Instagram is a social media platform fully packed with useful features, tools, and strategies to grow your business or brand. For more clicks and connections, they serve as fast pass tickets. One of the best marketing methods / tact for your brand or business is understanding how to drive audiences from Instagram.

The following are some ways to drive traffic from Instagram and get more clicks:-

  1. Add Your IGTV Video Description To Links:-

    IGTV posts also contain links that are clickable, unlike Instagram feed posts, making it easier for us to buy your services and products through clicks. And when it comes to influencing habits of purchasing, the video becomes a powerful medium. You can build deeper connectivity between your brand and followers through the right video strategy. And moreover, for achieving better results, you don’t need a big budget.

  2. Boost Your Link In Bio:-

    The most valuable way to boost traffic engagement on an Instagram profile is to optimize your link in bio. And you can use this tool to work harder for your brand promotions. If you really want to get more clicks, mention a caption on your Instagram profile that a link in your Bio is available and also that the viewers can get more information through a link in bio. But the “Activity Tab” needs to be clicked to view your Instagram link. You can not find out who viewed your profile just using default.

    Using the Instagram app for follower’s insight, you’ll be able to trace out all those who follow, unfollow or have blocked you on Instagram. Usually. Instagram users don’t prefer to quit, as far as you inspire them to do so. If you have enough potential to drive traffic on your profile, you will get a click on your link in bio.

    With your Instagram feed can be turned into a landing page that is clickable and keeps updated with every post you upload.

  3. Add Call To Action (CTA):-

    To drive more viewers towards linkin bio, adding a CTA to the captions that define the weighted/value of a link is necessary. Another way to enhance conservation/ clicks is to generate a sense of interest in your CTA. You can create curiosity in your audience and grow followers by teasing little information in your captions.

  4. Consistency:-

    To drive/grow traffic to your website, being consistent is the best virtue. From regular CTA to publishing pattern, your consistency will help your viewers know what they want. And this will help them visit and check your web page for more details. The strategy and regular content planning along with well + goods will increase Instagram traffic.

  5. Use Actionable And Insightful Instagram Stories:-

    From Instagram stories, you can grow your audience no matter how large or small your followers count is. Instagram stories have the potential to connect with a large number of users on personal grounds for business/brands. Which in turn develops trust, raises awareness about any product, and also enhances engagements. Instagram stories can also be used to call out visually better information about a product. By combining call-to-action and “swipe up,” you can educate your audience about the brands and divert traffic to your site.

    Product back story can help increase brand loyalty, or even delving into the details can help out.

    For your site founder stories, brand values, and exploring your product without a call to action can encourage traffic. The more you connect your audience with your product, the more they’ll click and shop.

    And if you don’t have the potential to add a link to Instagram stories, Linkin bio will help you earn likes with GIF (animated).

  6. Creative Stories Features:-

    Instagram stories that are full of features can also help you drive traffic and gain optimum hype for your brand and services. Here are some cool features to help and engage maximum audience:-

    • Generate Hype Using Countdown Sticker:-

      This is an awesome tool that does what it says and generates hype for a new product that is introduced in the market. The use of a countdown sticker can help you create awareness and excitement for your brand. Encourage your followers to tap and make the tool effective by setting a reminder for your highest brand events.

    • Provide a personalized experience:-

      To get more clicks to use poll and slider stickers on Instagram. You can use the Instagram story stickers combo for hundreds and thousands of viewers. This is a great solution to connect your brand to viewers and encourage them to try it up and increase your sales.

  7. Instagram Stories Highlights:-

    Converting stories into Instagram Stories Highlights or showcase top stories can help you extend your visibility within 24 hours. If you use this tool strategically, you’ll be able to promote conversation for your brand. Keep updating your converting highlights regularly. It will be even better if you add new stories to a highlight in order to boost your brand and sales. You can create Instagram Story Highlight covers with different strategies to get more followers and views.

  8. Focus On Instagram Ads:-

    If you want to grow your audience instantly, investing in Instagram Ad. is the guaranteed way. This will provide a useful benefit to your brand and help you reach more viewers/followers with the correct strategy. You need to focus on end goals if you want to make your Instagram ads a success. Moreover, to encourage more clicks or drive more traffic, you should emphasize on strong CTA.

    The use of short and punchy ads with clear CTA will help you earn more clicks. You can define your target audience if you’re clear about your end goals.

    To gain in-depth knowledge about increasing sales use of UTM tags will be helpful. Your Instagram ads can be strong and effective if you make use of UTM tags and understand the likes and tastes of your audience.

  9. Use Build-In Shopping Features:-

    To make your Instagram account shoppable and increase sales instantly, the easiest way is to introduce Instagram Build-in Shopping Features. With this tool, you can directly tag your product in your stories and feed. Your viewers will either visit your website or check out on Instagram, all depending on their location. Your followers can buy your product using checkout on Instagram without leaving the Instagram app! All you need to do is to tag a product sticker to your posts.

    When you start using product tags with your stories, you need to follow Instagram’s eligibility criteria that says:-

    • You should have an Instagram business account.
    • The feature is available in 46 countries currently; hence you must be located in any one of them.
    • You must be on either iOS or Android like the latest versions of Instagram apps.
    • The physical goods that you sell must comply with commerce policy and instagram’s merchant agreement.
    • You must connect your business profile to a Facebook catalog.
  10. Use Right Brand Ambassadors:-

    You can have a huge amount of traffic driven to your site if the right brand ambassador promotes your product or service. You’ll find thousands of influencers on Instagram, but that doesn’t mean that they will provide good brand promotions. But it’s always better to consider how their audience connects with your product. When the influences post your brand on IGtV, stories, or on-their feed, there is a chance that it proves to be a more authentic and effective way of driving traffic. Hence, with the right brand influencers/ambassadors, you’ll be able to reach a new audience on Instagram in a huge amount.

  11. Create A User-Generated Content Plan (UGC):-

    An affordable and incredible way to increase audience on Instagram is running a UGC marketing campaign. It’s the most genuine, honest, and non-paid recommendation shared on the Internet in its organic form. And such types of community plans help promote your brand in large volumes. Sharing UGC regularly helps you increase your sales as it adds a valuable context to your brand to please the audience. Moreover, It’s easy to collect UGC. You can also add your Instagram post directly to your Media Library, which makes it easier to share on social channels. Plus, you can add photos from any URL and can search by hashtag to find user-generated content or even have contributors that upload content to your account in seconds.

  12. Use Instagram’s Close Friends List:-

    To build hype and drive more traffic for your new product, creating a waiting list with close friends is a great way to keep your audience engaged. Share your post with a statement that says follow us and leave a comment so that you’re added to our close friend list. This will help your product gain a bump and encourage people to stay connected in excitement.


Right strategy, tools, tips, and tricks can help you get more link clicks on Instagram to grow your brand or business. So start experimenting with them in order to engage a huge audience and convert your Instagram followers into loyal fans and shoppers. Use Linkedin. bio and get started with a clickable landing page for free. Let your bio do the needful, take your marketing strategy to the next level by using killer ideas for a social media campaign.