Nobody realized when Instagram evolved from a simple picture-sharing social media platform to a hub for many businesses running their market. Well, it is best for both parties, in any case. Instagram’s shopping feature has given a boost to many businesses. It is one of the most influential and popular social media platforms. It generates much traffic, and users worldwide use it tirelessly.

The footfall on Instagram is impeccable and can truly make you reach new heights if used properly. This is how Instagram’s shopping feature has made businesses help promote and cater themselves better. This also made it easier for users to buy products since they do not have to switch apps to shop now. A win-win situation indeed!

While shopping posts are old news, Instagram’s Shoppable stories stickers have been making waves for some time around. So, let us jump into this and learn how you can drive your sales with the help of Shoppable Instagram Stories Stickers. Let us tap in!

What are Shoppable Instagram Stories’ Stickers?

Instagram Stories Stickers are were always there and used to signify many moods and events. Recently Instagram even came up with special stickers for special occasions. Similarly, after seeing an excellent response on the shoppable posts, Instagram decided to launch Shoppable Stickers. For a long time, Instagram has been working on making this feature more efficient and user-friendly.

This simply means that any business that runs on Instagram can now use the “product” sticker, which is available in the stories option, as easily as they used that feature on specific shopping posts. This allows the businesses to tag their physical products on the stories which can be clicked upon. This one tap on the tagged item will give you all the details about that particular price, like the name, price, and description with other details.

All the Shoppable Instagram Stories stickers apply to pictures and videos. These tappable stickers are of 4 types.

  1. Shopping bag icon
  2. A sticker with the product name in rainbow
  3. A sticker with the product name in grey
  4. Translucent text

Why are they important?

If we already had shoppable posts, why do we need shoppable stories with stickers? The answer is simple, to make things more convenient for the buyers as well as the sellers. While posts can still be missed, stories track a much bigger audience. Previously Instagram had the swipe-up option to make purchases. However, they were only available to accounts with more than 10,000 followers, whereas stickers are available for everyone regardless.

Your followers can watch your story, tap on the sticker if they like a product they see, get its information and then buy it almost instantly. Shopping on Instagram has been made truly easy because the customer doesn’t have to look for your page or posts to see a product. While daily posting of the same products in the same style could annoy some users, stories are shorter, so more products could be promoted in a shorter time. Stories track a bigger audience as well.

As per the statistics, 400 million people use Instagram stories. This shows that shopping stickers have opened the market to a much wider audience today. Shopping through Instagram Stories has always existed but only with high-profile brands with a major following. The smaller businesses have used options such as swipe up or simply directed the audience to visit the page and check the products there. Now that you don’t need many followers and you do not need to direct the customer anywhere, you can simply show them the product and ask them to purchase there itself through story stickers.

No matter how big or small it is, any business can garden a wider audience and sell its products in the best way possible. As stated above, Instagram stories are used by millions of people, and this makes the stickers a huge helping hand in driving more and more sales.

How do you get access and avail of the stickers?

Using shoppable stickers is as simple as shoppable posts. You need to have an Instagram account that is set to business account setting. Currently, 46 countries have this feature, so you need to be located in one of those.
Ensure that you follow the guide and link your physical products to Instagram’s merchant agreement and commerce policies.

You need to connect the business profile of yours to your Facebook catalog as well. Manage your catalog through Facebook’s Business manager tool. Other tools like Shopify or BigCommerce can also be used for this.

After you have connected your Facebook catalog to your Instagram business profile, you are ready to go!
Get to Instagram, and you will see shoppable stickers as an option. Select one which you want, and add it to your story immediately.

How to Add Shopping Stickers to your Stories?

Now that we know how to get access to shoppable let us see how you can add them to your Instagram Stories and start selling your products in a completely new way. So, let us begin:

  1. Either swipe right or click on the tiny camera option available on the top right corner of the Instagram app and get to the Story Mode.
  2. You then either need to click a picture or record a video with the camera or simply select one from the camera roll of your gallery.
  3. After you have selected the preferred picture or video, either slide up or click on the stickers option on the top bar. Now simply tap on the “product” stickers.
  4. As soon as you select the shoppable sticker option, you will get the option of selecting a particular product from the linked catalog. The sticker will be linked to that product.
  5. Next, you have to make the sticker suit the aesthetic of the story simply. Position the sticker where you want to and then tap on it to change its color.

You are all done!

Things to remember:

Instagram shoppable stickers are only available in 46 countries right now, so anybody who doesn’t belong to those countries can neither sell nor buy products through these stickers.

It would only work if you had a public account set to business profile on Instagram to get access to the stickers. Only business accounts offer this feature.

Changes in the product’s name and details cannot be changed on Instagram and sticker settings, but you have linked to it only in the catalog.

Use the stories to promote every product separately and give the audience a proper idea of how the product looks and its uses. This will allow them to analyze every product and choose the one that suits them the best.

You need to know that every follower visiting your story has a different preference. Some prefer stickers, some prefer posts, and some prefer swipe-up options. Accordingly, take your decision. We would suggest that you upload stories with the stickers and give them a swipe-up feature as well.

Have your hashtag and type it in every story as that increases the reach of the story.

Graphically design the stories to suit your product and its aesthetic and accordingly choose the sticker as well.
Additionally, Stories are cheaper to promote on Instagram than posts, which is advantageous to you since you can promote your shoppable stories at lower costs now.


Shoppable stickers can be of great help for you, and your sales could truly increase to your set targets. Rather than visiting your profile, checking every single post separately, and then going to your website to buy the product, the story sticker makes it a one-tap task for the customers. They can even browse through the products with one tap on the sides of the story. If used correctly and wisely, these tiny stickers could be much more helpful than shoppable posts.

Drive your sales to your set targets this year by using Instagram’s Shoppable Stickers for stories option. The potential of this feature can only be tested by you so what are you waiting for? Tap it out!