The modern-day fantasy land is not just a house of chocolate anymore. In the 21st century, every millennial’s fantasy is to become a famous YouTuber and make a difference in the world. There was a time, where getting famous was only possible when one had connections with TV producers or directors and where nepotism prevailed. On a platform like YouTube, it is possible to create opportunities on your own and witness the fantasy dream come true.

Opening a channel on YouTube widens your possibility and helps you create a family of subscribers that turn into your fans. A YouTuber is famous only when their YouTube channel scores a higher view count or a million subscribers. Even though this is true, the quote, “Fake it till you make it,” is quite valid in this scenario. Many YouTubers scam their way through the looped system and get famous by unfair means. You might now wonder, how do they fake YouTube views as you can’t manually type the numbers. There are plenty of ways where you can fake YouTube views; they are as follows.

Why do they fake YouTube views?

You might wonder what do people have to gain by faking their way through fame. It is difficult as it seems, and selling off your innocence for fame is just the first start. Some scammers scam other people for their benefits, but YouTubers get fake views to scam their channel subscribers. But why do they need to fake views? Getting a higher view count on YouTube infers that the video is trending and boosts your channel higher up in the search engine.

Furthermore, brand collaborations, business, and monetization of videos. Having a higher view count on your video attracts many brand marketing teams that allow YouTubers to review the products and, in return, pay them for their service. Furthermore, ads on YouTube pay based on views that the videos get, therefore, people fake it for money, fame, and most of all, to achieve a higher status in society.

Hiring a YouTube views dealer or buying views from an online service

There are online services on the internet that help you buy YouTube views to kickstart your channels. Many YouTubers purchase YouTube views. This method is possible when you are filthy rich or are willing to spare your pocket money to get those views. Many have sacrificed their monthly income source, or pocket money, while some are fortunate enough to have a sugar daddy that pays for their YouTube views. For a rough estimation, you can buy a thousand views for six dollars. The entire system is simple; all you gotta do is swipe the card, and voila, your video starts getting views.

Buying YouTube subscribers

Just like YouTube views, you can also buy YouTube Subscribers, YouTube likes, and comments. Thus, the ones who actually view the video get a notion that the channel is on fire and that many users on YouTube love the video establishing a family based on fake means.

Meaningless Views or Forced Views

When you talk about fake YouTube views, in what context does it mean fake. Having higher views on YouTube creates a notion that the number of views equals the number of people who viewed or took an interest in your videos. But this notion is not always true. There are many YouTubers who go on a campaign in their high school or college group and force people to do them a favor of getting views. People are generous, and they end up giving forced views. Now you see, the major part of the views will be a meaningless view from your little campaign where people were forced to view your video but did not actually have an interest in the videos.

In the initial months of your YouTube channel, most users use this method to get more views. Therefore, the question is, Are meaningless views fake? In what perspective?

Direct Traffic to your Channel

Forced views can also be done by directing traffic to your channel. For instance, suppose your video is about an educational program. The name attracts minimal viewers; some YouTubers manipulate the thumbnail by writing keywords that are trending and are more likely to be found by users. Furthermore, the title and the video description are not written according to the content of the video but according to the SEO keywords. Therefore, unwantedly you might land up viewing a video that is not even related to the keyword. In this way, they end up getting fake views on YouTube.

Buying email accounts for YouTube views

It is quite sure that creating multiple YouTube accounts has crossed your mind. But to do so, you will need multiple Gmail accounts. Since the number of Gmail accounts that a person can get is limited, this option might seem like an impossible method to get views. But what YouTubers do is buy Gmail accounts from online services or dealers. By purchasing Gmail accounts, you get access to bulk Gmail accounts. Therefore the number of YouTube accounts that one person holds is not limited at all.

Now, you can be the owner of about a hundred YouTube accounts. Therefore, you can repeat the process again and again, provided you have dollars to invest in buying bulk Gmail accounts. Once you do this, you can create YouTube accounts and view their own video posted on their YouTube account. This seems a tedious task since one has to create multiple YouTube accounts, buy Gmail accounts, and view the same video manually through your multiple YouTube accounts.

The views are not fake, but fake in the context that it fakes the number of people viewing your videos. This is because you only represent a hundred to three hundred views or maybe a hundred thousand. Due to this loophole in the system, many YouTubers in the world take advantage of it and climb themselves on the success ladder.

How to spot fake views on YouTube?

It is obvious that you are curious to find YouTubers who fake their way through the system. You can definitely find out if the video has fake views. Here is how you can? The easiest way to do this without access to the channel’s analytics is to compare views with engagements, i.e., compare the views with likes, comments, and subscribers. Of course, they won’t be exact in numbers, but they can be similar. Abnormal hikes in YouTube views as compared to likes and comments infer that the views are fake.

Another way is to ask YouTube to show their analytics graph. Simultaneously, analyzing the graph of views Vs. Time checks if the views drop over time. If it does, they are fake views. Therefore, it becomes easier to spot fake views or fake YouTubers.

Initially, getting fake views on your YouTube channel is done by many beginner YouTubers, but making it a habit despite gaining popularity is wrong. You cannot get actual opinions from your channel. True criticism is absent, and it is the building block of growing. Thus, it is good to avoid fake views, but it’s acceptable in the initial days. After all, many YouTubers do it to kick start their career on YouTube.