Talking about influencers, they are Instagram users who have developed a strong audience and credibility on the platform. As the title suggests, these are people who can influence different users on Instagram because of the trust and connection that they have created among their followers.

So, how do they get that strong following and what are the best practices? Now you must read on to find out the best tips as shared by some of the best Instagram influencers.

Interactive Content Results in Greater Engagement

An influencer marketing campaign does not need to be just limited to influencers endorsing the brand alone. You may explore more interactive content that creates higher engagement between end users and influencers.

For example, Canon’s #ShootForGreatness story tag campaign, was eventually a social version of the ‘pass the story’ game. It had influencers featuring their photography and leading the followers to the brand’s latest product.

The Hashtag #TBT could Be a Great Opportunity to Establish Nostalgia

Most of the users post #TBT’s (Throwback Thursday) to recollect memories about incredible experiences that have happened in the past, the hashtag could be used to build an emotional connection with the audience. It can also be used to establish credibility and show the company’s history.

Invest as Much Time and Effort on Your Instagram Account as You Do on Your Website

Business brands and owners dedicate so much effort and time to optimize the website so that the target market can find them on Google, but given the millions of users on Instagram that actively use the platform and visit at least one business account every day, you might want to invest as much on this social media channel.

And while your website is a great tool to educate your readers about your brand, Instagram is able to engage people more and build trust and credibility.

Go Beyond UGC and Create a Team of Brand Ambassadors

Brands that share user-generated content (UGC) are frequently viewed as more personable and authentic, so it draws more users to follow. But if you require a regular supply of UGC, you can leverage on the influencers by collaborating with them as they are your company’s brand ambassadors, who would include the product in the posts you can then share on profile feed.

Your Hashtags Don’t Always Have to be Branded

As some marketing experts may advise using branded hashtags, you can develop brand awareness and strengthen the brand image without including the brand name on hashtags. The important thing is to keep the unbranded hashtags relevant and specific.

Create a Deeper Connection Through Your Instagram Stories

As Stories are used for ads, you can build deeper connections with the target audience by sharing more than edited videos and polished photos and on the Stories. Give your audience a glimpse of the office space, behind-the-scenes of the photoshoots, the process of the products being made, and also the gatherings with the team. Through this way, the brand will become a familiar face to the target audience, and target customers.

Organize Regular Activities for Your Followers to Join and Have a Chance to Get Recognized

There’s a big deal of engagement and enthusiasm in Instagram, and you might take advantage of the culture by entertaining activities that the followers will participate in and be seen for. It’s completely about establishing a link or connection.

And what could be the better way to do so by inviting your audience to get involved in a common experience with the brand. Recognizing them will even strengthen the connection and will pave the way towards brand loyalty.

Storytelling Through Well-Thought of Captions Create Greater Engagement

Optimizing Instagram post captions is not only about adding various hashtags that the platform allows. The character limit for feed post captions is 2,200. You can make use of it to tell an engaging story.

Show yourself

Your profile photo is something Instagram members see prior to visiting the profile, clicking on the story, or interacting with the posts. With this much high visibility, influencers recommend putting the best face forward.
An influencer has said that Instagram is a personal platform, people visit Instagram not to be sold to by a company, but to get entertained. They like to know the real you behind the account. Show them a real person, not a logo and personalize the brand.

Nearly everyone who is Instagram famous puts a picture of themselves as the profile photo.

Remember who your followers want to see. Put that profile picture tip over to the grid as well.

People follow influencers for travel hacks, their perspective, parenting advice, photography skills, and whatnot. But eventually, people wish to see you.

Just ask an influencer or entrepreneur, they have stated that they did notice the higher engagement and popularity of a post with them in it.

Keep your bio fresh

It’s very easy to forget about the profile bio after writing it, but that could be a mistake. Your bio is the initial thing people see. Your bio should give the audience a clear idea of what the account is about. Tell new visitors what you like to share, who you are and what you do. Add color and save space with suggestive emoji. It has been suggested to add keywords, but be sure to weave the keywords naturally into the bio.

If you are a travel influencer, tell the users what country you’re currently traveling in. Doing this can tell prospective followers what kind of content they may expect from you, and will keep current followers informed on the latest updates.

Find your niche

When it is about the content you share on Instagram, look for what you’re most passionate about sharing. Use what you’re gifted in and your passion and document it with videos and photos. Share and then define what matters to you the most, whether it’s an affinity for potato chips, advocacy for topics such as climate change or body positivity or expert financial advice.

Staying faithful to you isn’t just a matter of differentiation, it gives you stamina as well as was put on the story by an influencer. It is very important to do something that you’re passionate about because it will always be hard to work and be motivated if you’re not passionate about what you are working towards.

Define your ideal audience

Once you’ve got your niche, it’s necessary to reflect on who you think could be interested in it. Share as many topics, experiences or hobbies as you love. Just remember, many followers connect with some aspects more than others, so strive to provide balance.

Use Instagram to Provide Opportunities to the Large Pool of Users

It is known that Instagram giveaways and contests greatly spread brand awareness as well as increase conversion rates instantly. But keeping aside the hype from these activities, which are no doubt effective and popular, you may create hype by offering opportunities to instagram users.

IMG Models Worldwide performs this through a different IG account, which has been dedicated to scouting models. When they do that, they will be able not just to offer aspiring models an opportunity to be a part of their prestigious company, but they will also benefit from the word that passes from one aspirant to another.


Influencers on Instagram, while not being any expert in marketing, have established an extraordinary amount of credibility and trust among thousands, and even millions, of users on the platform, making them a solid resource for learning what can work with the target audience.

The top tips from most of the best influencers on Instagram will give a current perspective not just on influencer marketing, but on social media marketing strategies as well. Give these a try and see the results for yourself.