Digital creators are increasing by the day on all social media platforms. Similarly, the number of content consumers is also increasing for all different types of content, which suggests that there is an audience for everyone. However, this does not make it easier for content creators, especially on platforms like YouTube. Since so many YouTubers strive to maximize their audience and attract more and more views, it becomes challenging to stand out and be ahead of others.

The number of views, likes, and subscribers needs to increase if you wish to grow your channel, and for doing so, you need to take active measures. What are they, and how do they benefit? You’ll find out in this guide, which is particularly dedicated to increasing high-quality YouTube views. Let’s get started!

First of all, why do YouTube views matter?

You may be wondering, what is it about views that make them so essential in your growth on YouTube? Well, views play a huge role among YouTube creators for three major reasons:

YouTube Monetization

You may have come across this term before, and in case you haven’t, allow us to explain. YouTube monetization refers to a system through which creators can earn through YouTube. By enabling this, advertisements can be placed before your videos, and likewise, your bank account gets loaded.

However, YouTube monetization is not open to all. There are certain criteria set by the platform, which clearly state that your channel needs at least 4,000 YouTube views within a period of 12 months. Only then can your start earning your channel. This is why views hold great significance when on YouTube.

Social Validation

If you want to establish a name for yourself, earn fame, and be respected in the YouTube community, you need to have more number of YouTube views. It can be said that views add value to your channel and you as a creator.

Another important point to know is that when you have more views on your videos, a new audience perceives your content from a different point of view. They tend to believe that your content is genuine, authentic, valuable, and credible, which is why so many people have engaged with it. This causes more and more people to discover your content and view it. This is how views can break or make your channel.

More opportunities

There are endless opportunities on YouTube for creators. From brand collaborations, ad campaigns to influencer marketing and creator collaborations. However, most of these are possible only if you have a wide audience. When you have more views, brands consider your channel for their promotions, and they approach you with paid collaborations or even ad campaigns, for that matter, provided you fit their required image.

Other than that, even other YouTube creators would want to collaborate with you if you have a larger reach. All in all, your YouTube views can truly be a gateway to new opportunities and more growth.

These were the three major points that explain the importance of more YouTube views. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s start talking about how you can increase your YouTube views and experience all the above-mentioned benefits

How you can increase quality views on YouTube

There are only two major ways to increase your views on YouTube, one in an organic way, and the other is by buying YouTube views. Let’s discuss both ways in detail.

The organic way of earning views

This is the traditional way of getting more views on YouTube and is attempted by almost every creator. Some of the most common steps under this are:

YouTube SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a system through which the most searched keywords are added to your content in order to achieve a higher ranking in the search engine results. Now, you may wonder, where does this come handly on YouTube? The content on YouTube is not written, but video content, so how do we incorporate SEO strategies here?

Well, even if the content is in the form of videos, it does come with a title and description. When your title, description, and even hashtags are SEO generated, you stand a greater chance of attaining a higher ranking, and thus more people view your content.

Thumbnails and titles

Thumbnails and titles may seem like just small decorative factors to make your video appear good on YouTube, but their value is much more than that. On the YouTube interface, when your video appears, be it on the explore page, home page, or even in the suggested list, it is only the thumbnail and title that is visible to the audience.

On the basis of only these two factors, viewers decide whether they want to engage with your content or not. This is why it is absolutely crucial to creating attractive thumbnails, which clearly give a general idea of the video. Other than that, the title also has to be attractive, clickable, and user-friendly.

Create valuable content

Even if you use SEO-generated titles and captions, make attractive thumbnails and add the right hashtags, in order to keep the viewer hooked to your video, your content should be worth watching. On YouTube, there are dozens of videos available around the same topic, which means that after clicking on your video, if the viewer doesn’t find it valuable, he/she will simply go back and look for some other video.

This is why it is essential to realize that on YouTube, content is king. So, the best way to keep the existing viewers hooked as well as attracting new viewers, make sure that you either entertain or educate your audience.

Some more additional points include:

  • Stay in touch with trends
  • Invite guest YouTubers
  • Add end screens
  • Share your videos on other platforms
  • Host giveaways>
  • Use relevant tags and hashtags
  • Interact with your audience

Now, let’s talk about the other major way of increasing YouTube views.

Buy YouTube Views

You may be skeptical about buying views for various reasons, but we’re here to give you all the necessary facts to prove that buying YouTube views can actually be of great help. Let’s address all the questions around it one by one for complete clarity over the idea of buying views.

How can you buy YouTube views?

The process of buying views is just like online shopping from any other website or app. There are a number of service providers offering a wide variety of packages. These packages are of views, likes, subscribers, and so on for several social media platforms, including YouTube.

All you need to do is, select the most suitable package that matches the requirement of your YouTube channel and check out. Make the mentioned payment through any of the available payment methods. You may be asked for your user name on YouTube, so make sure you provide that. And once the payment is made and your order is confirmed, you can see the results in just a few days. Now, this brings us to the next important question.

How should you choose a service provider?

It is essential to buy views from a reputable and well-established service provider in order to keep your channel and reputation safe as well as to avoid scams. To ensure this, you may read reviews and testimonials of their previous customers and get an idea about the authenticity of the site. Besides, genuine service providers will never ask you to reveal any passwords; just the user name should be enough.

Another factor worth considering is that the service provider must offer real and high-quality views only. Our number one recommendation would be buylikesservices, as they make sure that their customers receive high-quality views only, which cannot be traced. They also do not make any unnecessary demands such as pin, password, etc.

Is buying views safe?

This is the question most people worry about. Well, there are no legal restrictions around buying YouTube views. No law states that we cannot buy views, which is why you won’t fall into any legal trouble. Had it been illegal activity, Google would not have enlisted such sites in the first place.

Other than that, there may be concerns about violating the community guidelines of YouTube, but if you buy views from a reputable service provider, offering high-quality views, you need not worry about that either.


All in all, YouTube views are important, and every creator is working towards achieving more of them. Among both the ways of increasing views, you need to select the most suitable one as per your preferences and budget. The organic way requires a great amount of time and effort, whereas buying views will cost you money. And if you decide to buy views, make sure that you research well about the service providers and buy from a reputable one only.