YouTube is intensely advanced with the times. While in the beginning, we used to see just random funny videos and pets jumping around, now it’s a lot more than that. In recent times, YouTube has become the 2nd largest search engine in the world. It is the best medium to entertain and educate the audience. Some people use YouTube to promote their business, while some share some informative content.

Now, if you’re using the channel to promote your brand or content, you must know the tactics to earn decent numbers of YouTube views. After all, there’s no point in uploading great content if nobody is watching it.

If strategized correctly, YouTube is an extremely powerful marketing tool that can boost your sales and business in very little time. But to make this happen, you have to gain a decent number of views. So, If you are uploading videos on YouTube for quite a time and not getting enough views, you might be missing something. In this article, we will look at tactics you can use to generate a good number of views for your videos.

Why is it important to get more YouTube views?

  • It creates Social Proof –

    Social proof is a phenomenon where an individual decides or considers something based on what people around them think or do. More views on your video indicate you have the right image with your audience. It’s because users prefer a video with more views over any video with fewer views, and they think the former video is better than the latter.

  • More views improve your Search Engine Rankings –

    All your strategies get succeeded on Youtube when your video rank at the top of the search results. YouTube uses an algorithm to rank all the videos, and videos with more views, likes, comments, etc are more preferable. In simple words, to get your video ranked on the top, it should have more engagement.

  • It helps you to promote your brand –

    When you launch a new product or service, your goal is to make maximum people aware of it. With YouTube, you can market your product and give all the necessary details about it. So, the more people watching your video, the better it is for your growth.

  • More views give you more exposure –

    It’s because when people see your video has more views on it, they start to get curious about what the hype is all about. This curiosity draws more people to watch your content. So, this will give you more potential customers, and if your product and video are really nice, many viewers can even recommend them to others.

  • You get more likes –

    People prefer to watch a video with more views, and if your content is good, they may even like your video. This way, more views help to get more likes for your video.

  • It is a marketing tool –

    In order to make your video go viral, you have to do a lot of marketing to promote your video, and this can cost you a lot of money. A more effective and affordable option is to increase the views of your video organically or buy YouTube views, which will increase the chances of your video getting viral.

  • You get the required boost –

    When you have more views on your video or bought YouTube views, it gives you a certain boost in the market. It will save you time and effort, and once you’re established, you can move forward with your strategy.

Now that you know all the great advantages of getting more views organically or by buying them let’s see some tips you can use to get more views on videos.

  1. The Thumb Rule – Great Video Content

    You may think it’s obvious, but many people don’t spend enough time creating good content. This is the first step; once you have good content, getting more views would be quite easier. Viewers also do some promotional work for you. If you post good content, they share it on their social media pages, and this way, you get more views.

    Since every one of you must be having a different target audience, there’s general advice; viewers watch videos that provide exceptional values. This means something that stands out from the rest. However, don’t overdo things; stick to your message and strategy, and present it creatively.

  2. Your Video Titles Must be Descriptive and Keyword Rich

    Your video should rank on the top in search results to get more views, and that’s where your keyword research comes into play. A good descriptive and keyword-rich title will rank your video on preference, and viewers will know what your video is all about.

    You can conduct keyword research using SEO methods and other keyword research tools. Using the right keyword for your video will help the viewers and search engine know what your video is all about.

  3. Use YouTube Tags

    For tags, you can provide such keywords matching the content of your video. Make sure you don’t use more than 10 or 12 tags, or you may dilute the search results. Also, if you pick the right tags, your video will appear in the suggested list if someone is watching a related video.

  4. Thumbnail Image is Equally Important

    The thumbnail image can work wonders in increasing your YouTube views. You can customize your thumbnail image. It’s a good practice to include keywords and text in your thumbnail image. Always use high-quality images with readable font and facial close-ups. Make sure the thumbnail is related to your video and not something totally off.

  5. Want to Keep People Watching? Create a Playlist

    Now let us understand why creating a playlist could be helpful? When someone watches the video to find out something, there are chances that they will watch more than one video. When you create a playlist, the next video will automatically play at the end of the first video. Be careful about what you add to the playlist, as it may annoy some viewers. Usually, viewers keep on watching the video until they find it informative.

  6. Make Your YouTube Channel’s Description Attractive

    The description is shown on your channel’s about tab. You can write within 1000 characters, so make full use of them. Start with a description of your brand and why your products are unique.

    After this, tell your viewers why they should watch your videos? Is your channel aimed to provide some information, or are you providing them entertainment? In fewer words, tell your viewers what’s in it for them, and like your video titles, use some keywords in your description too.

  7. Post your Videos at the Right Time

    The best time to publish a video is when your target audience is watching your videos. Luckily there’s no secret as YouTube keeps track of when your audience is watching YouTube. You can check your “When your viewers are on YouTube” report to find out the peak hours and upload your video an hour or two before the peak time.

  8. Keep an Eye on the Viral Topics

    Keeping up to date with what’s new happening in your industry will protect you from sinking into the background. This knowledge can work wonders for you as you can share it with your audience before anyone else does. When you post something for the first time, people will see you as a leader of your field, and more people will watch your videos. Just make sure you pick up the right topics and not some fake news or rumor.

  9. Invite Guest YouTubers

    Inviting influencers to your channel is a great way to gain more subscribers and views. Identify such influencers who have a similar audience as you and invite them for a video. Make good relations with influencers as they share your video with their audience, and you gain more organic views and comments.

    Guest Vloggers also add a variety to your videos, and your audience will see something different.

  10. Don’t Forget Some Promotion!

    Every time you post a video on YouTube, let your followers on other social media platforms know about it. A creative way is to shoot a teaser video. You can upload that video on social media pages and post a link to your YouTube video. Don’t just stick to social media platforms. You can post links to your videos on your website or blog.

The Bottom Line

YouTube has become not only a popular search engine but also a great marketing tool. Brands and marketers adopt different strategies to promote their products and services on YouTube. But all of these efforts are successful only when people are actually watching your video. Using the tips mentioned above, you can earn more views on your video organically.