Reading through the blogs and articles might have given you a wrong impression of the agencies that sell followers and likes for money. Not only for the moral reason to stand against the capitalist society where money can find you anything but also because of the low success rate that bloggers point out. However, is there nothing more to these services than just inflating numbers and ego? What are the reasons that there is mass demand for buying followers and likes on social media giants like Instagram and Facebook? Read on to find out!

Promised areas of growth on buying followers

The selling point that the service providers highlight while promoting their services, like buying likes/ followers, are the following.

  1. The number looks good

    Any Instagram account that can boast of thousands of followers surely can attract more like-minded people, based on their numbers (and content, of course). The numbers are the virtual currency that deems your value in the market. It gives a swift glimpse into the activity of the account.

    More the followers, more is your reach and hence, more is your influence. Numbers are also one reason that attracts investors who are willing to partner with you or your brand. Though there are a number of other factors that may decide your successful endeavors as an influencer, a number surely sits like a crown on the account.

  2. You get credibility

    Along with attracting users and investors, the numbers bring with them one more thing, i.e., credibility. Credibility for the content you create, credibility for the authenticity, and credibility that people will connect with the content. Say for yourself, if you come across an account with followers in single digits, doesn’t the question of authenticity arises? Even if the content is worth a like, you will be hesitant.

  3. You get noticed in the virtual world

    If you want to raise your followers beyond the number of your acquaintances, then you must achieve visibility in the virtual world. Among thousands of contents that filter in the same category, the chances of your content getting featured in others explore section is bleak, until and unless you have high likes rate or a good following. The internal algorithms of the platform itself promote content depending on various indices. One among them is the followers you have and the number of likes that you receive.

  4. Eventual organic users

    All the above factors eventually lead organic users to your platform. With the right input of content, you can turn them into your followers and future promoters. Hence, the cycle continues.

    Say, for example, you bought 100 followers, which resulted in a rise in visibility. This visibility helped you gain 50 new organic followers. The rise in 50 followers further increases visibility, with them bringing double the initial value. Thus, the one-time investments set up a chain reaction of organic users.

  5. Pave the way for your instant success

    Anyone who has struggled to get a foothold on the platform will know how difficult it is to make a breakthrough. The platform is saturated with content creators. The investors seek only the established. Hence, in such scenarios, it might take months or even years of hard work to get accepted in the reel world.

    But with buying the success, you need not worry about the unprecedented future or the time to build it. Hard work, sure. There is no excuse for it, but you can cut short the hurdle period of struggle with smart work.

  6. Have a balance of the followers-following ratio

    The balance between your followers and following is also an index. A healthy ratio means that it is more than 1. More it tends to zero; the lesser is the followers, i.e., lesser your presence.

Actual outcome

  1. Low organic turn in rate

    It is ironic, but the actual reality does not indicate the double-fold growth. This is the main reason why experts deter you from buying. Instead of two giving four and four yielding eight, the actual figures show 100 giving less than ten, which further give one or two, ending the cycle within a few cycles.

  2. No engagement

    As a matter of fact, a figure that rules Instagram is the engagement ratio. Engagement ratio refers to the proportion of likes or comments that you get with respect to the followers you have. It is a better symbol for your growth. Hence, having a thousand followers who can engage is way better than thousands of followers that do not contribute at all.

The other cons

Buying success will never be judged favorably. Even if it for hundreds or thousands. Using money to gain prominence will lead you to lose credibility with the followers and also make your account dubious.

Other than this, there are factors like getting scammed by websites by offering fake or bot accounts in the followers delivered to you. As there are high chances of them getting deleted by Instagram later, you never actually see any rise in the number. Not forgetting the fact that they are way too obvious.

Ways to overcome the cons

If your account has been stagnant for too long and is not gaining the momentum it should see on the platform; then you can try buying likes/ followers.

The key is to never invest in large numbers. The larger the number, the more chances there are to receive fake followers. Also, in this manner, you can add small periodic investments on a regular basis to boost up the account once in a while.

However, for the latter part, there is no way out. Since the followers (or any other services) are delivered within a set period, the instant surge in numbers may alert fool Instagram algorithms, but the followers can connect dots. Adding to it…the not-so-real names of the followers.

The ground reality

Coming to the basis of what determines your success is your content. The better your content resonates with the audience, the more chances you have to gain success naturally. Not denying the reality where surviving competition is tough, but until and unless your content is good enough, nothing will work out, even if you buy followers or likes.

Another area of concern is that almost everyone, from celebrities to influencers, avails of this service from time to time. This results in an inflation game that surrounds the numbers.


Weighing out the pros and cons will help you decide whether to buy them or not. It is no secret that every area has its positive aspects and negative, but realizing what works for you is the best way. Depending on your account’s stage or the plan you want to take, you can decide for yourself.