Social media has become one of the biggest offices where one can put forth their idea and reach people without the physical boundaries of the nation. It is like a golden spoon given to people which helps them to boost their skills. People have the creative freedom to do what they want to do on the gram and be able to earn. One can use Instagram for promoting a brand or one can just start a new brand. Social media not only helps individuals but also the company to collaborate with influencers and boost their sales.

Have you ever imagined that having a great sense of fashion, knowledge of beauty products irrespective of gender can lead you to make a living?

Here are a few key points that might help you earn through social media.

  1. Creating a social media presence

    So let’s get to the point first of all what does creating an Instagram presence mean creating a following on your social media page. To achieve this is to first set a clear objective and goal for yourself this is what I would like to call the planning stage. Planning what you want to do will help you in the long run and help you not be too chaotic. You might ask for help from people around you. This might need a little bit of studying required to know how different social media platforms work and how their algorithm will help you attract more followers.

    The main goal of the page should always be there. The main key to attracting people to watch your content or visit your page firstly show what you stand for and be yourself. You must be quite aware of the quote your vibe attracts your tribe. It’s that simple.

  2. Content

    The type of content you add to your page talks a lot about you. As a beauty content creator, you might feel there’s nothing much to do at the start but this is not true. Everyone has a different fashion taste and various combinations of lifestyle and beauty can also make a good source of content.

    For a beginner, one can always play safe and start with something basic though this might not help you big overnight at least it will start attracting people towards your page, one can also make content where they show their version of a certain fictional character and they let out their ideas and express their feeling through this but this is always not the case one might start with something that they are good at.

  3. The type of post you upload on your Instagram page is very important

    • Pictures:

      uploading pictures might seem simple but it certainly is not. Maintaining the aesthetic of the page is important, maintaining a feed will also help in attracting people. For example one might want to share a picture of their makeup look they have just done so in this case adding a picture without any filter might be helpful, but here again, it’s completely an individual choice to edit their picture and upload you are free to do what you like.

      One can be more creative and use the multi-post facility and maybe tell a story or emphasise the look. The quality of the picture plays an important role; this visually pleases the viewer and they might end up following you on your page. The next thing that comes with posting pictures is:

    • Writing a caption:

      A picture may tell a thousand stories but a post without a caption is like the earth without a moon. Captions will guide the viewer on what the post is all about and it will also help in connecting with the viewer at a personal level, people might find your content relatable. Captions not only help to engage the viewer but will also help you to get more likes and views.

    • The addition of various hashtags:

      Is important on Instagram posts. As we all know once content is uploaded on the gram it reaches millions of people but how it targets a specific type of audience is very important and is determined by the addition of hashtags to your post. The hashtag you add may be something simpler or in a particular category for beauty, one might add hashtags like #ootd or #feelinggood. Etc.

      Posting pictures is not the only way one can increase engagement on social media, one can add videos which might include a certain purchase you must have done from a particular brand or the makeup look you have posted on your post.

    The new feature of Instagram REELS

    Will also help in boosting your content and attracting more people. One might try to follow a certain trend and become a part of it or one might want to start a trend, the horizon is huge and you are free to fly and friend. The only the more creative you are, the more you will grow.

    Adding stories on your Instagram gives insight to your followers and helps in building a social bond. This is also a great way one can interact with the following by taking up polls or asking your audience suggestions and their questions. One can always get creative in their way. When to post is very important you cannot be posting once in 3 months expect growth.

    Handling a social media account is very important one has to regularly post to engage the viewer. The frequency of posting depends upon the creator.

    As a beauty content creator, one might focus on giving a review on a product. Various factors of this might not appeal to certain people but you should always give your honest opinion on the product and not mislead the audience. Social media is a great place but it alone has its good and bad sides one must know how to handle trolls and deal with hate comments.

    As a beauty influencer, there might be people along with the good who will not be supportive of what you do, this should not be your goal.

  4. As an influencer you will collaborate with many brands

    Collaborations with brands and fellow influencers is a great way to be seen in people’s eyes. Collaborating with a fellow influencer allows you to get noticed more even in their following. This might create curiosity among the audience and they might want to see the further collaboration of both of you. Tagging the brands or giving shout-out will also help you attract the brand towards your page and you might add referrals and start earning commissions from the brand.

    So how does one earn through Instagram? The math is simple. I have a follower. I will help in promoting a product of a particular brand and this promotion will help me get the part of share. But how do I set my charges?

    The charges depend upon the amount of followers you have on Instagram. On average a person with 50K followers may charge 200 dollars to 400 dollars per post. One might also boost their Instagram following and also promote the brand by announcing giveaways and also collaborating with brands and giving discount codes on purchase of products are just a few tips that will help you make money through Instagram.

    These are just a few tips that will help you learn a certain set of skills that are added to your talent like public speaking or learning basics in marketing. Editing will help you promote the brand and yourself as a content creator. These skills will help you to make more impactful content and make you grow big on Instagram.


These are just certain tips out of the many possibilities but one thing remains constant that originality wins over everything the more original the content the more people tend to watch it and high chances of your page getting noticed this will not only open doors for you getting attention and appreciation from the people but also help you get noticed by the brand. Tagging the brands in your post are among one of the simplest ways of getting their attention drawn to you.
This is followed by the use of hashtags you can reach a lot more people and promote the brand. The way you promote,i.e the way you present a particular brand is completely a creative aspect of your job but making money is the business side one should always know the prices can be negotiable and it’s completely dependent on how many followers you have. So making a public presence is important and this is dependent on various factors as mentioned above.