It is easy to buy YouTube views, likes, comments, shares, and subscribers. You can do that by following easy steps and techniques. You should know your budget and how much you are willing to spend on having views and likes for YouTube. It is also vital to understand how many views your videos have and how many more they need.

So, consider all the primary factors and then decide to buy anything for your YouTube channel. Once you know the amount you have in hand for your channel and videos and how many likes, comments, views, and subscribers are required, you can move to the next step of selecting the site to buy them.

Many sites will provide you with views, comments, and likes. These include,,, and There are other sites to choose from too. You can check how much they will charge you for likes and views. Then, you can choose if you wish to go to a particular site or switch to another.

Choose from real and bot views

Many websites provide you with options for real or bot viewers. Let us know the difference between them:

Real viewers

These will be real people watching your videos. Even if they are doing something else, they will click on your videos. Such people may or may not like your videos and may even subscribe to your channel. However, do not be firm to this notion. They may only click them and let the videos play. But it is nice to buy real viewers even if they cost more than bots. However, the choice is yours to make.

Bot viewers

These are computerized robots that will automatically increase your number of views on all the videos you want. They are mechanical and will be in the number you choose. Bots will cost you less, so you can prefer them if your budget for the YouTube channel is not high. You can either have robots increasing your YouTube views or real people clicking on them one by one.

What are the good things about buying YouTube views?

You should know that there are many good things about buying YouTube views. Whatever you may choose, real or bots, they will be beneficial to you. The usual videos on YouTube will need views. But, one can also have views and likes for live streams. You should again buy views with high retention.

These likes and comments must not disappear because people will doubt your credibility, and the value of your channel will go down. So, always make sure that the views are of good quality, and they will stay on your videos for as long as the site claims. Once you buy YouTube stuff, you will become famous and have more earnings.

Here are the benefits:

  1. YouTube views bring you success. Your channel and videos will rise, and you will have many subscribers and likes organically. The YouTube algorithm also comes at your side because more people have viewed your content. Others will also get to know about your content.
  2. It makes your video rank high because the more people watch your videos, the more you come into the limelight. When people search for similar keywords in the search box, they will locate your content and click on it. It will further make your videos popular. These people may become a fan of your channel and become a subscriber or member. If your content is exciting and creative, they have no option but to stick to your channel and make it more famous.
  3. You can increase the number of organic followers and likes on your channel by buying views. It is because people will see that your content has been viewed and liked by several others, and your content will seem attractive to them. Buying YouTube views is also a fantastic way to enhance the number. These people will subscribe to your channel for updates. You would earn more and become rich.


Here are some frequent queries of people regarding YouTube:

How to buy views and subscribers on YouTube?

Several sites will allow you to buy views and subscribers. One can purchase many views, up to 1 million subscribers and views. The rate can be more or less depending on the site. You can have a bot or real views and any subscribers. You will earn more and become famous if you buy subscribers and views.

Should I buy YouTube views?

Yes, you should buy YouTube likes and views if you feel like increasing your fame and earnings. It is challenging to gather likes organically. The process is time-consuming. So, it is wise to buy YouTube views than to wait for them to arise naturally.

Is buying YouTube views illegal?

No, it is legal to have views for YouTube. Remember the main points before you plan to buy likes and followers. One can have real or bot views. Also, remember to have views that stay there on your videos for a long time. They should not disappear because people will doubt.

Is it illegal to have views on YouTube?

No, it is 100 percent legal to have views for YouTube. But, remember the major points before you plan to buy followers, likes, subscribers, or comments, and even views. Have bot or real views. Also, choose preferences that stay there on your videos for a long time.

Can you get banned for buying views on YouTube?

No, you will not get banned for buying views or likes for YouTube because you are not violating any YouTube policy by doing so. Therefore, it is alright to buy whatever you want for your channel, and YouTube won’t ban you.

Does buying YouTube views work?

Yes, buying YouTube views and likes works because it will increase your opinions count. Also, people will be interested in watching content with many likes and views. So, organic growth will happen too. Your comments, shares, and subscribers will also enhance, and your channel will become famous.

How much does it cost to buy YouTube views?

The YouTube views will cost you differently on various sites. You can have a million views for around 2800 to 4000 dollars. The range is vast so that you can choose according to your budget. However, choose between bots and real views.

How to buy YouTube views free?

We have been trying to know about sites that provide your views and comments after paying them money. However, some areas let you do some easy techniques to hack and have opinions for YouTube. and are websites that provide you free stuff for YouTube.

Is buying YouTube views safe?

Yes, it is entirely secure and fair to buy views for YouTube. It would be best if you purchased from genuine sites that indeed provide you with views and likes. They should not bluff you, and the views should not disappear shortly. Check all these and then go for buying views.


If you wish to buy YouTube views, the steps you need to follow will vary from site to site. So, choose the best site and enjoy the fame and money!