The word SFS means to shout out for shout out on Instagram. On Instagram, one account creates a post of another Instagram user and motivates the followers to follow the different user’s account.

One of the best ways to cross-promote posts on Instagram is to Shout -out for shoutout. # SFS is a hashtag that implies a user is looking for a shoutout or spam for spam.

The excitement of this service is improving each day due to its huge benefits for the network. Instagram helps to watch someone else’s life, looking through videos or photos. You can post interesting and funny pictures of your life.

SFS is a common practice that helps active users advertise their page or learn about other interesting Instagram accounts.

Any mention of a different user or praising can be called SFS on Instagram. Suppose a user appreciates another user’s page in.

Collaborate with the brands that sell complementary products

Shoutout for a shoutout or, in short, Instagram SFS is the reciprocal recognition of each other by two brands or two people with the exact target audience. When two brands are not competitors but offer products as a gift. For example, a clothing brand can partner with a shoe retailer, and the motorbikes can swap ads of the company producing helmets.

How to create SFS?

It would help if you executed some simple but acceptable regulations to perform SFS. Interested and keen users that watch your content regularly give feedback too. It is quite hard to get such kind of devoted users who actively view your content and follow you.

Therefore, it is imperative to have a minimum of a small circle of readers. You also require to be the owner of an interesting page so that different users at home would like to post information about it. You need to have a page that is interesting and informative so that various users would like to post information about it at home and with friends. Everyone loves interesting and valuable content, not boring.


The next step will be content sharing with an announcement of the forthcoming SFS. Users are persuaded to put a detailed message about the account on the page with a specified link. It is certainly valuable. You need to specify a few words about the page’s valuable and informative content. The SFS organizer assures users to select from the most profound and in-depth content presented and pick up the best pages and configuration input about them at home and friends circle.

It’s a two-way advertising campaign, and the organizer is always in the black. There is a lot more data written about him than he can select.

It would help if you cultivated a hashtag to be able to see the posts which are being exposed to subscribers. It’s a memorable phrase that starts with the indication lattice and comes to be an active link. Using this hashtag, you can choose the posts of your liking and preferences.

There can be few posts with comprehensive descriptions and a college that instantly covers several users. Surprisingly, different users’ photos are used to create interesting posts. Mainly, some of them are the advertised account page and users page who participated in SFS.

What is an Instagram shoutout?

An Insta Shoutout mentions your brand on Instagram, which asks the followers to check out their page. It is generally in the form of a picture posted on your Insta profile page, along with tagging of your brand. Either one product or a few of your products’ pictures on Instagram can be showcased and tagged. For Instance, if a photographer’s work is appreciated, some of his clicks can be posted, tagging him in the description.

Image vs. Instagram

In exchange for a shoutout page from you, you could request Instagramers to give you a shoutout. It is a technique where both the parties involved are in a win-win situation and cooperates to support each other’s brand.

How to Find out Relevant Shoutout Pages?

Explore the relevant pages on Instagram that resonate with your content. When doing this, always look within your area of expertise. For Instance, if your niche is baking, then look for pages that post-baking-related content. As common interest between the two parties will benefit both given the relevance audiences have. You can target each other’s audiences.

Random Shoutouts from pages that are not relevant to your business will be of no use.

For Instance, if you have a cosmetics brand, then getting a shout out from beauty bloggers and influencers will be good for you, but if you get a shout out from a photographer, that may get you more audience not to take an interest in your brand. So it’s very critical to find pages that share the same theme and interest.

Free versus paid SFS

There are various ways to increase your follower’s count, such as paid and free paid SFS campaigns. Complementary SFS campaigns are widespread among users and a similar amount of followers. Expended SFS is more popular when one Instagram user has a tremendously bigger following than the user. The user who has a smaller number of followers pays someone with a bigger following to participate in the SFS movement.

This activity enables the user with a smaller following to reach a bigger number of prospect followers. In paid SFS practice, the smaller number of accounts will have to pay per shout out or every hour that the shout out is live on the different user’s account.

Few ways using which you can get a free shoutout for your Instagram page.

Shoutouts for shoutouts

It’s a most typically used way of obtaining a free shout-out where two identical kinds of Instagram accounts give a shoutout to each other.

Free shoutouts from brands for their users

Several brands utilize user-generated content for the Instagram feeds and tag the people whose content they share. It’s a very efficient way to receive a shoutout for free. A wonderful tip for pages or people who like to improve their number of followers.

Complementary shoutouts by joining shoutout contests

Many influencers and Instagram pages run shoutout competitions where they invite people to follow the page or follow some information to receive a complimentary shoutout. Such pages are typical with a bigger follower base who are striving to enhance their reach further. In these contests, smaller pages can earn a free shoutout from a much larger Instagram page.

Benefits of SFS

There are immense benefits of this concept SFS. Especially it helps to increase the follower’s count for your Instagram account.

Increase of popularity

This method of co-promoting each other’s brands is a fantastic way to increase followers count. Two people collaborate and advertise each other’s products or services not only improves the bond with other brands but also increases the popularity of your brand. Collaborations are always beneficial for both players.

The attraction of new subscribers

New users converted into your followers, and you earn many more by the Share for Share method.


As you are getting new users, this increased count of new subscribers makes you famous on the Instagram platform and as a result of which Your brand gets acknowledged among several other companies and brands. A big benefit of employing SFS on Instagram.

Pro-tip; it is better to restrict yourself to a pair of SFS every month. Otherwise, you can lose subscribers.


Instagram shoutouts are a simple and productive way to enhance your Instagram followers. They can enable you to reach a relevant audience and bring more followers to your account, and therefore your business gets a boost.