In 2005, YouTube came into existence, and since then, it has turned out to be a revolution in the field of the internet. It has given birth to many sensational stars who rose to fame because of YouTube. Today, YouTube stands at the second spot on the list of largest search engines ever to exist. Today there are millions of channels and accounts that surf the platform every day.

However, the competition on YouTube is truly cutthroat, and survival on the platform gets difficult with every new account created. It is difficult to grow in such an environment because hundreds if not thousands of YouTube channels target the same niche as you, and getting the spotlight is very difficult.

Growing your channel on YouTube organically could be a lot tougher than you think, even if you work hard for it every day, and that’s the harsh truth. To get more views, you need to have some views. It is that vicious cycle. This is why to increase your views you can buy them at the beginning of your YouTube career. It is certainly not something illegal and immoral.

Buying views is completely normal unless you depend on it for the entire growth. Let us talk about all the hidden benefits that buying views can have. Let’s not waste any more time and begin!

Before starting:
Buying views has many benefits, which will be discussed later in the article. Still, the key thing that will happen after anyone reads this article is to visit different websites to buy views. Now, as popular as this service is today, there are many potential scammers out there who are waiting for smaller and more vulnerable creators who would think less and instantly pay for views.

To save you from all the trouble, we have listed our recommendation. A trusted website that would be best for you. If a service company is offering prices too low, get a hint and know that there are chances that that website is a scam.

On the other hand, you surely do not want to pay too high prices as well. Therefore, it is advised that you check out We will talk a little more about this at the end of the article. So do not jump to conclusions, quite literally.

Now let’s begin with the hidden benefits of buying YouTube views.

Your videos seem popular

It is very common for people to follow other people, something that is called the herd mentality. This is why successful artists keep getting successful. When newer people see so many people already watching their content, they get a feeling of missing out.

Therefore, they watch that artist’s content. Suppose your video seems to have a high number of views. In that case, it will release a similar feeling in the viewer’s mind, and they would think they are missing out on something popular. This will lead to them watching your content. It is a common notion that potential viewers often avoid videos with fewer views and go for videos with higher views. Buying views will give you that leverage.

Gets you more subscribers

Subscribers are the people who love your content and want to see it whenever you upload it. They are your loyal audience whom you cater to and the ones who comment the most and share your videos. Subscribers are hard to get since you have to consistently make good content to appeal to them and convince them into subscribing to you. As we discussed in the first point, buying YouTube views would make people think that you are popular and click on your videos. However, this allows you to woo the audience and make them your permanent subscribers.

Therefore, you have to make good quality content convincing enough for the audience to stick around. When they see many people viewing your videos from time to time, they will subscribe to see what you are putting out. So even if they don’t click the first time, they will click the next time and then subscribe to you, so they don’t miss out on anything you put out.

Gives you a breather

We know how tiring it is to make content, plan an uploading strategy, share the video after uploading it, and ask your friends and family to view and share your content as well. The pressure of delivering good content every time you upload can make anyone restless. The constant anxiety of many views then burdens this will the video garden. Stop! Let it all out. No need to worry. Higher views let the YouTube algorithm recognize that your video is performing well and push it even more.

When you purchase the views, you cut to the chase and directly leave it to YouTube rather than sharing the video yourself constantly. It gives the rest you need, and you can solely focus on making good quality content. You can leave the marketing strategy aside and let the purchased views help you. At the same time, you make convincing and interesting videos.

Reach your target audience

Gaining views wouldn’t recommend the video to any random strangers but to the people you are targeting and those interested in your niche. You have to put titles and tags targeting that audience, and the rest the algorithm will handle. Purchased views will let YouTube know that your video is catering well to the niche. Therefore YouTube will promote it in front of the audience that is genuinely interested in your niche so that it is easier for you to gain views and subscribers.

The interesting thing is that some companies who offer this service also specifically try and cater to your target audience and give you the viewers. It is not completely in their hands because once the video is up on YouTube, the YouTube algorithm takes over. It helps in a major way regardless.

Improve your SERP (Search Engine Result Page) ranking

This is something slightly technical but very important. Surprisingly, 70% of the content consumed by users is through recommendations and not through searches. This is because people prefer watching the content displayed on their screen rather than searching for every video specifically. So any creator of any caliber needs to get those recommendations. It gets you the maximum traction from the audience. Your video needs to have a certain amount of views, likes and comments to get into these recommendations.

The algorithm only picks those videos which are performing well so that the audience only sees good content and stays on the platform, which is YouTube, for the longest time.

When you buy views, you get the much-needed boost, making you a potential contender for the recommendation page. It increases your ranking, and as more users see your videos, its ranking keeps on increasing. The higher the ranking, the higher are the chances of your video getting recommended to more people. SERP is the page that shows up when you search for anything on YouTube. It is simply the list of videos ranked as per the ranking to help you watch the best ones. To enter the SERP, you need a great view count. This can initially be done through purchasing of views easily.

These are some of the best benefits you can get from purchasing views. This will help you succeed on the platform while keeping you stress-free as well. Now we will let you know the website we recommend not to get scammed by fake companies.

Our recommendation:

The website that we suggest is called, which gets an extraordinary response from the users. Today, this website is one of the best websites as per the reviews and ranking for buying views on YouTube and other platforms. It is trusted by various users and gets hundreds, if not thousands of positive reviews every day. So if you are a new content creator and you are trying to boost your videos, then you should surely visit this website and select the package that suits you the best.


Paying for views is completely legal unless they are bot views. Paid views are also genuine views by real accounts. You pay them to visit your video. Bot views are dangerous and might also get deleted by YouTube if recognized. Trustworthy websites are important so that you do not get bot views.

Regardless, buying views has its great benefits, and you can truly take advantage of it. However, we would suggest that you do not depend on it and make good quality content so that the new viewers stick around, and after some time, you would not require paid views. Play smart and make your channel grow immensely. Wishing you all the very best!