Instagram has been a great platform to market the products for brands. It is a photo/video sharing network used by more than 60% of the world’s top brands for marketing. And so brands are able to do everything they need to grow their audiences. It’s all because of Instagram’s improved versatility and endless compatibility with all phones. Moreover, the image center apps and the user-friendly option of the mobile phones have made Instagram a popular social networking app that has the power to reach high goals in the years to come. Among all the main social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram has the highest rate of average engagements.

Actually, its rate of brand engagement is also higher which means that the viewers on Instagram are more attracted towards the branded contents in comparison to other platforms. This is because Instagram has the potential to promote current trends, keep the knowledge of competition, foresee the needs of the user and emphasize on gaining their trust. But today, in a social media world, whether you are an artist, an individual, or a small businessman, you need some platform for more brand awareness. And so people turn to social media to buy likes and views because their brands cannot gain recognition unless there are huge engagements with the audiences.

It is believed that Instagram is the favorite platform among marketers to create a new experience of shopping and reach out to a huge audience. It is the best social media platform to engage audiences or to connect with your followers. It has the ability to influence the younger generation more than any other social media platform.

Instagram is a simple app that can go beyond just visuals. Unlike Facebook, which is text and picture-based, or Twitter that is text-based, Instagram is preferably a visual platform and its real purpose is to help users share images and videos. As a matter of fact, the audiences like brands to share Instagram stories that complement them well. And so businesses are looking forward to incorporating storytelling methods when they are in conversation with their audiences.

Popularity of Instagram among brands

Marketing is all about visibility, and if your brand is unable to reach your targeted audiences, then it’s time to pull your socks. There are some reasons associated with Instagram being so popular among brands. The packing order or small brands in their Industries have been so popular among brand’s. The pecking order of small brand’s have been upset by the support of Instagram as it promotes their products and they are able to beat some old established companies.


Instagram is the most important social media platform in marketing. In the beginning, when this app was launched, no one knew that this would become so popular with millions of active users. And the growth over the last few years has been phenomenal. All thanks to Instagram for being so influential. It holds millions of registered business accounts and is being used for marketing campaigns in the US. Hence as a marketer, your priority should be to build an audience on Instagram for big or small brands so that you’re able to survive in today’s environment of highly competitive business. However to establish your company on a platform that is continuously involved, you have to work hard to build your brand.

Here are some tips to help you make the best use of Instagram for brand marketing.

  1. Enhance visibility of brand:

    Instagram has millions of users who share billions of photos daily, your brand will certainly get the benefit of such exposure. The essence of marketing lies in visibility and if your brand lacks this virtue or is not able to reach the targeted audience then you’re at a loss. By posting creative content on Instagram, you’ll make your brand noticed by more people and easily increase brand mention numbers.

  2. Ability to engage:

    According to a survey report, Instagram is considered the king of social engagements. Its delivery of engagement per follower is much more than Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is a marketing tool that has the ability to engage more audiences. Without a high-level of engagement, your expensive marketing campaign cannot meet the objectives of your business and even ROI won’t help you out. So better ROI for marketing campaigns will help you learn the process of getting real followers on Instagram and build your brand.

  3. Visual content:

    Instagram has become a popular marketing tool because it’s visual. There are many marketing and advertising techniques available today, and visual content is the most effective medium but if your brand is limited to text then, it’s just a waste of time. You can easily push your brand forward with the right content by making it noticeable to the targeted audience. Videos and photos cause a traffic jam on the Internet, and with Instagram, you can share your content easily with the world. As an incredibly effective marketing tool, a video should be the main part of your toolbox.

  4. Search Engine Results:

    The core of any marketing campaign is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) You don’t simply exist if you don’t rank high on the result pages of search engines and you won’t be found by your target audience. No one really knows the impact of social media on SEO outside of Google, but it plays a role in ranking as there is enough evidence. So if you’re serious about SERPs, this angle should not be overlooked/ neglected.

  5. Easy tool:

    It can be tough and fun trying to generate new followers. Be it a photo or video in creating the content; everyone should be involved on your staff. Consumers are already overwhelmed with TV and social media ads, and they wish to see some authentic content. You’ll generate more engagement by telling an authentic story on Instagram that influences your follower’s lives. If followers find something that adds value without being promotional, they will share your content and will be more inclined to do so.

Is it right to use Instagram marketing?

It has been found that Instagram and many other social media platforms lead to a high level of depression, anxiety, bullying, and a missing out fear. These networking sites can also be associated with poor sleeping habits and a negative body image. But when it comes to marketing tools, Instagram offers a platform that is customer rich and an easy way to reach your target audience. To build a strong following, a lot of creativity and effort is required.

Before you start, it is very important to regulate an Instagram strategy so that you can identify the techniques to be used, the goal you want to reach, the type of content you like to share, and the theme of your posts. You should also stick to the schedule for consistent posting. Therefore it is suggested to be regular in the look, feel, and timing of your posts as consistency is an important element of Instagram marketing campaigns.

Moreover, Instagram marketing is a great way to spy on competitors and observe their tacts. It gives you the opportunity to learn and create the best plans for your brand’s growth. The videos shared on Instagram are direct, short, and easily accessible, and so more than 90% of them are shared on Facebook. So for marketers who are trying to increase momentum or traffic on Instagram, it’s the easiest way to promote their brand.


Instagram has become a powerful tool for marketing brands that are looking for extended visibility and presence. Sponsorship and advertisement opportunities do exist, but Instagram is a free app where brands can gain significant followers without spending anything. If you’re still not using this platform for brand promotion, then you’re likely to have a big business disservice. It’s a platform where any business, big or small, can prosper; you can make money and become a successful businessman. Can grow brand awareness and reach out to the target audience.