Billions of people use YouTube. YouTube is the second-largest platform where you can showcase your talent. It is tough to get views on YouTube due to the rise in the competition. Everybody is creating some of the other content. And if you have started a YouTube channel, then it is hard for you to get views that you expect. But don’t worry, as we have compiled all the easy wins for you to help you understand the basics of YouTube and how you can get more and more views on YouTube.

Some techniques would be shared to help you amplify your views, and we will be sharing some pro tips which can boost your channel.

If you are starting from scratch, then here is what you need to know, and this would be the best guide for you to learn more about amplifying the YouTube views and promoting your channel.

Ready? let us get started-

Here are 10 amazing ways which will help you to get more YouTube views on your channel-

  1. Make sure your YouTube basics are up to date –

    First, we create, and then we upload. Make sure to study the fundamental standards, and you have ticked all the boxes of your planning process. Make sure to go through the guidelines of youtube before jumping straight to the conclusion, read them carefully, and follow the instructions youtube asks you to follow. The fundamentals that you need to keep in mind is the

    • Your YouTube channel icon art.
    • A complete section dedicated to the introduction of the channel and about what you are going to create.
    • Up-to-date information so that your viewers can get the updated information and knowledge about your created content.
  2. Target your ideal audience –

    Your audience should love the content you create, and there are some actionable tips and tricks that will make you successful in creating good content, no matter how academic it may sound to you. Study the marketing strategy, optimize your YouTube channel, be selective in your goals, and be ambitious in creating good and unique content that your audience would love to see from you. It is your content that will get you where you want to be. Remember, while creating YouTube videos, it is not possible that everyone will like your videos.

    Instead, you can target a specific set of audiences that will, in the future, help you get views. For instance, some videos are specifically based on one topic, which is ASMR, so there are crumple noises, brush noises, etc., and the views on this video easily cross 60,000-70,000. Isn’t this impressive?

    Therefore, YouTube is one of the biggest industry so make sure to create a unique industry.

  3. Research thoroughly about how you can improve your videos ranking –

    This social media platform requires not only smart work but also research. You also need to keep a check on the SEO. Optimize your video search, and this can help you to get full YouTube views. This is one of the top strategies which is followed by every successful YouTuber. Choose ideal and the best-used keywords if you want your video to rank number one. Also, you need to look for a good set of audiences looking for inspiration, entertainment, and tutorials.
    Researching is a great tool before posting your content.

    • Find inspiration by seeing others videos-
      Follow the successful YouTubers who are already at the top, see their patterns and the keywords they use.
    • Pick the relevant keywords based on your content-
      You can use some of the keywords, descriptions in your style.
  4. Use metadata of the top-rated videos on youtube –

    Suppose you want more views on youtube start by looking at some of the top-rated ones, ranking numbers in the SEO. The youtube algorithm works by keeping the viewers on the platform for a long and thus, its job is to feed the most amazing videos one after the other.

  5. Custom your thumbnail to increase the views –

    The potential users skim most of the videos and the thumbnails they find more interesting to watch. So try to use a lot of screaming fonts and cluttered information. some points to build an attractive thumbnail are-

    • Your thumbnail should contain accurate and minimal information and should not look misleading. Youtube algorithm keeps a check and knows when the viewers stop seeing your video, which is not good.
    • Make sure your thumbnail stands out among the rest.
  6. Create playlists –

    To minimize the chances that a viewer can support the next channel can be by organizing and creating video playlists. Because this should be the case that when one video ends, the next should begin. Since you have already put effort into helping the viewer watch your video, also it makes sense to guide them towards the next content.

  7. Plan your content- make videos that no one is making –

    This is one of the most challenging steps, youtube has many brainstorming ideas, and your channel theme depends on the product your promoting and also on the type of audience you are targeting. Generally, the videos related to information and education always be in the limelight on YouTube. The people are keen to know about the styling and education videos that explain a lot of content and vote for these channels in huge numbers. They demand to see more videos and product demos.

    Explainer videos are one of the most interesting content on the youtube channel, and then comes the presentation videos and then the testimonial videos. So if you want to target a huge fan following, you must target informative and educational videos. Teaching them to do something and describing a product is what your audience will love.

    If you are a pet lover, you can create a youtube video that is informative and highly valuable for pet lovers, telling them about the product you use. You can showcase your products and share your experience and tips on setting up a pet gate. Create something which makes you stand out.

  8. Optimizing for SEO on youtube –

    You need to target maximum audience if you want the best, your subscribers should be supportive, you need to grow your network. Your content quality will make you discover the right people who will improve your youtube channel.

    It would be best if you optimized your youtube channel for SEO so that when people search a relevant content, they find it easily, and therefore, there are better chances that will help you find good and loyal subscribers. For good SEO use-

    • Relevant content and good video description on your channel, use popular keywords so that when people search with those easy and simple keywords, your video pops out.
    • Tag your most relevant video for different preferences, as when you add tags, then the youtube search engine makes it visible and displays it in the search results. Many tools are available you can use in tagging the content for a recommendation.
    • Use an attractive thumbnail so that when people click on your video, it may increase the views generally. If you want to get discovered, you need people to support you, so choose the best appealing image and texts and graphics to make your thumbnail look best. First, you can go through some of the good DIY videos, as they have attractive thumbnails.
  9. Build a relationship with the viewers –

    This is also an important step for how you can make your youtube channel grow. Your main aim is to develop networks so that you can truly leverage the platform. This step involves sharing your videos with your friends through social media and channel display. Reach people and get them to align with your products. Target adds and keeps a note of people who are keen on knowing your products.

    To build up relationships, and you need to engage the audience, so make a goal that should be realistic and organic. You can engage with other YouTubers so that you may have a chance to increase your views, and the viewers will also subscribe to your channel.

    Pro tips-

    • Reply to the comments
    • You can host a youtube contest
    • Make reaction videos
  10. Collaboration –

    Guest appearances, partner up, mash-ups, people love to see the things, find someone who can collab with you, and you both can create content that will help your channel grow. If you are an influencer, then the best step to enhance your views is to partner with the minded creators to create unique content. This will also help you gain charm and popularity, and also you can have fun together, and it shows that you are happily creating the content and people wants to see that only.


Youtube is the main platform where you can grow your channel. The above tips and techniques will help you build a strong community, and it is so simple to manage the youtube videos by following the general instructions. Then later, it will help you not only to grow on youtube but also publish your content on other social media sites.