Instagram is a collective voice of artists, celebrities, entrepreneurs, travelers, and many more with a monthly active user base of 1 billion and 500 million daily active users. Instagram has outgrown the image of connecting with friends; it is much larger than that today and can not fit into one box particularly.

The platform has become incredibly powerful for establishing business and generating revenue out of it. Instagram’s annual advertising revenue is progressively increasing, amounting to $ 9.45 billion in 2019 in the U. S., $13.86 in 2020, and is expected to reach 18.16 billion U. S. dollars in 2021.

Instagram is transforming lives like never before; for instance, stay-at-home mums have turned into glam designers and earning heaps of money, corporate women turned a travel blogger and many more.

Instagram has taken all of us by surprise. So, you too can reach the masses and take your brand to the next level by becoming an influencer on Instagram.

How to Become Instagram Famous

Creating original and intriguing content can get you on the path to success. You can be a social media influencer with whom every business enterprise would like to work, but you have to be consistent in your efforts.

Here’s is a step-by-step approach to making your presence known on Instagram:

  1. Make Sure Your Content is Genuine and Authentic

    A fashion and beauty influencer Emily Roberts has about 57K+ followers on Instagram. She highly recommends all the newcomers on Instagram to focus on quality rather than quantity. She applies a straightforward strategy: posting top-notch images with a lesser frequency than posting low-quality pictures more frequently.

    This strategy is extremely effective and can be replicated easily by any business model.
    The audience will also appreciate something interesting irrespective of the frequency of the shoddy ones. So if you are laboring hard in creating content that will reach the masses, then put it together with outstanding pieces of work. Sometimes, less is good, remember that!

    Also, make sure that the content you create should speak volumes of who you truly are and don’t get carried away with what others are doing.

    Authenticity is hard to maintain, especially when there’s a lot of external influence; having said that, don’t get swayed away with the glamorous images you see being slapped on the internet now and then. At times it is good to serve yourself raw rather than polishing, no matter how tempted you might be to glamourize your images. Dare to stay original, if I may put it that way.

  2. Remain flexible and authentic as your brand shifts

    Nicole Loher, a health and fitness influencer, mentions that she’s always been authentic with her content and her followers love her content primarily for this reason. FYI, she has over 14k followers on her Instagram account. After moving to New York, she realized it wasn’t easy to reach out to the masses, and it still isn’t that simple.

    However, she found her interest in social work projects and community work; she was most passionate about Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. So, her brand also shifted from being a typical fashion icon to a more sensitive and awareness-spreading brand.

    While she shifted her focus and was really about who she is and the bold choices she made, her audience also loved her authenticity and continued on this journey with her and followed her on Instagram.

    One of the key factors in making a mark on Instagram is to remain original and true to your audience. Even if your brand shifts and your interest changes, remain genuine and share all the raw facts of your new reality with your followers. They will wholeheartedly embrace the new you if you are true to them.

  3. Focus on your audience

    Why is audience loyalty critical to be a successful influencer on Instagram?
    Build a strong community to be an influencer and develop a good rapport with your subscribers. Emily Roberts recommends focusing on delivering quality content to your audience and honey on your unique selling points.

    An influencer profile is like any other profession and demands a value-added contribution that your audience will be benefited from. A fashion influencer: Lauren Caruso, who has about 35 K followers, suggests: finding your niche is the first step, then find out what services you can offer to the audience, whether it is tips on fashion sense, recommend the best brands, but whatever you decide to do, remain true to yourself and your followers. Pick up one thing and do it with perfection rather than being a jack of all trades.

    Nic & Nat, founder of sneaky mommies, mentions that people can connect with you if they see your humane side. So, honesty is something that audiences admire, and they want you to be authentic about yourself, good, bad, both.

    #Nofilter is exhaustively used over 235 million times, specifically for the above reason than #sponsorship which has hardly reached 400,000. After all, Instagram gives you real and true experiences, connecting people worldwide.

  4. Find micro-brands to work with

    Once you outgrow your competitors and have a regime of loyal followers, you may expect opportunities to come your way that will open a doorway for you to establish yourself as an independent brand and get endorsed by other brands. However, refrain from any temptation to reach out to big brands like L’oreal or Nike on your own initially.

    Puno, a micro-influencer and founder of Punodostres with a follower base of 14k, thinks that collaborating with small businesses is a good idea given the common goal and objective of attracting more followers. Micro-brands on Instagram are amazing and are open to venture outside of their comfort zone to expand their business.

    If you fall into the category of less than 10 K followers, then a product for trade is a great thing to explore. Start developing content to generate revenue; it would be good to find socially viable brands for your business and mention you in their Instagram feeds.

    Use a People map. Co as Puno recommends the same. People may. Co is a micro-influencer tool that she created for her clients’ Refinery 29 and Etsy.

    Additionally, you can also find micro-influencers by exploring hashtags relevant to your brand. For instance, #healthify may work for you if your expertise lies in food and will help you look for other influencers in a similar niche. Once you find relevant influencers, you can contact them by direct messaging or emailing.

    Food influencers and the founders of the brothers buoy: Jackson and Graham Buoy, with a follower base of 11K+, also highly recommend working with small brands is the ultimate thing to do. They love to share the impeccable visual stories of upcoming restaurants or those that haven’t found their place yet in the market.

    They promote content that resonates with the soul and true idea of a brand. They believe it defeats the whole purpose of influencing if the content is not in sync with the brand.

  5. Improve your skills of photography

    It’s convenient to feel like your Instagram, and iPhone filters are more than enough, and yes, they serve the purpose several times. But to make a mark and become successful as an influencer, you need to figure out ways to invest in incredible photography and editing tools. It might be beneficial to put money into efficient tools.

    Chelsea Martin suggests a professional camera and a tremendous lens make a huge disparity between a decent photo and an extraordinary photo that has more probability of being reposted by other accounts, resulting in growing your audience.

    Ultimately, everyone wants to serve the audience with valuable stuff, interesting content. Utilizing the proper tools, techniques and taking courses digitally will pay -off incredibly in the long run like any other service.

  6. Be persistent

    One of the most crucial elements to thrive and become successful on Instagram is perseverance.

    Morgan Raphael indicates patience and self-love is the main key to be stable and grow. Never give up and keep writing or post without a break, and you will see in no time it will prosper. Though it is easy to get swayed away by the cutthroat competition on digital platforms, the best is to be centered if you are looking at numbers.

    With a calm mind concentrating on creating meaningful content, you share, feel proud of your work, and continue to thrive.

    Influencers’ life is not easy, though it can be tremendously rewarding, given you are putting adequate time and energy sincerely. If you are passionate about your content, it will certainly help you take forward the challenging times. For sure, be it influencing users or the success you are pursuing, profitable endeavors are not that simple, but these important tips will help you make your experience fruitful, productive.


Being authentic, persistent and true to your aesthetics is the key to winning the hearts of your audience. Most influencers recommend the same for achieving success in the Instagram community.