YouTube was a brainchild of three friends cum employees of the same company. Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim all designed Tune in Hook Up (Initial name) as an online dating site in 2005, which failed to gain profits but the idea of uploading self-made video content for the viewers appealed to people. Later within a year, Google acquired it in the year 2006.

A video in the year 2007 blasted the world. Wherein a toddler bit his brother’s finger and gave a cute smile became so viral and was one of the oldest Video that in the year 2017 the family of this kid revealed the family received about approximately a million in royalty. The progress of YouTube is still going on.

The world knows YouTube is the first medium of entertainment, exhibit, and gaining knowledge platform which is available anytime on their phone, laptop, or any device. People spend countless hours watching YouTube videos, tutorials, movies, live streaming, or even video games. But on the other hand, YouTube is a way to generate money or make profits out of the content.

To be an experienced YouTuber is a lot challenging, though it may sound like a fun job. Rather than make money through YouTube, one has to put in extra force and will have to find out different ways too.

Can we make profits and make money by watching or creating a video? The answer is a yes we can have profited from the YouTube channel.

We do watch YouTube videos almost every day, and throughout the globe, some people watch about a billion videos on YouTube. Not only just watching the videos rather they’re being imbibed by the viewers.

Generating income through YouTube is not only an exclusionary way to gain or humongous viewers. Today on YouTube there is enough contingency for people to earn money.

Having an idea for YouTube and making it an imperative plan and clear access to make it your income source and gaining profits out of it.

Let’s find out different ways from subscribing, clicking the bell to making dollars.

Firstly, any content on YouTube is determined by the number of subscribers and views. The surface created by the viewers and assurance of promoting it or even sharing it further but also the compartment that you have made to gain your credits back.

Secondly, advertising on your YouTube channel for the promotion of different products. But too much promotional advertisement content for the fiscal benefit. One thing to be kept in mind that these promotional advertisements should be only followed if they are supposed to be from reliable sources.

There are a few steps required for stepping into money-making through YouTube

Create an AdSense profile and become a YouTube Partner Program
So what is AdSense? AdSense is a costless and smooth way to get revenue only just by demonstrating advertisements next to the YouTube shared material.

The AdSense displays advertisements on your website which are served by Google Ads. In place of advertisements played or for the exhibit you get paid accordingly.


The first revenue stream you’ll likely explore is through advertisements.

Becoming a YouTube Partners Program is an important step to generate money from YouTube without even making videos.
For this, you have to implement monetization in your YouTube account.

Applying for monetization can start immediately after you reach 1k subscribers and around 4k hours of watching within a time frame of one year.

Target viewers

Uploading the content of profit, maintaining consistency, and making it more interactive, along with going live webcasting with the viewers on YouTube in terms of entertainment video, tutorial or When you framework and mind map your viewers, the potential escalation will be seen to your YouTube channel in turn gain in revenues as well.

YouTube Content in terms of

  • E-books
  • Online tutorials (or webinars)
  • Mobile apps
  • Information videos for camera, photography, graphics, etc
  • Guide for posters, websites, blogs, etc
  • Membership sites
  • Plugins

YouTube Premium

It is a paid participation membership allowing viewers to watch all the YouTube content without ads. The originator gets paid for their channels viewed by non- Premium viewers as well as content viewed by YouTube Premium members.

Not only the Originator gets revenue generated from YouTube Premium on the other hand obtains income from different advertisements too.

Product numeration- Numeration is paid to the originator if the number of subscribers is bountiful or sizable supporting a specific Product.

Promoting or publicizing the Product- Trading one’s product reduces the confidence in the content and advertisements, but still, consistency in the fan following is required.

Certifying your creation

When your creation starts to suit or be liked by the crowd. If the content is liked, shared by the masses going viral on social media, even the news channels start to gain profits out of it by playing it for a large audience. Hence, these agencies have to pay for patronizing such content to gain their own TRP. This can be another way to make a profit through YouTube.

Association with Patreon

Patreon is an association that makes it easy for the originator to get paid.

For Originator –

Patreon gets you paid for your creations; or content like videos, tutorials, songs, etc. Viewers pay on a monthly basis and the originators get paid every time new content is released.

For Supporter –

Joining your most liked originator’s group and paying them for creating content or video as per public and supporters demands. There’s a better way of spending money rather than paying per month basis than paying for the post as and when it is posted.

Direct towards crowdfunding

There are two types of Crowdfunding: Reiterating and prediction-based.

Reiterating is away when the patrons are paid on a regular basis. The creator would want to increase the capitalization of their content and in return would want a regular income. Some of the websites like Indiegogo, Kickstarter, and Patreon do promote funding.

Encouragement through live chats, tutorial classes, or branding the products and attract viewers to subscribe, like, and share.

Once the creator has built up their content and still does not get a noticeable fan following, they have to create a setup called YouTube SEO to increase the volume of fan following.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a navigator to specify the conditions. It gives keywords and controls the traffic to your content so that the YouTube content looks more user-friendly and gives a Unique Selling Proposition or USP. Though the SEO is steadily changing with the technology yet you can easily know the elements and implement which could make a sizable difference in viewers count.

Create your unique keyword for searching on YouTube. Using these unique keywords in your video, information, and video tags. You can even check the “Traffic origin: YouTube Search” directly to your YouTube channel.

YouTube SEO list out few aspects to examine:-

  • Number of comments
  • Number Subscription post watching your video
  • Proportion of Thumbs up and Thumbs down
  • Video size

YouTube Creator Awards also called YouTube Play Buttons

Awards are honoured to acknowledge the popularity of your channels. All the channels are scrutinized before presenting an award after ensuring the creator is following all the guidelines. YouTube also has the right to reject awarding the Creator Award if found to not abiding by the guidelines.

The YouTube Creator Award in the form of Play Buttons are given only to those Creators who attain a particular number of fan following as below:-

  • 100,000 Subscribers – Silver Play Button
  • 1,000.000 Subscribers – Gold Play Button
  • 10,000.000 Subscribers – Diamond Play Button

Summing up

Now that we are clear to gain profit out of our YouTube channel and reach the masses. The information we learned here shows how profitable it is to be having a YouTube channel, how we can generate revenues from the content created by us. The very first step we could take forward is creating a niche for your stuff and gaining trust and confidence in your potential viewers and giving them every time a newness and worthwhile subscribing and clicking the bell notification. I’m sure one day you too can earn billions just like Ryan – just by reviewing toys.