Instagram is the most known popular social media platform with over four hundred million active users. Many brands are trying to get the most from it. To boost brand awareness and designing strategies to energize followers. For a popular Instagram account, you must come up with some interesting Instagram contest ideas, and here’s an article on it.

Why should you use contests and promos?

Many ways are available on Instagram for advertising your product. You can write copy, buy ads, and post photos of the product. The main reason to choose contests above all other ways is to increase the engagement of users. You make way for users when you run an Instagram contest. Users take photos with your product, tag friends, and spread the word about your brand to others.

People feel a great affinity towards your Instagram account and brand due to the goodwill you’ve generated with the help of a contest. You only need a few things to arrange a contest: a goal, a prize, some rules, and a means of choosing a winner.

Why is engagement so important?

Fostering a level of engagement is important because it helps in building loyal and long-lasting customers. Most of the revenue is made by the old loyal customers. Working to engage the users you already have, turning them into repeat and loyal customers is the base for your growth which is done with limited time only by engagement.

Some of the top Instagram contest and promo ideas are:-

Good hair day in pink lime looks contest

In this contest, contestants have a chance to be themselves in their entries. To get themselves in this contest, they have to submit their photos sporting their favorite hairstyles. For the entrance, they could choose whatever background they like. One important thing which they have to do to win is using the pink lime look hashtag.

Point to remember: – if you were giving out a valuable prize, mention how much it’s worth for the chance to grab more and more attention.

Melissa Corser makeup contest

For the girls who love to get glamorous and gorgeous, nails and makeup are the perfect combinations. With the contest, Melissa Corser gives a chance to Instagram users to win both. The special thing that makes this contest different from others is that the users could enter themselves as often as possible. The result is based on the more tagged friends, exposure, and engagement.

Point to remember: – you get massive engagement in return when you give contestants unlimited entries.

Valdo prosecco’s trip to Italy

A trip to most of the countries in the world is a dream. But it’s difficult as it requires a lot of money, so why don’t you arrange a contest to win a spectacular trip for your Instagram followers. With this concept, Valdo prosecco made the trip an enticing prize.

All contestants had to do was to take a picture of a cocktail they made with Valdo prosecco. Then they have to share their secret recipe as a caption and with a hashtag. Out of 20 top-voted photos, the winner was picked out.

Point to remember:- When you encourage contestants to be creative, letting users vote for the top is a good way to promote engagement.

Stoka Bar’s boat land of giveaways

Forty free treat bars! Wow, who wouldn’t grab the chance to win these treat bars totally of no cost? Stock bars are low on crabs, crunchy, and delicious. To gain more followers, stoka bar brand did a contest in which the contestants has to follow the page on Instagram and like the photo. Among them, they will select three winners who were given a chance to win the bars.

Point to remember: – A contest is a great way to grab new followers if your Instagram page is unique.

Lifebox food, punks, and chancers collab contest

For people who are vegan or health-conscious, organic ingredients and materials are essential. Lifebox food, punks, and chancers ran their collaboration contest on the Instagram platform.

The contestant just had to follow the companies mentioned in the contest list, like the post, and tag a friend. In this type of contest, prizes are given to the first and second runner-ups. Prizes like a tote bag, a cool sweater, and a delicious vegan food box are provided.

Point to remember: – An effective way to gain more followers for your Instagram contest is to collaborate with another company. If the company with whom you are collaborating has a strong base of followers, it’s a golden chance for you.

Fushi’s new product launch contest

When Fushi launched its biovedic skincare solution product, they took and advertised this product with the help of an Instagram contest. They have given a full set of ayurvedic skin products for beautiful skin.

Point to remember:- If you’re launching a new product, arranging an Instagram contest and giving that product as a prize for the contest is a huge way of promoting it.

Shockingly healthy are free ticket contests

We see, in recent times people are more conscious about their body, and for those, this type of contest is really exciting as they get a free ticket for the green living show. In this contest, they have to follow shockingly healthy and like and share the post winner will get the two sets of free tickets for the green living show.

Point to remember: Any event in your area that would interest your follower and offer them free tickets or passes as a prize for the contest is a great way to increase your followers.

Superfan dominos contest

Domino’s superfan contest offered a huge prize to the users who could prove that they were super fans of its pizzas. This contest allowed people to be more creative. They had to prove that they are not only a fan but super fans of domino’s pizza.

Point to remember: – it’s better if you can give a big cash prize to users. It won’t hurt your chances of capturing a huge number of engagements.

Branded hashtag photo contest

In this contest, followers are asked to post a photo with their branded hashtags. By this, you are only collecting user-generated content for future marketing, boosting brand awareness, and helps in increasing business discoverability.

Point to remember: – In this type of contest, the followers also get to know about the hashtag’s true meaning that they are using from a certain period.

How to make trouble contest by Simon and Schuster

It is a unique contest that asks users to comment with their trouble-making strategies. This contest helps people to open themselves. It’s quite an interesting and fun-loving contest. A prize like a tote bag, cute pins, a bookmark, and Cecile Richards’s new book is given to the winner. And it’s a lot in exchange for a story.

Point to remember: – the biggest reason people are on Instagram is to share their lives with others. You will get a sure hit if you ask for their stories to return cool and exciting prizes.

Avocado contest by love one today

Through eating avocado, loved ones today promote a delicious way of life. They launched the avofruitfull contest to gain buzz online. For taking part in this contest, contestants must submit a photo of their own with new avocado creations. Users who got most of the likes on their image will get the prize from a loved one today, such as a food processor, themed water bottle, and even a Vitamix blender.

Point to remember:– One of the great ways to get your contest going is to offer giveaways that resonate with follower interest. [Such as health-conscious people, Vitamix blender is a great prize].

How can one promote Instagram contests?

First of all, you need to announce your promotional contest. One may do it by sharing the contest link in their bio and in many other ways. Keep posting stories throughout the online contest.

Another good way is to cross-promote your Instagram audience on other social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. The ads you will get on these sites, use them to reach your target audience. Last, of all, you may promote it on your website.


Instagram is a big platform that opens the door to massive growth opportunities for you, and running a contest on Instagram promises you user attention, interest, and engagement. The most important thing to know is why people use Instagram: – to take photos to be spontaneous and share their lives with several others.
Tons of contest and prize ideas you can choose from, taking views from other top brands and influencers. A prize like new products, cash, unique knick-knacks, and anything related to business can be given. When you’ve arranged up a contest with these cool tips, all you need to do is sit back on the chair and wait for the shares and followers to start pouring in.