With the rise of technological advancements, such as smartphones and social media, the world has been changing more than ever. Even smartphones and social media platforms have been growing more popular and more advanced than we have ever seen. When anyone says the word ‘social media,’ the first things that come to mind are platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But most of us fail to realize that Youtube is a very important social media platform as well.

Though it is very different from the conventional ones, it is the most popular video-sharing platform. Youtube is a social networking platform. We all know that social media has evolved from being such a site where people can connect to a marketing hub for various brands, businesses, and influencers.

Similarly, Youtube has seen a rise in the number of content creators in the last few years. With more and more people joining these platforms, you would naturally expect the competition between businesses, brands, and content creators to rise, and so it has. When people market their business through Youtube, they tend to make a very common mistake. That mistake is they spend almost all of their time and effort on their Youtube videos and only their channel.

What they fail to realize is that Youtube, as we said, is a social networking platform. It is a community constituting millions of people. Thus, the only way to grow your channel is to focus on your channel and engage with others in the community, too, by watching their videos and commenting on them.

Why do people buy Youtube comments?

Now you know that engaging with the community and your audience is quite important. If you have been a creator on Youtube for a long time, you will know that building your name out there takes a lot of time and patience. Even though interacting with others in your community or niche is important, they are still your competitors. To be the channel with the most engagement, you have to have an edge.

And having an edge requires taking care of many factors. You need to make sure that you are uploading content that people like and engage with.

That’s where the game begins – engagement metrics meaning likes, comments, and views, of course. As we said earlier, the competition is high, and growing a channel takes a lot of time and patience. Suppose you have been on Youtube long enough to create videos but still haven’t seen the engagement you want.

In that case, you may consider buying Youtube likes, comments, and views. And yes, they can be bought. While you might want to steer clear from buying fake or cheap Youtube comments, buying real ones might be just the boost that your channel needs.

Why is it best to buy real Youtube comments?

As aforementioned, you should buy real comments, which is pretty understandable on the surface. But you must be wondering why we are stressing so much about buying real Youtube comments. You must also be thinking about how these comments work. Here we are going to elucidate that. First, let us understand what fake comments mean. Many services on the web claim to sell you Youtube views, like likes or comments.

Mostly, these services do not provide what you pay for, and instead, the comments section of your Youtube videos is filled with comments from bots or fake accounts. That is not an ideal situation as the Youtube algorithm does not give ranking preference to accounts that are not genuine enough. You may get away with buying some views or subscribers, but too much of that might lead to your account being deleted even. Now real comments are those that come from freelancers.

Since they have existing accounts and are real humans, their comments can’t be tracked by the algorithm. Plus, these comments are way more realistic than the ones coming from bots. You will surely get spared from having some jumbled-up words as comments, which have no logical meaning. That is why your goal must always be to buy real comments if you ever consider buying them.

Why should you invest in Youtube comments?

Besides being an obvious boost for a channel not doing so great, buying real Youtube comments also boosts the social proof and credibility of the videos you upload on your channel. Thus, here are the primary reasons why it is a good idea to buy Youtube comments.

  1. The engagement on your channel will increase –

    When you buy comments for your videos, you can convince the new buyers that your videos are popular because you have any comments. That will make the newer people comfortable about posting on your videos as well. Many people would either agree or disagree with the others who have a comment. When more and more people start commenting on your video, the Youtube algorithm will give your ranking preference. Consequently, your channel will start growing.

  2. Drown the negativity –

    It must be no surprise to you that a lot of prejudice and hostility exists on YouTube. Many people give negative comments just because they want to. These negative comments can affect the views on your channel. Even though you could report such people for their comments, the best way to tackle such comments is to drown them with the positive ones you can buy.

  3. If you have bought other engagement metrics, you can make them look organic –

    Though buying comments would solve problems for your channel if it was on the verge of stagnating, it does have some disadvantages. We mean to say, if the ratio of the views to comments on your channel is low, people will understand that you have been buying comments.

    In normal situations, if people like a video, they will most probably leave comments too. But if you have bought likes and views, you would have very few comments. Thus, to show that you have organic likes and views, you can back the bought ones by buying some real Youtube comments.

Why do people look down upon buying Youtube comments?

Buying Youtube views, likes and comments, and even subscribers have always been considered a controversial tactic. Most people think that it’s unfair or even illegal, giving buying engagement metrics a bad reputation. Suppose you are buying views, likes, or comments for your Youtube videos without violating Youtube’s policies.

In that case, we can assure you that what you are doing is perfectly legal. But we must warn you that it can be considered playing the system, so it would be best if you do not decide to let anyone know that you are buying likes or comments. There is mostly one scenario when you would need to invest in Youtube comments. If your channel hasn’t been doing too well, you might have bought likes and views for your videos.

But to make it appear like you have got the views and likes organically, you generally would invest in real Youtube comments too. Even though you can legally buy comments, we didn’t say it was easy. Indeed, buying comments for Youtube videos is tricky. But it would be best always to remember to buy real comments, as buying fake ones is the fastest way to destroy all the hard work you put in to build your channel.

Moreover, as we have said earlier, fake comments come from bots, resulting in you getting spammy comments on your videos. Such comments can be easily recognized by your audience and also by the Youtube algorithm. Not only could you ruin your reputation amongst your audience, but you will also find yourself violating Youtube policies if you are a user of Google AdSense.


Now you know most of the information, advantages, and disadvantages behind buying Youtube comments. This article must also have helped you understand why people buy these comments. But now you must be thinking, where can you buy real Youtube comments? Though several genuine services on the web sell real Youtube comments, you must beware of the fraudulent companies out there who may sell you bots. Whether or not you decide to buy Youtube comments, if ever your channel needs a boost, make sure you make an informed decision.