It’s 2021 and at this point, the world revolves around social media. Growing an Instagram channel is tough but getting on the Instagram explore page is harder. Appearing on the Instagram explore page is a dream come true for many. So how can you get your profile front and center? Well with the right guide you can achieve this goal in no time. Plus, you do not need to look elsewhere, because we have got you covered.

But before we dive into the crux of the matter let us first see why appearing on the Instagram explorer page is so important. This article will cover the importance of the Instagram explorer page while also providing a guide to help you display your content on the page.

Why is the Instagram explorer page important?

The Instagram explorer page is super important to think of it as the front page of a magazine. For instance, let us say a new product has been launched and the magazine cover is occupied by the new product. All those who buy the magazine will without fail check out the product because it is right in front of their eyes.

Similarly appearing on the Instagram explorer page means your content will catch the eyes of many. The explorer page is a super powerful feature for those who use it well. It is designed to help brands, profiles, and businesses to gain the public eye and exposure on the platform with very little effort.

Recently Instagram has added some new features to its explorer page. Features such as a shopping feed, dedicated space for IGTV, new topic channels, etc. have turned out to be very useful to bring your profile to the front and center.

How does the Instagram explore page works?

So how does the page work? The details of how and what decides Instagram explore page feed is long and lengthy there is no real fun in knowing the details so we will focus only on giving a brief about the matter, information the encompasses the crux of the matter.

What appears on the explore page is decided by the Instagram algorithm? The algorithm focuses and learns your behavior on the app and collects the data. The data is then used by Instagram to find similar posts from accounts that the individual does not yet follow and forms a curated feed of similar posts to appear on the explorer page. Every user’s account has a very own personalized and curated explore page which is determined by their behavior.

What are some of the factors that determine what appears on the Instagram explorer page?

  1. Instagram follows and likes

    The key factor that determines what shall appear on a user’s Instagram explorer feed is the kind of content the user is currently liking and following. For instance, if a user is at present following numerous beauty accounts and reacts to the videos and content related to the beauty topic, Instagram will serve more of beauty-related feed such as posts, videos, IGTVs, and stories in the user’s explorer page.

  2. Video content

    Posting pretty pictures and aesthetically pleasing feed is great to attract followers but although great pictures are prioritized over average video content the goal at present for Instagram is to showcase more video content on the explorer page. Since videos auto-play, they do get more attention as compared to static images.

  3. Reposted content

    Reposting content is a tip many guides give to gain more followers. Brands and influencers use user-generated content to not only gain the user’s attention but to also post something new for a change. However, if your goal is to appear on the explorer page you might want to avoid doing this. According to TechCrunch, certain content types are demoted by the Instagram algorithm one of which is reposts of other people’s feed.

  4. Highly-Visual Instagram stories

    Visual content gains more attention as compared to pictures. Stories and videos entail animated elements that are given preference in the explorer feed. Similarly, stories with less text and more animation are better ranked on the Explore page too.

How to get on the Instagram explorer page

Instagram algorithms function according to individual interests. So, when your content appears on the Internet explore page you are exposed to the target audience and not to a random user. The target audience is the users that react to topics that are similar to your content type. Appearing on the page gives you exposure to the type of users that can, later on, convert to potential clients. And the best news? It does not cost you a single penny.

All you have to focus on is to create content that will potentially appear on the explore page and start thinking strategically.

Here are 5 tips that will be useful in improving your content strategy and improving your chances of getting your content displayed on the explore page:

How to appear on the Instagram explore page Tip #1:

Make use of the analytics available to figure out the content type that resonates on the explore page.

There is a good chance that your content has most probably already appeared on the explore page and might have slipped your radar and you might have wondered where exactly were the boost in likes and comments coming from. The good news with the new business profile feature is that you can now make use of your analytics feature to see the metrics around your post.

These metrics will help you know the type of content that is most liked by your audience and also the type of content that has a higher probability of appearing on the explore page. So, make sure you use this feature to your benefit.

How to appear on the Instagram explore page #2:

Stick to your overall Instagram aesthetic.

After the recent update stories appear on the explore page which is why it is very important to ensure that your brand’s aesthetic and style is present in all that you post. According to TechCrunch stories and posts that are similar and represent a creator’s usual feed posts have a better chance of appearing on the explore. This simply means that every time you post to Instagram stories you need to nail the aesthetic game. Also try to create more dynamic and animated content for your content feed as such posts are very well received by the audience.

How to appear on the Instagram explore page #3:

Turn photo content into videos for your feed.

A lesser-known fact is that in the past year video content has taken center stage on all platforms which is why Instagram launched the new reel feature which at present is very well received and so video contents have higher chances of being ranked on the explore page as compared to photos. However, creating video content from scratch can be pretty tiring plus you wouldn’t want to waste the great pictures that you might have in store, so why not combine these features.

There are a lot of trends you can follow to flush out pictures in video format you simply need to keep up with the trends. You can add motion to your still pictures, add animated features, add a moving video background using stock videos and clips, shoot boomerangs, create GIFs, and a lot more.

How to appear on the Instagram explore page #4:

Start tagging products in your posts

If you have a business profile and use your profile to showcase your products the new shopping feature is now your best friend. A great way to get your content a coveted space on the explore page is to start utilizing the shoppable product tags on all your posts. Since only those posts and stories that have used the product tags can appear on the shopping channel on the explore page. This way Instagram can provide a hassle-free shopping experience for your future customers.

How to appear on the Instagram explore page #5:

Tag and mention relevant brands in your post

Most users use a random bunch of tags and mentions in their posts and stories without realizing their importance. When you tag a brand or business in your account it serves as an indication to the Instagram algorithm that there is a connection between the two. What it means is that when you tag a brand in your posts and content feed your content has a good chance of appearing in the explore feed of the brand’s followers who do not follow you.

Hence increasing your account exposure. It is a very simple and easy tactic to appear into the feeds of your target audience without much effort.

In summary

Whether you are an Instagram brand aiming to increase its followers or a new-to-the-scenario business that starting to explore the internet world everyone can benefit from appearing on the Instagram explore page. A little exposure never hurt anybody especially to those who strive hard for it. So make sure you have a clear strategy on how to grow your account and follow the above-mentioned tips to quickly appear on the explore page.