Instagram: the social media giant has transformed the world around us dramatically. In multiple ways, this site has impacted our lifestyle, relationships and influenced our thinking.

Let’s check out how Instagram has changed the world:

  1. Unparalleled Engagement

    People are spellbound with Instagram, reflecting pretty much the unprecedented engagement rate, which is way higher than any other social media platform. Twitter and Facebook miss some moments of their audience, but IG has never failed in their engagement in the last so many years.

    The biggest reason for IG’s success is that they don’t cease introducing new features and strategies to keep their audiences highly engaged. Adding reactions to Instagram Stories to AR filters and various other powerful tools, they continue to push the envelope to get the mechanism going. There seems to be no decrease in the engagement rate anytime since its corporation days.

  2. Instagram Glorified Photography and Gave it New Dimensions

    One of the most prominent and noticeable changes that Instagram has brought forth is the upliftment of photography. It has sparked joy in the art that was dwindling and losing its glory given the hush of life. The app turned every amateur into a cameraman from the very beginning. The mobile manufacturers also got a kick and inspiration to develop high-definition camera phones with various features to play with the brightness and backdrops.

    IG filters made sharing photographs all the easier as the features allow the users to pep up even the mediocre images to make it look like a professional piece of work. This has encouraged people to try their hand at photography, making it ubiquitous; perhaps, this is by far the best contribution IG has made in the world.

  3. Promoting Influencer Marketing

    Instagram has brought a new change in the digital world by launching and promoting the idea of influencers. Influencers are the individuals who voice their opinions about almost everything or in a niche community largely and speak about various services and products, or locations which are getting famous over a while in every industry, be it fashion or weddings or delicious cuisines.

    Though you may think it’s simple to claim yourself an influencer by buying Instagram followers, you need to be cautious about the afflictions which will come in the way while branding with the influencer. However, that also naturally directed the surge of personal branding on digital networks.

    Influencer culture is not new; it has been there for a long time. It is just that now being an Influencer implies a new powerful position. Influencers are the new spokesperson for the culture, and it will go a long way since people can easily connect and engage with them.

  4. Unleashing the Potential of Augmented Reality

    Instagram took the concept of augmented reality and open-sourced its potential to the world via its story forum, whereas Snapchat introduced features such as Face Filters first. The Instagram platform has been a pioneer among several other social media forums. The outcomes have begun to take off viral and are tremendous.

    Face filters feature created by Instagram thrived over a while to be more innovative in an approach that creators could understand and implement. Gradually even the general public started to develop their face filters, pursued by various animations you could put into the content, for example, a dancing Homer Simpson or flying Bumblebee.

    Initially, it started as a fun way of adding more interactive and interesting content to the stories. This modified into where users are now posting custom quizzes and different other displays of content they love to share with friends and family. AR filters are instantly evolving in their babyhood, which great brands have observed too, and in the coming times are more promising.

  5. Eliminating Envity and Promoting Inclusiveness

    Instagram took a bold and applaudable step in 2019; they restricted the ‘likes’ from being revealed on others’ posts, given the increasing mental health issues arising from social media feeds.

    With this move, they also broke the stereotypical approach of people that if someone had fewer likes on his/her post despite the good quality of content, they didn’t hit the like button as they didn’t want to be looking silly alone. It is such a sick mentality. Not all can afford to buy IG likes. Everybody deserves to coexist and grow. By removing likes, Instagram has increased opportunities for new users with few or no likes to grow.

    This practice has put so much pressure on content creators, limiting their creativity. With the new strategy, content creators have a free hand to develop what resonates with their souls the most rather than what people like the most. People are free to like what they want to without shifting this mental burden of returning the favor.

  6. Going Live

    The Instagram’ Live’ came as a game-changer. Sounded a bit daunting initially, this feature has revolutionized the process of content development. One can connect and collaborate with other content developers and live streaming together in collaboration with others.

    Many content creators find this feature easier and handier as the app is more compatible with cell phones to connect in real-time from anywhere in the world.

  7. Content Woven into a Compelling Story

    Introducing the Instagram story was a huge groundbreaking change that is now the most favorable IG feature for slapping quirky, short, and engaging content. Inspired by Snapchat, the IG story has smashed all other features as it pushes you to break your limitations and be as creative as you can be. While viewers are not bound to watch your story, they can skip it. However, it is significantly easy to display your daily content woven into a short and intriguing story.

  8. Let the Music Do the Talking

    Who doesn’t remember a song popping up with a story on the Myspace page? Instagram is no different; they have also changed their user interface dramatically. Collaboration with the music streaming app Spotify, Insta enabled the content creators to insert music clips into their Instagram Stories, making them look larger than life and appealing. The feature got a warm welcome and an amazing response from netizens across the globe.

  9. Tag (Hot Spots, new places, check out for more)

    Tagging is the best Instagram feature. It allows the users to figure out what’s happening in which part of the world via tagging location or someone. This influenced our day-to-day life as well; for instance, if you cannot decide which restaurant you should go to, you can check out the restaurant tagged by your friends on the Instagram community.

    This feature has worked wonders, especially for travel junkies. Their bucket list is inspired by locations tagged on Instagram.

    It is a go-to thing to explore new restaurants, events happening close to your locality, new places, etc.

  10. An Upsoar in Meme Culture

    You may have noticed Instagram flooded with memes. The rising meme culture has become an ingenious part of the tech world. It is a safer way of raising voices over concerns that bother masses wrapped in humor.

    Memes have brought up inclusiveness in the communities, as everybody can be a part of it. With memes becoming the most influential voice, the millennials are scaling up their businesses speedily. For instance, Daquan Gesse, with nearly 14 million followers, this meme account has stolen generation Z’s hearts.

    Who hasn’t heard of What Do You Meme: the card game and JaJa Tequila: the tequila brand? All of these meme accounts have attracted several followers in a short period.


The Instagram community has grown outrageously in no time. The site introduced several features that changed the world around us to the extent that even if we want to go to a restaurant, we check the restaurants tagged on Instagram first. This day-to-day life example speaks volumes of the influence Instagram has on our lives.