If you are into a business and trying to solve the problem of handling social media, you should know that they are a type of boogeyman. They are great for hiding your content. Here comes the savior, the algorithm. Social media algorithms work by helping the customer by delivering only the relevant content to the people. The algorithm works by taking care of the irrelevant content by not posting them. If you do not understand how the algorithm will work, you might face a constant struggle.

Once you know a thorough description of how the social media algorithm works, the good news for you is that it would be easy for you to work with it. The social media algorithm is not as mysterious and spiteful as it seems. We will guide you and explain everything that you need to know about social media algorithms. How social media algorithms can help you rise and help people show what It is important for them to see.

What are social media algorithms?

Let’s start with the definition of social media algorithm. Social media algorithm are nothing but the ways which helps users to sort their posts based on the relevancy and the time of publishing. The algorithm takes care of the content which is to be shown in the feed and which is expected to like by the users, and they actually want to see it.

Most of the display of the algorithm is shown in chronological order, starting from the newest and the latest posts. You can still set the order of the post on Twitter.

The algorithm keeps the check on the user behavior which content they are liking, and based on that, it shows the relevant content. For instance, taking example from Twitter and Facebook, they show you the content from your closest friends and family in the front and the center of your feed, as this is because these are the accounts you interact with them the most.

The algorithm also works for YouTube as it shows you the most watched videos. This is also based on the individual behavior that it digs into the user’s search that what the user has watched in their past. Categories such as the tags used or searched and the keywords also play an important role in helping you find the relevant content.

Why are social media algorithms so controversial?

This is very straight forward, then why do people find it difficult? It greatly impacts the reach, which is why the social media algorithm is so controversial. All the social media algorithms must be perfect. The algorithm sometimes hides the content on Facebook at rando. There are also videos on youtube with millions of views out of nowhere and are sometimes being recommended to random users.

Algorithms are working their best to provide the users with the best content and experience possible. This makes the marketers consistently experiment on the strategies by changing them according to the users’ preferences.

Why do social media algorithms exist?

There are plenty of contents floating around in the social media space. There are thousands of posts, videos that are being published per minute. We need social media algorithms because it is impossible to shift all the content on another account without them. There are more than thousands of accounts on a network, so the algorithm makes the work easy by delivering you the best of the content you want to see, and it weeds out the content having low quality and irrelevant content.

There is a myth that social media algorithms pay the brand for social ads. The myth is that if the brand fails to reach its quality or targeted audience, then they will respond to ads instead. This is how social media makes tons of money through networks. This view may seem paranoid, but the markets that work for social media algorithms know how to change the algorithm and prioritize the paid and organic content, which has a huge impact.

The social media algorithms are not going to vanish. For the new brands, this is their chance to learn what the algorithm wants and create content with good quality and not irrelevant to their audience.

How does the social media algorithm work?

The algorithm can be simple and complicated as you know that the algorithm’s work is to deliver relevant content to the audience. But little do you know that the algorithm involves machine learning and data science. This makes them pass data and like posts and rank them based on certain criteria. This is understood well by a professional marketer.

The algorithm is not a big question mark! Sometimes, the networks are so transparent that it is ranked that high-quality content is not on a social media platform. Take an example of a recent Facebook algorithm change, and Facebook lays out some rules. If you want to stay in the good books of an algorithm, you need to prioritize meaningful posts and conversations and stop publishing low-quality content.

Instagram also laid out rules as the users call for chronological order. We can sniff out some experiments and trial and error changes and give the algorithm the best. For instance, some marketers have noted that the Instagram algorithm has cracked a certain brand that was too explicit and was selling transaction-specific posts.

Experimenting first hand and listening to the network demands are both ways to understand how the algorithm works. This is not a tedious process, and once you learn, it would be easy for you.

There are some factors which you need to know about and on which the algorithm works-

  1. Relevance –

    The Instagram algorithm works not by seeing how far the posts have reached but how relevant they are to the users and viewers who see them. Suppose a user loves to know about natural hair products and care and searches for the influencers on social media. The hair care products or the influencers related to it will always appear first on the feed on the users’ feed.

    Here is when the marketers need to pay attention to picking up influencers that have already created an image in the respective field, instead of picking them up with large followers with no interest in their products.
    It is easier to promote skincare product accounts than those with no skincare and beauty product history.

  2. Relationship –

    The social media algorithm works as it sorts the posts that you like to see. It automatically assumes that you have a relationship with the person when you follow them and are interested in the user.
    So post things about what people love to see so that you may get the views and followers faster and appear on people’s suggestion page.

  3. Time –

    Instagram is not using the reverse chronological order as it used to earlier. However, the new algorithm pays attention to how recent the post is and when it was shared. If the post you shared is two years old, then the chances become less that it will appear on the feed. As for the algorithm, it is irrelevant.

    So timely consistency is required. This method is used but the influencers so that they can promote their posts from time to time.

    What social media algorithm already knows about you?

    You explore your interests on social media in the form of posts, videos, texts, and ads. But do you know that even social media explores you!

    Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, pay attention to the likes, dislikes, searches as it is called the preferences in terms of the policies of such platform. It collects data and analyses the things which you seem interested in and analyzes them. This is not just for Facebook and Instagram but for several other platforms. Social media is vast, and it knows you and your interests.

How can you beat algorithms?

Here are the four factors that will help you beat algorithms, and you can use them when the algorithm is not working properly.

  1. Use new features –

    There are plenty of new features you’ll see when using such platforms. Try them, and it is such a great thing that if they make you popular. Algorithms promote content, and If you use a new feature, it will surely promote your work.

  2. Improve engagements –

    This is one of the most effective ways, and you can engage the audience by asking questions, polls, and emoji stickers that what they want from you.

  3. Give replies –

    This can be tough if you have a huge number of followers, but it isn’t impossible. You can still reply to the most appreciable comments so that you can engage the audience. This will seem that you are encouraging interactions.

  4. Know when most of your audience is online –

    Use the strategy to know that when a maximum of your audience is online, you’ll share the posts and stories. Post regularly and timely so that your audience becomes more active, and as long as your consistent, don’t worry about getting famous, as the algorithm will do its work.


Social media algorithm works effectively; only you need to follow certain rules and read the policy of each social media platform and work according to your preferences. It is crucial to know how the algorithm works, so work accordingly and grow your social media preferences. You’ll be at ease by reading these tips.