There are many different things that you can do if you want your youtube channel to grow. You can follow the normal genres that already work, or you can try and create something new that you hope to create because many people do the normal things. Still, if you can create a different type of new video, many people will want to follow you and see you grow.

Even though you might have a certain kind of channel, it can be a good idea to introduce different kinds of videos occasionally to keep things interesting and make sure that your followers like what they see. This can give them an insight into you and your life. They can know about who you are personally, which can create a better bond, and you will end up having loyal subscribers, which is very important for your channel.

  1. Tutorials –

    You can show someone how to do something that you are very good at. The best part about tutorials is that you do not have to have a channel specifically dedicated to tutorials. You can have any normal channel about fitness, tech, language, makeup, gaming, cooking, etc.

    You can make some tutorials and show people how you do things in easy ways. You can also give them some tips and tricks that you might have picked up along the way. You can tell your viewers how they can use the things that you show them.

    Tutorials are a great way to boost your channel, try something different, and provide some value for the people who view your channel as they will use what you have shown them. You can give people hair tutorials and style their hair or tips to dress up better and pair different clothing items.

  2. Challenges –

    There are a lot of videos about some challenges. You can either make something on trending challenges or make some new challenge of your own. If you choose to try someone else’s challenge, you can try and add your unique ideas to it to stand out from the vast sea of people already attempting your challenge. The ice bucket challenge was one challenge that became quite famous.

    You can also try a different kind of challenge. You can do fitness challenges. You can try and lose a certain amount of weight in a certain time. You can also try to attempt to learn a new skill or something unique. People will like to watch you try out something like this. You can video how you were before you attempted the challenge and how you are now after you try it. You can show what you did to achieve your goal and how you overcame this challenge.

    People can use your video as a guideline and avoid the mistakes that you make and directly reach the goal they wish to achieve and not fall along the way.

  3. Pranks –

    Pranks are a very successful idea. People love to watch pranks because they are so funny. There are a few important points that you must keep in mind before you try to prank somebody. Sometimes people do not like pranks, and they might not react very well to your pranks. Some pranks might take a lot of money, and they involve a lot of people.

    Initially, you might not perform pranks like this, but you can do so later on with time. It is best to start pranks on people that you know because they might end up forgiving you for the pranks, but random strangers might be quite angry at you, which can be risky.

    There are many youtube channels which do pranks occasionally. However, some channels are made around pranks. Usually, some pranks are trending, and you can do those pranks; otherwise, you can look at other people’s channels to get ideas about pranks, and if that does not work, then try and make a prank of your own.

  4. Interviews –

    You do not have to interview famous people initially. You can begin with fellow YouTubers or people in your life that add value to you. Some people have interesting and valuable stories to tell, and you can get these people because they will provide value to whoever listens to them. Interviews can be a good way for your audience to get to know people and you because they can be in a more relaxed way.

  5. Tours –

    You can give your viewers a tour of your home or studio. This can be a good way for them to see where you live and work. This can give a good touch to your channel because through this, your viewers can see a different and better side of you that they might not see otherwise. You can show them your room, the tech that you use to make videos.

    You can also show them your family or pets etc. It is unnecessary to do all this, but it can show a more human side of you and make all your followers like you differently. You can also make a whole vlog if you visit a new place. You can show your followers the place that you went to and how you spent your time there. It can be a different kind of video that your followers usually see.

  6. Q and A –

    Once you have many followers, they will inevitably start to message you or comment questions about you or the kind of videos you make. This can be a good time to start a Q and A video. You can ask everyone to ask you the question they would like to know on Instagram or Facebook, and you can answer the question that is unique or frequently asked. You can answer the question about your videos or your personal life. Your followers will like such kinds of videos because they will get a better understanding of who you are and the life you have.

  7. Educational –

    You might have good and fun videos, but you can also have some videos that can offer some value and teach everyone something. Your followers are more likely to listen to what you have to say, and they will be ready to learn from you. You can use good images and clips to demonstrate and show your point.

    Make the videos educational but fun and enjoyable as well. We all are aware that it is important to have education, but if you can make it fun for everyone, that will boost your channel and take it further. You can also ask your viewers what you would like to learn from you, and you can do those things because they will be much more likely to watch it then.

  8. Comparison –

    If there are two very good products, you can compare them to let people know what is the best product. You can highlight the pros and cons. This can give everyone a chance to see what product they like the most and what they prefer. You can use multiple products if you wish to. You can make these videos based on the channel that you have. These products can be related to the videos that you make or the message that you try to send to people in your videos.

    It is okay to give your honest opinion if you like a product or you dislike it. It is just important for you to lay out the facts for your followers to see to make a good and informed decision about whatever they choose to buy.

  9. Daily Routine –

    These are very popular. Many of your followers and subscribers will want to know what you do every day and how you manage the time you have. Your followers and see your eating habits, how you work out, organize your day, etc.

    This is a good way for your followers to see who you are and your personality. You can show the things in your life that make your life better and add value to it, and you can tell your viewers how these things can benefit them if they try it out. You do not have to do this very often, but if you can give your viewers an insight into your life occasionally, it would be good because they would like it, and it can be good for them.

  10. Collaboration –

    You can collaborate with other YouTubers to grow with them, and this can allow you to grow your audience as you can get a few of their subscribers. Collaboration can be a good idea for both of you. You could try to collaborate with someone who is not in the same space as you, but it might not get you many new followers, views, and subscribers.

    Try and make a good impression on the new viewers, and you might end up with a lot more growth. You can try to collaborate with your close competition. Even though you are competing, you can both benefit from collaborating.

    You can also get a chance to learn a lot from the people with who you collaborate. You can get to know how they work and the best way that they make videos, and they can learn a lot from you as well, so it can be a good learning experience for both of you. You can also try to collaborate with more than one YouTuber, which can help you even more. Just make sure that you all do your part well enough; otherwise, space can get crowded.

  11. Reaction videos –

    You can react to someone else’s video. If someone in your space makes a viral video and many people talk about it because there is the hype surrounding it, you can choose to react to this video and give your opinion on it. Ensure that you are aware that you do not get demonetized because of this because it is no use to do things and not earn anything out of it.

    You can also get your friends and family to react to these videos. You could ask your friends and family to react to your videos as well, or you can ask them to rate your outfits on Instagram posts.

    This is a great way to bring something new into your channel, and your viewers would like to see this. If there is a huge reaction from you or your family members, then it can help your videos do better because people love to see the extra drama in everything.

  12. Ranking other YouTube channels –

    You can make a video ranking other YouTubers or their channels. You can tell your followers the channels that you like or dislike. You can tell them your favorite YouTubers and why you find their channels so special. You could rate their video quality, the types of videos they make, their outfits, hair, etc. Try not to be too negative because that can impact your channel in a bad way. It can get you a lot of traffic, but it can still be a bad influence. You could end up losing subscribers or getting a lot of dislikes. So try to be neutral and not too negative about all your competition and how they are.

    If you aim to create controversy, doing something like this can work, but it could also come to bite you later on. You can either name the favorite YouTubers in your field and competition, or you can do it for all YouTubers in general. Please do it for the YouTubers in the similar types of videos you make because people will want to watch such videos and see how you feel about your competition. You will know more about the people in your own space. After all, you can rate the kinds of videos they make because you make similar videos for our channel.

  13. Unboxing –

    A lot of people make unboxing videos because so many products come in boxes. You can occasionally make some as well. You can buy a few products that are related to what you are going to sell, and you can use that to tell your audience about the best products according to you and tell them about the advantages and disadvantages of each and what you find useful and your personal opinion about the product.

    It is best if you make a video about products that you know enough about and products related to the content you make. Sometimes you might not even have to buy these products. If you already have them because you use them before or if the company sent them to you for a previous sponsorship, then you can use them to make these videos, so there might not be a huge need for you to make a big investment into buying these products first.

  14. Personal Story –

    It is a good idea to tell your own story to your audience. By doing this, they can come to know where you come from and what you wish to do with the channel. You can speak to them about how you grew your channel and the challenges that you faced along the way.

    You could also let all your viewers and subscribers know that you are grateful for the constant support. Your followers would like to hear things like this. A lot of your followers might get a glimpse into your life and relationship with you as a person on a deeper level.

    You can also make a short clip as a channel trailer that is fun to watch so that you can attract a few new followers to watch your content. Your followers would be very happy if you share a little bit about your personal life. You can choose to leave out some details if they are private, but being open and honest with your followers can be a good thing for you and your channel.

    After reaching a certain amount of subscribers, a lot of YouTubers do this because many people want to know about their personal life. You can do this as well.

  15. Makeup, hair, clothes tutorials –

    You can make some videos that are more related to fashion. You can teach people how you style your hair or pair your clothes etc. A lot of people have channels that are completely related to fashion. You can have a channel like that, or you can also make something like an occasional video showing people the products that you use to style your hair, what exactly your process is, etc.

    You can also show your viewers what is in your makeup bag and let them know why you chose these products. You can tell them about your favorite products and give them some helpful tips, tricks, and advice. You can show your viewers different outfit ideas based on the season. You can let them know about new trends and what is in fashion currently.

    You can do tours of your wardrobe and show your viewers your favorite clothing items and tell them where they can buy them as well. You might end up creating a new trend as well when you show something fashionable in your videos.


It is not easy to get noticed on YouTube, and it will not happen overnight, so it is best if you take your time, go slowly and keep working hard at what you do. You can try to be creative and find something that can work on your channel. You might end up creating a new trend, and your video might do very well.

Constantly look for new ideas and ways that can make your content better. You can use all these ideas as they will make your channel grow a lot more. You might have normal videos, but doing some of them can make things interesting for your viewers, and you can try many of them and see what type of new ideas your viewers might like, and you can make an effort to make videos based on what they like.

This can be a good way to try out new things and see what works. Try your best to make your videos very good visually so that people will enjoy what they see, and you can try any of the ideas above to get a lot of new followers. There is a lot of competition, and using lower-quality audio and video devices is not useful as no one will want to watch your content when they can get better content from your competitors.