Twitter is one of the leading social media networks with millions of active users. According to reports, half of all marketers choose Twitter to engage more with their audience. Many reports also claim that 40 % of the Twitter users who saw an advertisement or a post from a brand ended up purchasing the product. Due to this, businesses all across the globe are reaping benefits from Twitter.

If you’ve used Twitter, you know, it’s not an easy task to manage your Twitter account. You have to face many challenges like keeping up with the character limit, scheduling tweets, use relevant hashtags, and garnering constant engagement.

That’s where Twitter Management tools come to your rescue. These Twitter tools help to improve and streamline your daily tasks on the platform. All the internet marketers and people looking to increase their sales or increase their reach need to know these Twitter tools for making the most of the platform.

However, diving deep into the ocean of these tools and get some efficient ones could be a daunting task. But we’ve got you covered. Know the 11 best tools to manage your Twitter account efficiently.

Best Tools to Manage your Twitter Account

  1. Social Pilot

    Undoubtedly, the social pilot is one of the most efficient Twitter management tools out there. You can connect up to 50 accounts, schedule your posts, analyze your performance on Twitter, and discover relevant content across the web.

    Not only Twitter, but you can also manage all your social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest, etc. That means you can strategize everything easily as everything is on one platform. You can also schedule up to 500 posts in advance with the bulk posting feature.

  2. Sendible

    Like Social Pilot, you can manage a lot of social media platforms with the help of sendible, which obviously includes Twitter. Talking about Twitter, you can manage your posts, answer direct messages, and monitor mentions and tweets.

    You can do all these tasks from a centralized dashboard. The dashboard consists of every stream from the account you integrate. There’s also a priority inbox that shows important mentions and messages. If you’re using the tool just for Twitter, filter the stream so only Twitter shows.

    The most loved and useful aspect of the platform is the ability to schedule different posts before time. Sendible also lets you analyze your brand’s status on Twitter by keeping you up to date with mentions of your brand and integrating analytics from your account.

  3. Hootsuite

    The tool does not require any exaggerated introduction as it is the leading and most used social media dashboard. You can use the platform to manage pages, profiles, multiple networks and measuring your campaign’s outcomes.

    Hootsuite is also a great add-on if you’re managing multiple Twitter accounts, as you can re-tweet across multiple profiles automatically. Managing your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn account will be so manageable by this tool, and that’s why the tool is a must-have for every serious online marketer.

    The analytics section of the tool is very efficient as it gives you reports related to how well your audience is engaging with your content. You can also filter the results according to gender, location, language, etc.

  4. Tweet Deck

    TweetDeck is another management tool combined directly into Twitter. You can use it inside your Twitter account by directing to or downloading the Mac app. The Windows app is no longer functioning.

    The platform started as an independent app and was later purchased by Twitter for $ 40 million. You can manage your main account, and several other Twitter accounts through the tool.

    The interface is also very simple. You can rearrange, add, and remove columns yourself. Apart from this, you can also monitor mentions, messages, and schedule tweets. The platform also allows you to build a collection of individual tweets.

  5. Audiense

    Audiense is also a great Twitter management tool both for advanced and beginner users. The platform lets you find the exact time to tweet to gain maximum engagement, discover influencers you can connect to, run direct message campaigns, and unfollow or follow users.

    Marketers use the tool to get valuable insights about their audience so they can adjust their social media strategies accordingly. You can also customize the dashboard suiting to your needs.

  6. Commun it

    Another leading Twitter Community manager is Commun.It. It is by far one of the best when it comes to managing multiple profiles or nurturing your communities. So if you don’t have enough time to see and reply to each comment or you just forget about them, Commun.It will help you. brings the best people, profiles, and influencers you can connect with within your community that you were neglecting due to the busy newsfeed. Another very helpful feature the platform offers is Compartmentalization. It splits people into three separate groups based on brand mentions, re-tweets, and engagement rate. These three categories are – Engaged members, Supporters, and Influencers.

    As with any other Twitter management tool, you can also get a detailed analyzed report.

  7. Group Tweet

    Do you have a Group Twitter Account? In that case, Group Tweet is just for you. With this, all your contributors can tweet on behalf of your brand, team, company, team, or organization, and you won’t even have to share the password with them. If you still want to have more control over your account, you can approve contributor tweets via email before they post them on Twitter.

    You can also spread contributor’s tweets throughout the day, so your audience doesn’t get overwhelmed with so many tweets. Contributor analytics comes in handy when you want to analyze your contributors’ performance. It tells you which are the most active and are sending the most engaging tweets.

  8. Manage Flitter

    One of the biggest challenges on Twitter or any other social media, for that matter, is to know when your audience is online and looking at your posts. Manage Flitter can help you with that. It has a built-in tool that helps you to decide which time is best to publish your tweet.

    Another amazing feature the tool provides is the follow/unfollow feature. You can unfollow all the inactive Twitter accounts all at once. On the other hand, you can find out the active accounts and follow them to grow your audience.

  9. Awario

    Awario is another kind of social media management tool other than the other options you’ve read so far. This one focuses on social monitoring and social listening. With the tool, you can monitor mentions of your brand on Twitter or any other social media and other topics surrounding your niche.

    Another beneficial quality is its ability to spot potential leads. It does this by telling you about any tweets that ask for a recommendation of some product or service which is similar to yours.

    There’s also a feature that monitors your mentions and messages, and you can apply the Twitter filter. You can also choose how to react to those tweets. You get options like blocking, replying, or deleting.

  10. Agorapulse

    Here’s another all-rounder social media management tool, Agorapulse. The platform caters to five main social media platforms, including Twitter, obviously.

    You can start with organizing the dashboard and manage messages and mentions from different social media platforms. It is more beneficial if you have a team to manage your social media accounts.

    You can also schedule some posts to be published at a different date and time. There’s also an Evergreen option where you can queue up a post to be published several times.

    A very distinct feature of the platforms is that it spots angry tweets from the audience about your brand so you can handle everything and resolve their issue before things get out of hand. Other features include analytics tools and collaborative tools.

  11. Tweet Reach

    Tweet Reach gives you detailed analytics so you can form a strategy accordingly. It tells you how your posts are performing, identifying relevant hashtags, the best time to post. It also measures the potential reach of any used hashtag.

    The tools also help you to determine the reach of any tweet and how you can improve it. You can also share the analytics with your team or stakeholders.

To Sum Up the Guide

Building an effective online presence is crucial in the current competitive environment. Sometimes it’s so much that you can’t keep an eye on everything happening on Twitter or any other platform. That’s where these tools help you. You can pick any of the tools that cater to all your marketing needs, is cost-friendly, and offers various features.

Some platforms also offer a free trial before you register with them. Make sure you do all the research before trusting any source with your credentials.