Certainly, it is tempting to buy followers, like any other shortcut. Promoters advertise so much for their services and make you daydream about your success and the wealth you can make if you buy followers that too in a short time; quite tempting it is.

For example,” Boost your Instagram following in 5 mins by 30% at surprisingly low rates!”

“Pay only $10 for 1000 followers.”

Such enticing offers make you buy followers, and you stop working hard to get followers organically. These are the shortcuts to gain success in a short time, but this growth is also short-lived only, as they can be fake, not authentic, or genuine, and such followers never get involved with any of your brand promotions.

First of all Instagram algorithm is updated frequently, and it can recognize such fake following easily and weed out fake accounts allowing quality interactions. The worst part of buying followers is the outcomes are scammy and sunken.

Zero Genuine Engagement

The other reason to buy followers is to improve their engagement by folks. Generally, we can notice that just right after purchasing, boosting the volume of followers. The fact is not far from the truth, however. Though you are just paying for phony bot accounts, you can expect proper attention, which is plainly “nice post” comments. Your business is influencing the followers, and your primary job is to manipulate your followers.

Lead and pursue the followers to purchase by the labels with whom you have a partnership. If they are not following you, you can’t influence them at all. Generally, brands review the validity of an ‘influencer’ before adoption and work with them.

Your Competitors And Instagram Know You Bought Followers

However, your opponents and Instagram know your followers whether they are genuine and bot.
Therefore, in the boosting of following, there is a secret behind your purchasing for Instagram followers, and likes can make your position embarrassing.

It is visible through the percentage of your likes-to-comments or likes-to-follower great difference between the two. You are equipped with like-buying services, and it follows your account. Followers that like your post or follow your account have few creations or posts, few followers, and without profile photos, and many more. Have faith in us; people can understand the actions.

How buying Instagram followers affect your brand negatively?

Many people choose to handle an Instagram account on their own and do not want to buy followers. The main reason behind operating your Instagram account is to engage with friends, circle, and family groups to give them a glimpse of your everyday life. If such simple tasks have to be performed, there is no need to but followers to have a larger network. Unknown people hardly have any interest in you and your life and your posts you share.

If you have 1 billion Instagram users, you can benefit from this huge networking, and you can easily sell your products and services to them and be rich. Needless to say, if you are a brand, fake followers practically have no use for you as they will not interact, engage or buy services or products from you.

If you are an influencer, you will love to influence your followers and look for attractive deals from enterprises to display their contributions. Hence there is no point in having fake followers when you can not impact them, and it will reflect badly as it makes you look unreal and unpredictable.

Consequences of buying followers;

The impact of buying followers is quite adverse,
Here are the aftereffects you can consider before making a decision.

You will not get income

One needs to understand all the consequences that can happen when availing buy services.
First, as the name indicates, Fake followers are fake; they neither engage with your content nor spend any money in buying your products or services; above all, they will not suggest people to your brand. Therefore it isn’t worth paying money to buy followers, no point at all.

Influencers keep taking such buying facilities, but they should know that all brands don’t choose influencers based on the number of followers alone now. Instead, businesses use various tools to figure out an accurate picture to prevent choosing not-so-competent accounts. As they know that you have purchased your followers, they certainly won’t prefer to work with you.

So, without getting much work, how will one survive in such a volatile industry? As a result, earning capacity gets reduced despite spending a lot of money on boosting your followers count.

You can end up being blacklisted

Brands can straight away blacklist you if anyone finds a lack of credibility, no income plus, no trust factor. Building trusts an essential factor for the growth of businesses. Especially influencer marketing relies on trust and credibility; that’s why brands want to partner with ethical influencers who create their followers organically. Any shortcuts can get you in trouble and put a question mark on your worth as a brand representative.

The best solution is to consider buying ads on Instagram. This will help you improve your reach among the public, but you can grab real followers, and if you have investment capacity, then it is certainly better to spend on paid promotion. The process of buying followers is typically executed in two ways, and both of them have varied outcomes.

More fake followers

Certainly, it’s the easiest way of increasing your followers count. You can get an improved number of followers cost-effectively by paying money. However, it can be tracked by the smart Instagram algorithm, and these shell accounts that buy followers can be banned, and you will not get any revenue or followers engagement for your enterprise.

Automatic following and following with more likes

This technique is based on the common Instagram decorum, # FollowForFollow. You like some account’s content and start following that, and that account will follow you back as a courtesy on the Instagram channel. But there is a catch that the account gets automatically unfollowed after some days. It sounds good but not an organic way to boost your true fans. Hence it is not useful.

Actionable ways to improve your Instagram followers organically

You must have understood that buying fake followers will not help you gain Instagram success and will affect you negatively. So here comes the question as to how to obtain more followers on Instagram. These are some of the best practices to achieve an improved count of followers;

Create a Content Posting Schedule

Maintaining a content posting schedule will help you keep your account active, and this will encourage your followers to visit your profile regularly. Bear in mind to not post anything more than two a day to avoid spam. But don’t forget to be consistent in posting. Almost about 200 million followers check their Instagram handle daily.

So if you post consistently, more followers will trickle in. At first, it may seem to be a daunting task. However, the schedule will reduce your burden and will provide structure to your posts.

Follow the Follow & Like Comment Strategy

This is the most straightforward strategy. Don’t hesitate and indulge in interactions with your followers in the comment thread. Follow other’s accounts as well, like, share and comment so that you can get the favor back. However, the key here is to follow relevant pages. This is an assured strategy to win back likes, and comments, if done with a personal touch.

Host Giveaways

Who doesn’t like free stuff? So why should you not try other means like giving your merchandise or services for free to gain more followers? You’ll notice many enterprises drive free campaigns and request their users to reposthemit by tagging their friends; this increases their visibility on social media significantly and keeps the follower’s count rolling.

Bots Can’t Keep You Going on Instagram

Bots and fake followers cause much more damage to your brand’s image than reaping benefits in the long run. Instead of buying followers, consider creating an effective strategic plan to increase your numbers on Instagram. You’ll have to slog and work consistently, build intriguing content and post regularly. This may take some time, but no effort ever goes in vain. You will witness your account growing organically with your undeterred attitude.

Final thoughts

This writeup has provided the key insights and potential impact on your Instagram account and the organic ways to increase your follower count by honestly creating interesting content. You should develop your Instagram followers in organic ways, not artificially, though it may take time but beneficial in the long run.