‘Instagram…Instagram in the phone, who is the most influential of all?’

Well, the Instagram statics do spell out the results, listing in the top users who have a strong foothold on the users of the platform. While Cristiano Ronaldo rules the list, the women are not far behind. In fact, they seal five spots in the top ten rankings by the algorithms of the platform.

Though numbers may sometimes give us a false imprint, there is no denying the power of the numbers that run into millions. Hence, if you are looking for accounts to inspire and influence you, then look through the following accounts that are creating tides in the virtual world.

Top 5 celebrities

It is no secret that the virtual world is the best platform that has bridged the gap between stars and their fans. By bringing their followers an inch closer to real life, social media is the best platform for stargazing. Here are the top celebrities who together have close to a billion followers.

  1. Ariana Grande: @arianagrande
  2. Kylie Jenner: @kyliejenner
  3. Selena Gomez: @selenagomez
  4. Kim Kardashian: @kimkardashian
  5. Beyonce: @beyonce

Take away:

If you think that perfect pictures that successfully capture your most beautiful candid are the key, you are not far from the obvious. But the above examples also call to share authentic self, without the bling and glamour. Even though the photo-sharing platform is notorious for projecting unrealistic and polished images, consumers are now seeking for more realistic and natural self.

Top 5 fashion bloggers

It is hard to imagine the Instagram platform without fashion bloggers popping up here and there. Be it from dressing to styling, from makeups to the perfect touch-ups, the bloggers make sure that you can recreate any celebrity look at your home! Here are top bloggers who have surpassed their influence over thousands of users.

  1. Chiara Ferragni: @chiaraferragni
  2. Aimee Song: @aimeesong
  3. Lydia Rose: @fashioninflux
  4. Danielle Bernstein: @weworewhat
  5. Julia Sarinana: @sincerelyjules

Take away:

They bring in an effortless style that blends with their personality and the surrounding ambiance. With not much bling but at the same time high-quality images capturing the essence, they send across just the right dose of message. Adding on, the interactive captions work in their favor, generating comments and, as a result, engagements.

Top 5 inspirational women

To spin words that can weave the magic and inspiration in the minds of young and old alike needs experience, a constant strive to grow, and above all, a willingness to share and spread the word. Here are some ladies who are using the platform to spread positivity and brighten the days of people.

  1. Michelle Obama: @micjelleobama
  2. Oprah: @oprah
  3. Gabrielle Bernstein: @gabbybernstein
  4. Alison Mariella Desir: @alisonmdesir
  5. Jonna Jinton: @jonnajinton

Take away:

Inspiring doesn’t mean you have to stand out taking on issues that neither tugs your heart nor makes you speak out for. Sometimes, even topics that seem trivial to others might strike a chord with the masses. Hence, never shy away from speaking your heart out and keep it true.

Top 5 businesswomen

The business was a domain that the menfolk had long taken monopoly of. But now, no longer. With multiple MNCs being led by women, the terms women and business don’t alarm us. Get influenced by the ladies who know how to create and handle their business empires.

  1. Tory Burch: @toryburch
  2. Jessica Alba: @jessicaalba
  3. Iris Apfel: @iris.apfel
  4. Clare Bowditch: @Clarebowditch
  5. Kelly Robertz: @kellyllrobertz

Take away:

Making people buy things that do not classify under necessity requires skills. A skill that is complemented by powerful visuals and the economical value of the commodity they intend to sell. Using the photo-sharing platform to their benefit is what these entrepreneurs believe in.

Top 5 activists

It takes two hands to clap. Raising voices needs something along with courage. It needs people to hear and take action. And what is a better platform than Instagram that has billions of users daily? Here are our top picks for the women activist who made their voices resonate among thousands, uniting them under the common goal of a better living.

  1. Nina Gualinga: @ninagualinga
  2. Lachrista Greco: @theguerrillafeminist
  3. Xiye Bastida: @xiyebeara
  4. Greta Thunberg: @gretathunberg
  5. Jameela Jamil: @jameelajamilofficial

Take away:

Speak out for the world is listening. Caption it for the world is reading. But above all, illustrate it for the world is watching. To send messages across, you need to bring forth the images that will awaken in them the need to stop and think.


Follow these women who yield immense influence on the virtual platform and learn from them the nuances of growing and amassing the wide reach.