After Facebook, Instagram is the most engaging social media platform, with more than one billion monthly active users. Finding and keeping up an effective Instagram strategy is crucial for social media marketers in this constantly changing algorithm. Let us look deeper into it.

Algorithm and Instagram

An effective Instagram strategy means a strategy that brings more followers makes people post comments on your post and helps increase engagement rates.

Regularly posting is not enough to get more comments, more likes, and more followers. The completely worthless and useless practice is buying Instagram comments. Nowadays, people buy fake comments to get publicity, which is wrong, and Instagram may stop that account.

Why are comments important?

It is critically important for the influencer and business profile on Instagram to understand the importance of followers’ comments. To generate a higher profile, ensure a good and healthy relationship with the followers because a good relationship means trust. To avail of the benefits, it is imperative to get good comment counts on the post. Some of the benefits are:-

Customer indication

Things are working well is the sign given by new comments on the post. It is an indication to the customers that there are enough clients. Clients want to see posts full of comments and likes. That’s why it is important to make a strategy and bring more comments on the post.

Social proof

A huge number of comments is proof of the popularity of social media account. By looking at the engagement on the post, one can easily tell about the business. A lot of comments mean a good following. It is an indicator that how social and popular you are.

Fresh community

New comments, likes, and followers mean new people to the community. New followers help to keep the community fresh and bring back the dead community to life. Responses given by the new community encourage the old follower to engage as well. In enlarging the follower base, comments help the most. New followers enable to reach a wide area and increase the level of engagement.

Potential for business

Every new comment is to be celebrated if your primary objective is to build a relationship with new followers and new fans. Comments can help them get more engaged with the product and through which sales funnel ultimately results in potential business.

How to get more people to comment on Instagram?

It’s not too difficult to get people to comment on your new post. There are a few habits and activities you have to perform to get more comments. Instagram strategy to get more Instagram comments are:-

Have a public profile

The first thing to do is to switch your profile public and open up to everyone. Getting comment is much easier if there is a large crowd which can view your posts. You are opening yourself to a global audience if you have a public account. Get yourself ready for getting negative effects of using a public profile.

Use niche hashtags

Instagram has hashtags like keywords for google. Hashtags offer the opportunity to get discovered by new people. Getting Instagram comments faster and building a community around the brand’s Instagram niche hashtags can help us. It’s easier to rank high in small hashtags and let people find you with the help of the hashtags browser.

Lots of people are using this browser and getting the best results. It can be not very clear sometimes; in that case, go through the best influencers and study their profile. To make your posts and your business more specific, try to add hashtags directly related to them.

Instagram stories

Instagram stories are an easy way to get more comments and engage with the audience. It can be a formidable weapon because the most engaged fans will see your profile when you appear on the top of their feed.

At the same time, the other advantage of posting Instagram story is that stories have a lot of cool features which helps to interact with the audience directly. You can ask and answer the question, create a poll, conduct a quiz, measure people feeling about something, and many more.

It’s the easiest way to build a community of loyal followers. As these stories also appear on the explore page or in the hashtags browser, while posting stories, you can use different hashtags and make your content visible to more people, including those who don’t follow you.

Tag people, locations, brands

Tag people, brand’s locations, or other Instagram accounts in your post. Then these notified people attract other users, and your post pop up in different places. Which ultimately helps in increasing your comments and popularity.

While visiting some nearby fun place, make sure to tag that place which helps people in your area to discover you. It’s a great option for local businesses. If you use Instagram feed posts then tag users within your video and photo rather than in caption, it will be easy for them to notice that you tagged them.

Comment back

It’s another easy and simple trick for getting more comments on your post. If you like real comments on your post, then comment back on the comment of your followers; it will double the number of comments. More comment means more Instagram visibility and more engagement. People interacted more when they asked their opinion or questions.

Just put this strategy in your post, ask questions and opinions of your followers in your post, and create real conversation there to increase comments. Managing a large account or multiple profiles is a difficult task. Replying to the hundreds of comments every day is quite hardworking, but keeping proper track of this can help you manage them properly.

Write long captions

The audience attracts more when there is a good story. Instagram and other social media sites give a good platform to tell your story to others. In social media sites, it’s hard to reach character limits which gives a great leeway. Remember to write such captions that will be interesting and encourage followers to comments on them.

Share feed posts in stories

Recently these trends have gotten popular, and for a good reason. Due to huge competition, it isn’t easy to show up in the follower’s news feed. That why this feature is helpful for many they can share their regular feed in their stories, which makes them highlighted in their followers’ stories, and more attention will be paid to their post, which ultimately helps increase comments on the post.

Use scaled ones, not squared images

It is an interesting part of posting pictures in your feed but mainly seen that most social media influencers ignore this, resulting in a lack of comment and followers. We live in a world where people scroll down the posts without making much effort to see them properly.

It’s a simple step to make your content visible more by just making your content bigger. It is assumed that horizontal images receive less engagement than square ones. Instead of cutting your image to a little square, scale the image. It will result in a higher chance that people will stop scrolling and check out the Instagram post.

Publish at the right time

Lots of debate has taken place over the best time of day to post on Instagram. And there are several different answers for that according to the type of Instagram accounts, followers, and brands. But it is advised to choose the right time by doing homework for it.

Throughout the week, post your content and check the time when more engagement with people occurs. And publish the schedule according to the result. Make an Instagram content calendar and use it for tracking results and schedules.

Make memes

Recently people are attracted to memes known for going viral; people like to tag their friends under them. Memes visuals can bring lots of engagement to social media sites. Make sure that the meme is harmonious and appropriate with your brand.

They are super shareable. You borrow these from other memes pages, but for a good result, try to make them yourself; there are plenty of meme-producing apps out there to try them. It increases not only more followers but also follower comments increases.


All love to get gifts, especially when it does not require any effort to get gifts. Ask people to do such small activities, and tag more and more people in your social media post, which will increase the comments and popularity in this type of trick account holder have to write to comment people on their post for the best rewards. And social media sites are extremely supportive, and a friendly community will help you by commenting on your post.


In the context of marketing, Instagram is the paramount importance for the business. To increase your comment count on Instagram, the biggest thing you can do is to accept a few habits to think of engagement firstly. It is most important to engage with the followers for Instagram and all other social media sites.

Just go through these simple mastering tips and by scheduling prime time for posting the content, which will help increase comments on your Instagram post.