Without any doubt, everyone agrees that Instagram is a huge platform. It has approximately 1 billion users on this entire planet. But why should anyone start marketing with Instagram?

The reason is quite simple because Instagram is a great place for marketing.

It’s not surprising at all.

Most of the people on Instagram follow brands at least or discover new products and trademarks. And some of them claim that Instagram assists them in choosing products for purchasing.

But it’s not that easy, though.

A few years back, IG revised its algorithms to feature your posts in the activity area, based on popularity rather than chronological order.

This implies that if you have a great engagement, then your posts will be seen on the top, but if your posts have low engagement, then there is a possibility that your posts might never be seen again.

If your trademark is a newbie on Instagram and you don’t have many followers, how can you boost sales on Instagram?

So, a few ways are listed below to boost your sales and visibility on IG.

  1. Formulate Amazing Pictures

    Comprehend a normal IG user going through his IG feed.

    He scrolls down posts after yawning continuously.

    Till he finds that one post that catches his attention.

    You are not required to go all the way to Paris to click a picture of La Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. All you have to do is click a picture that comes out differently and catches their attention with HD pictures.

  2. Organize Contests

    Organizing IG contests will assist you in increasing engagement. And as an advantage, achieve a lot of fresh followers.

    Some of the great Instagram contest suggestions are listed below.

    1. Comment, follow and like: followers who comment and like your post have a possibility of participating in your contest.
    2. Tagging a friend: followers get a single entry for every friend they mention their friend in their post.
    3. User-generated content: Users make their different posts and mention your company or use the hashtag you made.

    Till now, the descent category of the contest is the UGC.

  3. Give Importance To Videos

    Did you have any idea that videos get more engagement than other posts on Instagram?

    Can’t believe it, right?

    If you want to get the user’s attention, you must give importance to videos.

    Here are few things to keep in mind before making/posting a video:

    • Length: Make sure that you keep the length of the video short.
    • Captions: Writing captions is a must, as Instagram mutes videos.
    • Planning: Make sure to plan your videos with a certain target, like, directing traffic to your page, get maximum engagement, get fresh followers, etc.
    • Behind the scenes or BTS: you can post behind-the-scenes of your trademark to spark trust between you and your followers.
    • Feedback videos: You can post feedback on your customers to gain trust and increase transparency.
    • Great photography: Consider following the regulations of amazing photography when you are making videos.
  4. Respond to Comments

    Believe it or not, IG users have many posts on their feed, so when they comment on your pictures, consider yourself lucky.
    But don’t limit it by just liking their comment. Reply and thank them. This will make them feel special.

    Fortunately, if you get thousands of comments on your social media, you can always hire a social media manager.

  5. Join IG pods

    Are you a newbie to IG marketing and don’t have many followers?

    You can join IG pods to boost your engagements.

    A lot of experts called pods a recent Instagram attention hack.

    This is how it works:

    • Search small IG pods. But what are pods? It is an organization of IG users who get together to grow each other’s followers.
    • Follow the Pod’s attention procedures. All you have to do is comment, like, and share the posts of the Pod members.
    • You will get a comment, share, and like by pods in return.

    Make sure:

    • Join pods with a maximum of 20 users.
    • Prevent big pods with a lot of users.
    • Keep your word. If you don’t follow, like, comment and share, members of the Pod will kick you out.

    Pods can be considered as a great way of beginning marketing on Instagram. Because when your trademark grows, you will get your followers, likes, comments, and shares, rather than induced followers.

  6. Use Hashtags

    Mentioning hashtags is an amazing way to broaden your IG Audience. Because they place your posts in pages of hashtags people follow.

    Instagram limits you to using only 30 hashtags, then why not use all of them?

    Keep an eye on the popular hashtags on IG. They will put up in front of a lot of followers.

    You can also make your hashtags. This is a great point when you have organized your trademark’s existence and have a great following.

    Make sure to mix it all. Prevent seeming a little spams by not including the same type of hashtags in your posts repeatedly.

  7. Engage with Upcoming Coming social media Influencers

    Here is an amazing fact.

    70% of successful marketers suggest that marketing with the help of influencers is very effective.

    This means, engaging with social media influencers will most probably be proven as the biggest win.

    But make sure it is crucial to grab influencers carefully. It would be best if you went for:

    • It would be best if you influenced their sector.
    • Do something related to your product.
    • Have followers who will get the profit from whatever product you are selling.
  8. Use a business account

    If you skipped all the points mentioned above and strategize getting into the Instagram world of marketing while using a normal account. Here are a few reasons why you must use a business account:

    • Business accounts permit you to take advantage of the features, which are not available in personal account like IG insights, IG advertising, IG shopping, etc.
    • A business account helps you to mention your contact details on your profiles.

    A business account has its advantages for content creators and influencers. Go back and convert your normal account into a business one; you have not done it.


Other than these, you can also consider these methods to increase sales with Instagram:

  1. Make sure that you have a certain target.
  2. Keep a check on the audience.
  3. Improve your profile.
  4. Select a correct Display Picture.
  5. Organize your trademark on Instagram.
  6. Pay attention to captions.
  7. Engage with the audience.
  8. Use Instagram stories wisely.
  9. Question-answer and poll stickers for engagement with the audience.
  10. Countdown stickers for creating anticipation in followers.
  11. Use story highlights wisely.
  12. Post wisely.
  13. Set up an Instagram shop.

With many users, there is a lot of traffic on Instagram.

But it doesn’t mean that you cannot provoke relationships between you and your audience to steer sales.

Once you know how to create the type of content your audience wants, you will be surprised by your growth.

You can engage with your audience in a lot of ways. Many of them are mentioned above:

You can bring the most out of Instagram stories as this is a great way of engaging with your audience. Numerous stickers can be used before posting your stories.

Like, question and answers. By adding up a sticker of questions and answers, you can purely interact with your audience. Your audience can get to know a lot about your product. They can ask about their queries. Similar to question and answer stickers, you can also use polls to give you an idea about your audience’s choices.

The best way to interact with your audience is by going live. In live, you can also include a question and answer sticker so that you can reply to their queries and inquiries on the spot while you are live. Easy, isn’t it?

Instagram can make everything easy (including marketing). All you have to do is try these ways, and you can create a massive brand all over the internet.

So, don’t miss out on any of these points, or else you’ll regret it later.