Social media promotion is quite an amazing concept. So many of the top charitable organizations of the world are getting pretty smart at using these apps and sites.

This article will understand different ways in which charitable and generous foundations are making use of what social media and the internet have to offer.

Social media and charity

Remember the time you would watch the commercials on TV requesting you to give a few cents per day to fight in the hunger battle and help those in need? Indeed they were greatly helpful commercials and helped all the charitable organizations prosper. But we hardly watch them on television anymore.

Do you wonder why? It all happened with the advent of the net

It is great that the brilliant power of the net, anyone anywhere can initiate a blog, website, and get instantly active on many social media platforms, and have to access several people (nearly billions) across the globe while putting forth no commercials, expensive crew of production, and purchasing time to finish all their work done.

Get immediate exposure to people all across the globe

The most immediate and amazing impact a charitable organization has by taking advantage of social media and the internet is that they are readily and always accessible to anyone throughout. And an even more brilliant idea is that they can build a social following and a mailing list.

A perfect example of this kind of charity can be seen with WE Charity (an organization) as they not only have a blog or website where they share content with their worldwide audiences, but they are also quite amazing and active on social media.

With nearly three million or more fans on the Facebook Fan Page of We Charity and another three million+ on their Twitter profile, it is quite easy for us to see how WE Charity is one of the most distinct examples of a charitable organization taking great advantage of what social media and the net have to offer.

This foundation has also been enhancing and creating a great amount of video and audio content as well and releasing it through social media apps like its Youtube channel and Instagram account.

By making sure, they are releasing new content and continually accessible across all major platforms makes WE Charity more easily accessible while bringing much more attention to their charitable efforts and global cause.

Being on the web with Awareness and Charitable Efforts

We know that the main and most important focus for charitable organizations is to have been present online on every social media platform like Instagram and Facebook. But, with that, one must also ensure to utilize the fullest potential.

After all, is there a point of generating or gathering millions of followers and fans if they are not at all being active in your cause?

However, a good part is that not all charitable and generous donations are to be made in financial, clothing, or kinds of volunteer work. Well, a big thanks to the net power, click of a button, a simple and social portion, or a retweet, even an easy comment that may help contribute greatly to someone.

The best charitable, generous places and organizations are by means of several social media sites like YouTube and Instagram for their good use, that is, awareness, engagement, and involvement with many others.

GoodBox recently reported that there had been ample amazing and highly acknowledged charitable campaigns because of the results of all social media and similar efforts made on these apps.

There was a Movember campaign on which social media users would put forth photos and videos of themselves. They grew mustaches (and raised male cancer awareness). To raise ALS awareness, The Bucket Challenge began.

Online resources: Charity and Information

Have these examples in your mind, and you will notice that the opportunity to have large fundraisings for several charitable and generous organizations to come up with innovative and trendy ideas and get in on the action and several amazing campaigns. The best part is it hardly takes any time to generate a good idea!

If an organization wishes to reach people and make them aware, the internet is a fantastic medium. All tiny brands and local businesses have reached across boundaries because of the net. Your voice can reach millions. It’s just a matter of a little online effort.

In the world of charitable foundations and NGOs, the net is a wonderful thing. It is happening all over the US. With many ongoing efforts and more people in need of several things, it is useful. You can do some online research on charities of many types. All causes are important. There’s some hope for everyone.

Social media is a great charity platform to reach a newer audience. The charity directories available online also let individuals learn everything about organizations, their past, their aim. It also tells them how they spend their funds and their online charity efforts.

Some people are interested in personally helping those in need. They may even check if these organizations let people do that. With Google reviews and Yelp that are there for restaurants and businesses of many kinds, charity can also find a similar doorway.

If you haven’t got your charity site (online organization) listed on these sites and directories, please do it. You must not miss the media coverage, a lot of opportunities, incoming donations, and so much more.

Why are efforts on social media always useful?

When you look at social media and the internet, you realize that there are limitless options. So many people are opening and using the net now, much more than ever before. In addition, mobile usage and social media use is continually increasing. Therefore, a charitable organization need not think twice before going online. All the nonprofit firms must be here and make people aware of how useful they can be to someone.

Many top charities all across the globe are looking for social media managers to spread their word louder. How well their causes and global efforts help people determines how successful they have become.

If you are putting in the effort, work, and time, that’s all it needs. Charity begins when you start walking the extra mile to make someone’s life better.

Nonprofit organizations making use of social media

In these times of the Covid-19 crisis, the financial burdens of NGOs have increased manifolds. As a result, the demands for social service have risen, but the fundraisers and volunteers are limited. The in-person fundings have reduced, and every organization is facing this issue.

However, social media is no less than a boon in today’s era. Nonprofit organizations that solely depend on donations to survive can visit these apps like Instagram and Facebook.

Here, they may ask for money and essentials to help the needy. But, since pandemic has made fundraising even more challenging, one needs to find another way. In December 2020, the Salvation Army found around an 18 percent downfall in in-hand charity compared to previous years.

We can thank the power of social media. In addition, sites like are amazing spots for charity foundations to drop their issues. These websites take your needs and grievances to the entire world. Fundraisers can achieve their marketing goals through these sites and apps.

Another good part is people are more inclined towards the digital platform these days. They are working through the net and so can easily engage with organizations and make their contribution.

What does social media do?

For charity societies, social media is brilliant. One can reach billions through Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. The mission of the foundation reaches many. Postings are free here. You get a network of dedicated volunteers willing to help online. In addition, one may create interesting posts to attract people. The existing donors will stay engaged, and new ones will join.


So, hopefully, this article could throw some right light. To make charitable organizations best use the internet to spread their voice after going through the examples above. You know the right path to help. So will you find a way to help even more exuberantly?