The world of YouTube has lots of opportunities for anyone and everyone; a lot of people are earning huge sum of money by making YouTube videos and running YouTube channel and have become youtube stars and known personalities over the world and even common people like you and me can jar this as an opportunity to earn money through YouTube and get recognized amongst the crowd, all you need is a suitable niche on which you can open a channel on and run videos, there are a lot of topics which seem to stand out in comparison to others due to its popularity amongst the masses and if you try your luck and put efforts on making a YouTube channel on one of these niches you might also have a better chance of being successful.

So without any further ado, let’s go through some of the most popular and successful niches on youtube that you can try your luck in too:

1) Unboxing videos:

The highest-paid YouTuber comes from this niche, a nine-year-old kid named Ryan kaji, and not only that, he is the highest-paid YouTuber for the third consecutive year, and what he does on his YouTube channel is, he makes unboxing videos for branded toys, clothing, etc. and gives reviews about these products, such unboxing videos and giving a review about products is quite popular not only amongst the kids but also amongst teenagers and adults for products such as smartphones and other gadgets, branded shoes and clothing, etc. You can also start making one of such unboxing videos because honestly, who doesn’t like unboxing gifts or surprises, and there are so many products you can make unboxing videos on, products whose unboxing videos are not yet thought of by other YouTube’s.

2) Fitness and health:

Everyone wants to stay fit and look attractive, and that gives an advantage to this niche of youtube to be one of the most popular because although everyone wants to keep healthy, not everyone has the time and dedication to go to the gym and that the reason why home work-out videos are so popular, wherein you provide your audience with knowledge about home workouts, weight loss, weight gain, giving tips for diet schedule, but for this, you have to be fit yourself first, and you need to have a little knowledge about exercise, you can do a fitness training course too for this, starting a YouTube channel on this niche can help you grow fast as you are offering your audience fitness and that also for free.

3) Food blogging:

There are a lot of foodies out there, and that makes this niche another top pick; most of the fold vloggers who visit different places and try their food, giving reviews, do pretty well, so if you are a foodie then food blogging can be the perfect match for you; also there is a lot of scope in this because there is an innumerable variety of cuisine around the world, you can try vlogging something which is not commonly done by other food vloggers.

4) Cookery videos:

And if you are good at cooking, then you can make cooking videos instead, where you can educate people with your cooking recipes, you just have to be presentable for the same, cooking channels do pretty well too in comparison to food vlogging because people love to try something new themselves.

5) Fail compilations:

Everyone is looking for a good laugh in this stressful, depressing life, and what better way to laugh than to see other people fail? Jokes apart but fail compilations are one of the most fun things to watch because making comedy videos could be challenging, so why not entertain people with naturally available comedy?

6) Prank videos:

Just like fail compilations, prank videos are flooding social media because the world is a naughty place, and everyone finds naughtiness cute, so if you get fantastic prank ideas in your naughty mind,, then this is the best niche for you.

7) life-hacks:

Another niche that is quite popular is life hacks; sometimes, you don’t get a perfect solution for everyday problems in the market. That’s when life hack tricks come into play; a lot of people love watching these short demonstration videos, which are quite entertaining, so if you get awesome life hacks ideas in your mind, then you just git your perfect niche.

8) Pet videos:

The more we are moving away from each other in person, due to growing technology and things like social media, the more we have come close to our pets, and for a lot of people, pets are like their own baby, and in few cases, more than their own baby and that’s the reason why this niche is blossoming nowadays, people love to watch cute videos of dogs and cats and other pets you think of, videos of their training and care, funny videos and many more.

In conclusion, we would like to give you’ll some tips to run your YouTube channel;

  1. Run a channel of your interest or a field you master, if you don’t love what you do, then there is no point in doing that, neither will you enjoy the process, so even if your interest lies somewhere which is not included in the top picks, still you do it because you’ll still find enough people of your niche.
  2. Don’t give long instructions; a lot of YouTubers start with a very long introduction, and people don’t like that; they want you to come to the point directly, hence keep the introduction as small and sweet as possible and directly jump to the point.
  3. Request them to like, share, and subscribe at the end of the video because a lot of people find that annoying when said at the start of the video.

And again, do what you love; once you have laid the foundation of your channel’s success, then you can add those popular trending topics, four audiences will love it because you have made a bond with them.