate

    Buying cheap likes might put you out of the game; however, the right collaboration will set you in for a game. Collaborations are videos that are shared across multiple content creators’ channels. It is an incredible way to get exposed to many people who are not aware of you.


Buying cheap likes is a guaranteed doom for your channel. You may purchase authentic services for a platform like Instagram, but YouTube has a very well-defined policy on genuine user engagement. A better option is to improve your content value, collaborate and do the little things right that will help your YouTube video grow. Always remember, there can be no compromise on the content value.