Sometimes your youtube channel might need some boost because it might have hit a plateau, and you are in the same place for a long time. If you are starting a new channel or if you have been on youtube for a while, you may reach a plateau anytime. There are a few signs that you can look out for. When you see these signs, then you should be prepared to do something about the plateau that you have on Youtube. You can see a lot of the growth and data about your channel on youtube studio, and from there, you can figure out how to improve and better yourself.

Every YouTuber has reached a point where it can be difficult to grow, but if you stay consistent and keep working hard, then you can grow as much as you desire. It is very important to listen to your viewers and show your appreciation towards them and what they do.

Youtube promotes new talent, and they will recommend your videos if you do a few things first and make sure that you do your best to do everything you can so that the algorithm picks you up. If you have a viral video, then it is a great way to grow your channel and give it a good boost because you will get a lot of new subscribers and a lot of views on that video and other videos that you have uploaded.

Youtube will recommend your content to a lot of new people if your post consistently. There are many people who say that they are experts, and they have mastered the youtube algorithm, and if you follow them, you will be able to boost your likes very soon. The truth is that you must work hard and be consistent, and the algorithm will favor you.

  1. You are receiving fewer subscribers than usual –

    If you see a steady growth of subscribers that stops suddenly, then it could be a sign that you may not be growing as much as you would like to. You can change this by trying different things that might attract a new audience. You can tell people to subscribe to your videos because a lot of people might be watching your channel, but they might be reluctant to subscribe.

    You can also stories and links on your social media encouraging people to follow you. Try and change up the way you make your content because it might help you get more subscribers and reach a wider audience.

    Many people might be watching your channel without subscribing if you try something new that might get them more interested, and they will subscribe to your channel if people start to talk about your content and tell other people that is the best way to handle this situation. Try to edit your videos in a different way or try to improve the quality of the video and audio if you can. Try your best to see where you need to improve and make the necessary adjustments.

  2. You are receiving fewer views than usual –

    You might have a situation that you have a lot of subscribers, but you have lesser views. Either your subscribers do not view your content, or other new people do not see it at all. You can ask your subscribers to click the notification bell so that they will know when you release a new video. It might not be about you.

    Youtubes algorithm usually puts trending and recommended content before subscribed content, so your videos might turn up much later in your subscriber’s feed. It is also important that you look at your own content and see if there is something that you could be doing to improve it.

    Try and keep a time that you regularly upload because your subscribers can tune in at that time. If your time is not proper, then your subscriber will not know when to expect your videos. Try and look at the comments and figure out what you can do to improve your content. Try and listen to your viewers because that can help you to grow in the long term. You must also try to help the youtube algorithm help you.

    If you have a youtube channel, then make sure that you put a good description and some hashtags so that youtube can know whom to recommend your content to, which can increase the number of people who view your channel. Try and find the length of video that is ideal for what you post because no one likes to watch too much of some video if it just drags on.

    Please find out the average watch duration of your viewers and try to increase that as much as possible by making your content more interesting, especially at the point where your viewers start to fall off.

    After you increase your average watch duration, make sure that you make a video that is not too long beyond that. Your loyal subscribers will still view your content till the end, but it is important that you make the content as interesting as possible for them.

  3. No one is engaging with your content –

    Even if people view your content, they need to engage. That can mean likes, dislikes, sharing, comments, etc. When your viewers engage, then it is a way for you to understand what is working and what is not working with your channel. If no one engages, you will not know if people like the content you put up.

    Suppose they do not like your content, then what exactly do they dislike in it. If you do not have much engagement, then you can ask your viewers what they would like to see, and you should go through your comment if you are not doing that and see what people like, do not like, and what videos they would like to see. If you give your viewers something that they would like to see, then it is a good way to increase engagement on your channel.

    Try and see if you get a lot of likes or dislikes. You can try and increase the content that gives you a lot of likes and fix what does not work or try and do something about it. Try and get people to share. You can encourage viewers to share because if someone shares your video, they like the content they saw and decided to share it.

    A lot of their friends and relatives might see that video because they shared it, and it can help your growth in a big way.

  4. Your audience retention is poor –

    This means that the average watch duration of your videos is very small. You can find this data on youtube studios. If people do not view your content completely, but they only view a small section of it, that means something wrong with your content. Maybe people do not find it interesting after a certain period of time. You can try and work on the sections that people do not like a lot in your future videos.

    It is best if your viewers watch your videos for as long as possible because then it means that the entire video that you made was worth watching for them. It is common for a lot of people to start watching your video, but fewer people might keep watching it till the end. Maintaining the same number of people from start to finish is difficult, but if you can do it, you made content that is very interesting and that people like to watch.

    There can also be certain spikes where people watch certain sections of your video. E.g., If you make a video doing a challenge, then people might be more inclined to watch the end of the video because they can get to see the results so that they might forward it to the end, but it is your job to make the middle look very attractive so that you manage to retain your viewer’s attention.

    The initial fifteen to twenty seconds are very important because a lot of people drop off after that, so make sure that the beginning of your videos is the best that it could possibly be.

  5. Evaluate your journey –

    If you look at the way that you have grown on YouTube, it can say a lot about where you are and where you are heading. It is very important to look at the data on the YouTube studio properly and see what has worked in the past and what has not worked. Sometimes it might look like you have a lot of growth. You may be getting a lot of new subscribers, but you might be losing a lot of them as well. There may be certain things that you might have done in order to improve the quality of your videos, and it might have worked.

    You should not look at your data all the time, but it is important to look at it a lot and be aware of when you can improve it, and if you try something new, how does the audience react to the change that you just made. See the rate of your growth as well. If you have lost a few subscribers and are not doing as well as you would like to, it is important that you make the necessary adjustments.

    If you are not growing as fast as before, then you should be aware that you need to try something new because if your growth rate slows down a lot month after month, then it could mean that people are not viewing your videos or not subscribing as much as before and it isn’t easy to maintain a channel. You either grow it, or it falls down.

  6. If you feel that the quality of video has dropped –

    In spite of what statistics say and what everyone says, if you feel like you can do better, then maybe you must find out some ways to improve yourself. Do not let it bother you too much if you are okay with It and you still see steady progress, but there are things that you can do to improve. If you improve at what you want to change in your videos, then you might end up growing your audience a lot more because what you are doing right now is making things so much better, but if you improve even more or try out something new, then you might be able to make some very attractive videos that a lot of people will love to watch.

    It is important that your videos add some value to people’s lives because that will give you a lot of fulfillment. If you feel like that is not happening, you may have to figure out something to change. You might end up getting a lot more growth if you change the focus of your channel. People will see you for your honesty and what you want to bring into their lives, and this can help you improve and become better.

    Your videos might have the best video and audio quality, but if you feel like there are things that can still be improved, then you can try and do something about it because that will help you feel like you are doing right by your channel. It is possible that you may lose sight of what you wanted to achieve with your channel when you started out, and you can do things to change that.

    If you feel like you are promoting something that you do not want your followers to use, then it might be time to stop working with that company. You might lose money in the process, but you will not lose the trust and respect of your viewers and subscribers.

How can you give your channel a boost?

You have seen the signs above that show that your channel needs a boost, so what do you do when you feel like you must boost your channel. You need to look at your content, find out what is going wrong, and try and correct that. You can change the way you shoot your videos, add a new audio device because people are very specific about the audio. You might be able to get away with bad video quality, but bad audio will cause all your viewers to stop viewing your content.

There are so many things that can be done in order to better your content, and you should try a lot of new things and see what works. It is a good idea to look at the work of your competition and see what works for them and try and get inspiration from there. You can take an online class from someone who knows a lot about making videos. Even successful YouTubers male videos like this to show everyone how they make and edit their videos, and it can be a good option if you try and follow their success to grow your own channel.

You could try to advertise your content if you feel like it might have hit a plateau. You do not have to put a large amount of money into it. You can start with a little money and see what happens, and if you feel like it is worth it, then you can promote your content and keep adding more money if you see good results because a lot more people are going to view your content if you pay some money to advertise it to them.

Make sure that you have a good and attractive thumbnail as well because that will attract people to click on your video and watching it. It is best if you do not use fake thumbnails because no one likes to be fooled by clickbait.

You can also try and do a few collaborations with other YouTubers because this can help you reach a wider audience. A lot of people from their audience will see your content, and your audience will see that person’s content. Both of you can benefit from a collaboration, and you can learn a lot from that person, and how they make their video because both of you are in the same field, it can be a good learning opportunity. You do have to have one YouTuber to collaborate with. You can ask two different YouTubers to collaborate with you, and that can be very effective as well. Make sure that you do not have too many people collaborating; otherwise, no one may get a chance to talk at all.


Everyone who has a youtube channel can grow that channel a lot. All you must do is be aware of what you need to do to grow your channel as much as possible. If you stay consistent and keep working hard, then it is very easy to reach the goals that you set for yourself. That being said, it is still very important for you to look at the signs and be aware of when you are growing or when you hit a plateau in your channel.

If you are aware of everything that is happening, then you will be able to do much better because you will know what needs to be fixed in your channel. If you are oblivious to what is happening, then you will lose the subscribers that you have because they may not like something that you do, and if you do not read the comments and try and solve the issue, then it will impact your channel in a negative way.

Try and listen to your viewers and subscribers as much as possible even if they are not positive with their response because you will be able to make content that they like to watch, and they will be more likely to watch your content and share it with everyone.

It will also build appreciation among everyone because they will like what they see and they know that you took their opinion. If you feel like you are not earning as much as you would like to earn, then you can always try out different things like look for sponsors or sell merchandise, etc.

Always be honest with your followers and subscribers. Even though you want to gain more viewers, subscribers or earn more money, it is important that you stay true to the subscribers that you do have as they have been supporting you, and they will continue to do so for a long time.