It is never technically ‘safe’ to buy Instagram followers as there is always a red flag hovering over it. But buying followers, you breach the terms of Instagram’s service. Also, all your bought followers will be either fake accounts or Instagram bots. And there is also a risk of them unfollowing you after a few weeks.

Standing in 2021, everyone wants to kickstart their follower growth. An easy way to do so is to buy Instagram followers. But it can do more harm to you than good. By buying followers, you decrease the chances of real people following you, and your account can also look inauthentic if you don’t have too many posts.

What do your bought followers consist of?

  1. Fake followers

    Buying fake followers has become a more complicated task nowadays with the updated Instagram algorithms. It has been destroying those fake accounts that breach their terms of service. And it is a puzzle now for fake account holders.

    You have to buy Instagram followers from a specific site or vendor to provide you with fake followers or bots. And for buying the followers, you will have to submit your credit card details and make the payment first. There’s no end to fraudulent activities in the name of supplying fake followers. And you will put yourself at more risk after submitting your credit card details.

    Even after you have paid, there’s no guarantee if the vendor will supply you with the decided number of followers. Even if your vendor is legitimate, it will take its time to provide you with followers as slow as it can. And you have to wait patiently for a few minutes to a few days to allow the work to be done securely, without alarming the Instagram algorithms.

    Instagram can delete your account permanently, without any way of its recovery, if it ever gets a hint of something fishy going on with your account. Even if you have made it successfully with your bought followers, it will contribute to your followers and likes count to some extent. It will never help you to increase your engagement.

  2. Instagram bots

    Get it very clear in your head that whatever promises the vendors to make you, you are just paying for numbers. Never expect any engagement from bought Instagram followers.

    The Instagram robots or bots are accounts that are spread everywhere on Instagram. Some companies have automated the system of making bots. And they are created very craftily for being able to sell the bots as followers. In some instances, the bots can also be in the disguise of a natural person, using images and names that have been stolen from others.

    After a specific term of service, these bots start looking like organic accounts after running on automation to share and like the content. Programming the bots can also make them produce content. But these bots will never have a natural-looking following-to-follower ratio. Thus, the engagement provided by them will not be of much help to them.

    Your real fanbase will engage in your content in real-time, and they can bring you possible customers, by discussing with their friends and known ones. But this never happens with bots. They don’t bring in followers, and they don’t contribute much to your engagement rates.

  3. Inactive accounts

    Your bought followers don’t include bots ultimately. A certain percentage of the followers are inactive accounts. Some companies also give out genuine accounts for money.

    These accounts can have two reasons behind their creation – firstly, if they are handled by users who are just interested in getting followed in return and, secondly, totally for getting payment. These accounts can be active at the beginning, but with time, they become inactive.

    It eventually becomes a drain for your account as the performance data goes down. It will only affect your activity. The sole purpose of these accounts is to follow other people. So the account holders also have little to no responsibility of dwelling in your newsfeed and show interest in your content. Organic followers will increase quality and contribute to engagement, but your bought followers will do nothing other than increasing your number of followers.

    Services just for buying followers are not the only option available in the market. There are also services that you pay for and strategically follow them. Then they follow you back after based on your preferences for account type, location, hashtags, and so on. With this, your chances of getting real followers increase tenfold, and you can also get some loyal customers from them. And this would also contribute to your engagement and conversion rates.

Eminent hazards of buying followers

  1. The early engagement dwindles with time

    There’s no guarantee that you will get long-term purchased Instagram followers for your profile. The new followers might give you likes, views, and comments. But, this is just for a specific time. It will again tempt you to buy some more followers to make your account active again. Moreover, your performance statistics will never show you your accurate results.

    You are in dire need of engagement from followers, which the purchased followers will never provide you. Your real followers would love to engage in your content and would naturally increase your conversions and engagement. That 10,000 followers without engagement are absolutely of no help. And without likes or comments, don’t expect your posts to always show up in your followers’ news feed.

  2. You can damage your credibility

    you can convince users to follow you on seeing your large number of followers. But this is never guaranteed. Different people act differently. The followers are also not bound to comment and like in every post. Again if your account is found with the maximum percentage of bots and fake users, Instagram can penalize you for breaching their terms of services and can also delete your account, with absolutely no way to restore your content.

    Some followers even unfollow accounts when they cannot see a good amount of engagement in your other posts. When you have a huge follower count, with just a few likes on the posts, it will not be long before your followers realize what is going on. It will be terrible for your credibility.


Everyone knows that Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. It has the maximum number of youngsters as their users. The platform is overgrowing, and the brands are also earning their full benefits from there. In this vast competition, establishing yourself can be a bit difficult and time taking.
You can also feel demotivated, which can tempt you to buy Instagram followers. Don’t fall for that trap. Instagram itself is against the buying of followers.
Moreover, lower engagement rates and filling your follower list are not worth the risk. So, 2021 is not a good year for buying Instagram followers. Work on the quality of your content instead and have some patience. Success will surely be yours. And your engagement metrics will also reach your targeted value with time and effort.