Twitter is one of the most popular social networks globally, with over 200 million active monthly users posting 500 million Tweets per day. Whether you’re a beginner or looking for tips to be successful on Twitter, this article is for you. It’s never too late to know and follow some new tips and strategies to set yourself up for success.

Parts of a Twitter profile that needs to be maintained for an appealing profile:

The Twitter profile has the following parts: The Twitter handle, username, bio, profile picture, cover image, and a pinned tweet.

All these elements work cohesively to be an accurate representation of your profile.

  • Your Twitter handle is your name, your identifier on Twitter. The name at the end of your Twitter page’s URL and other tweeters will use it to tag you in posts. It can be up to 15 characters and should help users find your business easily.
  • Your username appears above the Twitter handle on your profile and can be up to 50 characters. It would be the name of your brand.
  • Your profile photo is a visual representation of you, your business, or your brand. Many brands use their logo.
  • Bio has 160 characters to describe your business. Include information such as your description, location, and website URL.
  • You can use the cover image behind your profile picture to highlight promotions, news, or events about your business. This image should change regularly, unlike your profile picture.
  • The pinned tweet is the first tweet visitors see when they arrive on your profile, making it an interesting one representing what’s going on with your profile or in your business. As with your cover image, you can also change the pinned tweet whenever you required it.

Build a Great Following on Twitter:

This step is where it starts to ascend when you not only have a big following but a community that wants to hear what you have to say and links that take them to valuable content that they want to read, whether it is yours or another account.

Your tweets need to be informative and relevant to your followers. If you want to build an interesting and targeted following, then use these steps.

Applying the law of reciprocation follows people’s followers in the market segment you’re focused on. Mainly, these followers are already following that user because they are interested in that niche.

Be Yourself:

Don’t follow everyone blindly. Although you get greatly tempted to be the follower of almost everyone to derive the utmost benefits from Twitter, this tip needs patient control.

It would be a challenge to manage tweets from a wide audience being followed by you.

There is no point in following users sharing some information, which does not match your niche. Thus it is better to be the follower of selected targeted users who share some knowledge or good information in your particular niche. Your focus must be on users who are interested in you & who care for what you said.

Tweet Early & Often

If you’re a beginner on Twitter or not but this tip is particularly important. You don’t have any baselines regarding how often to tweet or the best times to tweet in the early steps. And while there are some general guidelines, the reality is you won’t know the best time to reach your followers until you try.

Also, you need to be aware that your followers don’t all check Twitter simultaneously. Some users might check in the morning and then not again until later in the evening. Try tweeting throughout the day instead of getting all your tweets out during business hours to reach as much reach as possible.

Visual tweets are important:

Visual posts are the increasingly important communication technique of getting your message across social media via visual formats and media. It shows its power with the rise and growth of social networks like Instagram and Pinterest.

It is also apparent with the obvious popularity of Infographics. There is an evolution in tweers with posting images that are bigger and beautiful than ever. Post them on Twitter and watch your engagement and your content sharing grow.

Stop Spamming:

Do not act like a Spamming salesperson. People don’t like spamming & often avoid salespersons aggressively pushing their product or brand.

Such actions are likely to be counterproductive & you can lose your credibility & influence.

Set goals:

Success on any social platform starts with having clear and measurable goals. If your strategy positively impacts your business and audience, there’s no way to know that unless you understand what you’re trying to achieve.

You have to create smart goals: Specific, Attainable, Measurable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

These goals should go with your business objectives and be broken down into measurable signs of success.

Like, if you may want to drive more traffic to your website. Turn that into a smart goal by trying to increase your average click-through rate. You can also use your click-through rate from your Twitter account to set a definite achievable goal over a period.

Twitter as a Marketing Tool:

You can use Twitter as an excellent tool for marketing or promoting your business if you use it a little sensibly. Also, keep that in mind that over-promoting tweets create a bad impression about your business & will create an unpleasant environment among users who will certainly get bored from your profile very quickly.

Through Twitter, you can easily develop relationships with several users at an individual level, which can help you promote your business or services efficiently without getting marked as a spammer. So use this platform sensibly & cautiously.

However, you can carefully use various tweets to connect with a new audience & promote the business further if your business is already experiencing reasonably good popularity.

Follow And Be Followed:

Twitter is a two-way conversation platform. A great tactic of successful tweeting is replying to users who tweet you. Twitter is all about communicating with different users and engaging in conversations.

Make a content calendar:

Planning your content is a successful strategy and ultimately saves you effort and stress later on.

A social post content calendar is useful for planning and aligning your posting on all your social platforms and spotting possible gaps and struggles that you can address. It also helps you plan and helps seize opportunities for interesting content timely, like celebrating your female founder on International Women’s Day or sharing your sustainability practices on Earth Day, etc.

When creating your calendar, consider:

  • The best times to post
  • How often you want to post
  • Who should approve posts

A calendar also helps you assess your content and see if you’re sharing a balanced tweet. You can follow the rule of thirds: one-third of tweets promote your business, one-third are informative insights from influencers or experts, and one-third share personal stories.

You still need to handle your Twitter account, so you can reply to comments, DMs, retweets, and mentions and join conversations.

Schedule your tweets for optimal post times:

Scheduling your tweets helps you streamline your time on social and stay on top of your content calendar. That way, you never miss posting an important tweet because of some issue.

Take your Twitter content strategy to the next level by scheduling your tweets early rather than posting them manually one-by-one.

Take advantage of the best times by scheduling your tweets to post and boost your tactics. Nowadays, everything on social media platforms is based on engagement for Twitter. Your targeted audience may be active in the morning or the evening or at different times. You can learn what times are best for you and adjust your posting schedule accordingly by measuring your performance with analytics.

Don’t Measure Success by Follower Count:

Start by thinking of what your brand aspires to accomplish on Twitter. Then set and manage goals around that and decide what statistics you’ll use to measure your progress.

These days, brands measure success by:

  • Brand sentiment on Twitter
  • Engagement growth
  • Leads generated
  • Customer response time

Check Before Post:

If your tweet is short, it’s easy to write it and post it out on Twitter. However, taking a few seconds out and double-checking the spelling and tone can save you from embarrassing disasters.

Sometimes a seemingly clean tweet can be misinterpreted simply because of a typo or the way it was worded.

Final Words

Twitter is a real-time social media platform that gives users a unique opportunity to communicate directly with their targeted audience and followers. Interesting discussions can emerge if you do it right, telling you more about the discussions and needs of the users.

Discover relevant trending topics and align your tweets with the current interests of your followers. Using the above tips, you can interact more effectively with your followers and strategically produce more attention for your Twitter account.

Create schedule posts and a network to create awareness for your business and attract more followers to your profile.