To say that social media has become the global platform for communication and marketing will be an understatement, given the integral place it has secured in the lives of billions. But, while everyone knows about social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc., did you also know that Youtube too has successfully acquired the title of a Social media platform, a popular one at that?

The popularity of Youtube is evident from the fact that the platform witnesses a whopping billion-plus hours watched daily. Needless to say, the massive scope and space these billions of views generate for individuals around the globe.

But, the platform provides several tools and features to enhance user experience and make Youtube a better and efficient place for marketers, content creators, etc. So, what is the need to buy youtube views?

Why do people buy youtube views?

Video formats are increasingly becoming a dominant way to consume and direct information. Therefore it is only reasonable that a number of individuals, brands, marketers, and creators shift their focus to a popular video-sharing site such as Youtube.

However, the massive popularity of the same also leads to heavy competition. Though beneficial, Youtube is increasingly becoming competitive in terms of quality content, variety, ideas, and much more, meaning the efforts that led to success on the platform in the past are no longer enough.

Someone who recently started a youtube channel especially needs to put great effort and time into reaching a substantial number of subscribers, views, or comments. It gives rise to a pressing need to find a way to kick-start the process, something buying a youtube view has to offer.

Even good content needs people’s attention to go viral or successful, or else it will be as good as nothing. Buying youtube views gives people a chance to put their content in front of others and find that missing piece of the block, precisely why many buy youtube views and subscribers.

Let’s see some of the major benefits of buying youtube views-

Benefits of buying Youtube views

There is little doubt in the fact that a good number of views on any youtube video or hefty subscribers on a channel influence the audiences’ preference and notion towards a certain thing. But, how do buying views precisely help a channel grow? Let us see –

Boost your SERP(search engine result page) ranking

Any person who initiates a search is bound to click on anything that pops up at the top of search results instead of scrolling down a plethora of other options. And, the algorithm of a site is what ranks and controls the order of these search results.

In an attempt to enhance the user experience, the algorithm, which is also responsible for collecting information, runs through it all, finding the most relevant, popular, and quality result for the user and presenting the same at the top. And, guess what these ranking considerations are for the algorithm?

That’s right, the number of views on any video apart from comments, subscribers, likes, SEO factors helps algorithms in acknowledging if or not content is good enough for high ranking.

Algorithms, therefore, play a huge role in deciding how well your content does online, and it is not just true for Youtube algorithms but for a majority of the platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, etc.

By buying youtube views, you can significantly boost the view count on your videos, increasing the chances of the algorithm recommending your video to its users as a top search result.

Build social proof

What is popularly known as the ‘bandwagon effect’ is a psychological phenomenon describing the human tendency to choose what others have approved of. This, in broad terms, means a human’s action, in this particular case liking, viewing, or subscribing to a video channel, is hugely based on how society sees it or likes it.

If you happen to have substantial views on a video, the chances of others clicking it increase by multi-folds. It is also the reason why many fresh YouTubers who start from scratch without any social proof have a difficult time attaining recognition online.

Buying youtube views is, therefore, like buying yourself social proof of the quality and preferability of your content, boosting organic growth in the long run.

Make money through youtube

It will not be wide of the mark to say that a majority of people on Youtube or any other social media platform, in that matter, are there to make some money out of it.

There are several ways to earn money on youtube, including promoting a product and monetizing the videos. However, both of these, especially monetization, require one to impress businesses and brands enough to pay the person for inserting the advertisements in a particular video.

Businesses often use the number of views and subscriber count as an evaluation measure to decide if the deal is worth it on their end or not. What’s more, to get onto the preference list of business marketing on Youtube, a person is required to have a minimum of thousand subscribers along with four thousand hours of monitoring time.
Buying youtube views gives a person a good chance to bag some opportunities to make money out of their experience on Youtube.

Develop credibility and authority online

A good number of views also imply that people like and prefer your content over others, which builds your standing on social media. Getting to the point where people acknowledge, even more so, referring your channel to others is the hardest part of growing online.

When you buy youtube views, the increased view count speaks for the quality and reliability of your channel way before people click on it themselves. And it is needless to say how beneficial for growth that kind of reputation can be since people only click on something they assume is worth their time, and buying views builds that perception.

Your video might be interesting and high-quality, but it is of no use if people do not have a sense of reliability and anticipation.

Generate opportunities

Brands and businesses often promote their products and services using the help of niche-specific channels that boast good audience engagement and authority online.

Similarly, influencer collaborations, events, and communities all prefer someone who has something to offer in terms of increased exposure instead of someone who lies in the initial phase of it all.

Therefore, buying youtube views opens not one but many doors of opportunities to grow and expand as a channel.

Fight competition and go viral

Sometimes all one needs is a couple thousand more views on a video for it to go viral or so as to get ahead of the competition with a rival’s channel. While buying views does help one with that, it also ensures a good possibility of content reaching multiple other social media sites, including Instagram.

Youtube formats offer sharability, which is also one of the reasons behind the platform’s massive popularity, meaning a person can easily share a youtube video on multiple channels with just a click. The feature allows a person to share a particular video with a good number of views on other social media handles, including the website (if any), to enhance exposure and direct traffic.

Save time and efforts with a quick boost

A lot of people tend to spend a lot of their time advertising and promoting their youtube channel or videos, the time that could be spent in creating yet another high-quality video, not to mention the efforts it takes.

However, despite these efforts, the chances of success on a vast platform like youtube are barely enough to make up for the hard work. Buying views, especially for a newbie on the platform, is like skipping the part of hardships most face initially with solid, visible, and quick results.

However, this does not mean one can compromise with the quality of the video or content that they make after buying views. It simply suggests that any effort one puts will be there and bear fruits a lot easily and quickly.


Youtube is increasingly establishing its ground as one of the most preferred and reputed social media and video-sharing sites around the globe. Therefore, the vast scope it offers remains seamless for those willing to explore it and spend time and effort creating content.

One needs to think strategically and make plans in order to rise above others in the competition, of which to buy youtube views is a part. Though, to keep creating good, reliable, shareable, and informative content is not be compromised at any point in the journey. Happy Scrolling!