Instagram is one of the very few platforms that has been serving multiple purposes at a time. The versatility of content that is available on Instagram is one of the prime reasons behind its success. Some people use it for leisure and entertainment, while some use it for information and news. Some people use it to know what their favorite celebrities are doing, while some use it simply to stay in touch with their friends and family.

But as time passed, Instagram has given people a whole new purpose of using the platform. Today, a significant amount of people use Instagram with the intention of marketing their business to reach more and more people and increase brand awareness.

Other than that, Instagram has also given birth to a huge community of creative and ambitious individuals known as Influencers. Influencers and brands work hand in hand on Instagram, and both of them earn a considerable amount through Instagram marketing. However, businesses and influencers both need a high number of followers to grow and make it big in the industry.

So, there are a lot of people struggling to attract followers, and the competition is tighter than ever before. Then how can you, as a creator, be ahead of everyone? How can you increase your number of followers? Well, to help you with these big questions, we’re here with our eight expert tips to increase your followers. Let’s begin!

First of all, why do you need more followers?

Both brands and influencers have the equal need for more followers and here’s why:

In the case of influencers

Influencers basically earn through Instagram as they engage with brand endorsements. They receive paid collaborations from brands in exchange for promoting their products to the followers. However, brands would not approach them if they don’t have a huge audience to be influenced. This is why influencers must work towards earning more followers so that more and more brands recognize them and their range of opportunities increases.

In the case of brands

Well, brands majorly create a strong social media presence in order to increase brand awareness, build brand image, increase reach, get more people to notice and engage with their brand and increase the conversion rates. And to achieve all these things, brands need to have more followers. Other than that, the number of followers a brand has is directly proportional to how reputable the business is. So to gain the customer’s trust, high followership is needed.

Now that we have addressed the need to achieve more followers let’s get to the practical ways to get the numbers high. With the following expert tips, you will definitely see growth and see real-time benefits even in the long run.

Tip no.1: Schedule your posts

Irrespective of how big or small of an influencer or brand you are, scheduling posts is something that will always benefit you. When we say “schedule your posts,” what we mean is, maintain a pre-planned timetable as to when you will be posting content, and likewise, make sure that your content is ready to be uploaded at the determined time.

This will help you stay consistent with your posts, which will, in turn, cause the algorithm to support your page and get your content to the explore page.

Tip no.2: Use hashtags

Instagram hashtags are both- searchable and followable, which means people are more likely to find your account and its content when you use relevant hashtags under the posts. Make sure that you stick to relevant hashtags only because if you use unrelated, vague hashtags, there are high chances that Instagram would shadow-ban your account, which will keep new people from discovering your profile as your posts won’t make it to the explore page or suggested content.

Tip no.3: Go crazy on reels

Instagram reels are one of the newest additions to the platform, and the Instagram algorithm has been strongly supporting this short video content segment. Reels are also incredibly enjoyed by the users, and the reason behind this is that its short duration and exciting features. They are easy to consume and generally revolve around trends and creative storytelling. Since many people watch reels, the chances of more users discovering your account are much higher.

Tip no.4: Stay relevant

You may or may not know this, but the Instagram algorithm truly supports content that is relevant to the current times. This is why you should always stay in touch with the current affairs, latest film or tv show releases, celebrity gossip, sports news, ongoing memes and incorporate these things in your content. This will give you a quick boost from the algorithm’s end as well as cause more and more people to relate to your content and discover your profile.

Tip no.5: Collaborate with other creators

Collaborating is something you can truly benefit from as it helps in getting your content introduced to a wider range of audiences. You see, when you collaborate with other creators, their existing followers and potential followers also notice you. This broadens your exposure and increases the number of visitors on your profile. If they find your content appealing, interesting and valuable, they will follow you and even engage with your content in the long run.

Tip no.6: Host giveaways or contests

This is yet another highly recommendable way to increase your number of followers in less time. All you need to do is make an announcement about the giveaway or content you are hosting and establish a prize for the winner, either a product or a shoutout. In return, ask the participants to get two people to follow you, engage with this post, and share with more people. This will increase the number of followers as well as increase engagement levels.

Tip no.7: Use the analytics tool

Instagram analytics is one of the most useful tools for influencers and brands. It helps in tracking your growth and fall in real-time and keeps updating with every new action. Studying analytics will help you understand your existing followers as well as help you increase them. You can find out which posts have received maximum engagement and promote them further through Instagram ads, which will cause more people to discover and follow you.

Tip no.8: Post an ad

Instagram allows its users to post ads and pushes that specific ad post to a targeted audience. All you need to do is curate an enticing ad, identify your target audience, and work your way through reaching them by selecting the age, gender, location, behavior, interests, and so on through Instagram ads. However, make sure that you establish your target audience in advance after thorough research so that you earn a maximum number of new followers.

Additional tip

As we have reached the end of this write-up, it’s time for an extra tip that will give you an upper edge among all the creators. If you are looking for a way to increase your followers quickly and expect guaranteed results, we highly recommend you to buy Instagram followers.

There are several service providers offering a wide range of packages. Select the most suitable one, make the transaction and enjoy the spike. However, make sure that you buy high-quality followers from a reputable service provider.

Many creators think that buying followers may harm their profile, but let me tell you that most of the high-end celebrities buy followers to create the desired appeal in the market and have genuinely benefitted from it. By taking this one simple step, you can truly get ahead of your competitors and establish a name for yourself.


In a nutshell, increasing your followers is a bit challenging, considering the number of creators competing to make it big. But, by applying the above-mentioned tips, you can certainly grow your profile and achieve all the milestones you have set for yourself.