Age is just a number. What better quote to start with than this? Becoming an influencer was never about the age, and it still isn’t. It is about the content you put out and how you voice yourself on the platform to gain the audience. You could be 10, 20, 30, 40, or even an 80-year-old; it doesn’t matter. If people like you and your personality and what you bring to the table, they will follow you. Let us dive deep into the topic and explore what Instagram is and how you can be of any age and still rock it.

The Story of Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform very similar to Facebook. It focuses on sharing pictures and videos of oneself with the people who follow them. The more followers you have, the more people know you, and your content reaches out to wider audiences. When first launched, people on Instagram followed their friends and family and vice versa.

After the celebrities started using the app, too, people followed their favorite celebrities as well. It was a matter of time before people started to public their accounts so their content could be viewed by people worldwide. This gave rise to a massive wave of Instagram’s celebrities own as Influencers.

The Impact of Instagram

Today, Instagram is not just a bare social media platform because it has truly changed the lives of hundreds and thousands of people. It gave people jobs, gave them a platform to voice their opinion, promote their businesses, interact with friends, family, and followers, create audiovisual content, and influence trends. Nothing has been the same since Instagram was launched. It has revolutionized and influenced the fashion industry, the movie industry, the music industry, the fitness industry, and many more. This revolutionization did not occur because of the celebrities on this platform but the people who became celebrities through this platform. The celebrities who were on the platform followed the norms as they were earlier.

Still, the Instagram Influencers were the path-breakers and true trendsetters after a point. There are now certain Instagram influencers who are even more popular than some of the movie stars.

What is an Instagram Influencer?

An influencer is anyone who has the power to persuade people into doing certain things. Instagram influencers are highly admired, and this why whatever they do, their followers do the same. This is how fashion was influenced. Whatever your favorite influencer wore, you would want to wear the same thing.

Today, Instagram influencers promote lifestyles and morals, which help people be more aware and mature. They are persuading people to think and do good deeds, opening up conversations that aren’t talked about much in our society, showcasing their talent and promoting others, promoting products, and finally creating new trends.

You could be of any field with any talent, and you have the chance of becoming an influencer. If you think you have the unique spark within you, you are already on the first step of becoming an influencer.

Now, the main question. Can you be an Instagram Influencer after the age of 40? Can you make your place on a teen-dominated platform? The answer is simple, yes you can. It is not about your age because people will follow you and get influenced by you if you are truly unique and apart from the crowd. You have the platform in your hands; all you need to know is how.

Plan it out –

To become an influencer, you need a plan. It is not just about creating an Instagram account and putting out content randomly. It would be best if you chalked it all out. You need a good and catchy profile name, and you need to figure out how you are going to execute your style and art in the best way possible. Plan how you will market your account and make it reach wider audiences; what will be your target audience, and will you attract them.

Be regular –

It is extremely important that you continuously put content out. Instagram’s algorithm is quite different and weird than any other social media platform. It will promote that one account that is more active than the other. You have to put out content regularly, whether in the form of posts or IGTV videos or stories or reels. This is the only way your chances of getting a wider reach increase since you never know which photo or video might go viral.

Qualitative approach –

Make sure that quality is always your priority. You cannot stand apart from the crowd with content that is not up to the mark. The quality we are talking about here is not the video quality. We are talking about the richness of your content itself. You have to give your best in every single post because you never know which post will reach out to which person.

Make it different, make it unique. Do make sure that you have your theme and style to execute so that your Instagram feed looks different from others.

Be your trend –

It is very important that you follow all the trends that run on Instagram time and again. This is how newer audiences might find you. However, you do not have to sell out. Do every single trend but in your style, and make sure that your personal touch is always there. This will let people know that you not just a blind sheep. It isn’t easy to stir up your trend initially since you do not have a massive following to follow it.

Therefore, you should follow other people’s trends, add your flavor to them, gain an audience on the way, and start making your trends later.

Be calculative –

Yes, you read that right. As we discussed earlier, you need to plan it out before beginning your Instagram journey; however, as you keep moving forward, you need to keep switching up and updating your plan as well. It is important to check your statistics and profile analytics regularly.

This way, you would know which type of your content is more popular than others and at what time your followers are most active. Use proper hashtags which are relevant yet popular in your field of work.

Don’t stay behind –

Just because you are 40 doesn’t mean you have to stick to the older rules. Use all the Instagram features to stay up to date with the current trends and cultures on Instagram. Your age should define your content and style, not your technical abilities. It is important that you use the particular feature new to Instagram and is being pushed by Instagram a lot.

For example, reels. Instagram reels are getting massive now, and Instagram is doing whatever it can to promote it. Since this is the new wave, you should keep yourself up to date and post your content through reels.

The age factor –

Being a 40-year-old or older should not demotivate you or bring you down because this could be your biggest advantage. Use your age, knowledge, wisdom, and experiences to gain the audience on this teen-dominated platform because they would look up to you.

It is also a pattern on Instagram that since the entire platform has teens and young influencers, it is about time that older people also start getting their piece of the pie. You are already an inspiration for taking a step towards becoming an Instagram influencer at the age of 40; use it to your advantage.


Your age is not even a factor that would negatively impact your growth on the platform but rather turn out to be the best for you. Since the entire platform is teen-dominated, you would be the fresh gush of air for everyone. Focus on your content and your style; rest everything would automatically get sidelined. Whichever industry you are a part of, make sure that you stand apart from them when it comes to work and creativity.
Only then would people follow you and get persuaded by your words and actions. While we are at it, we must tell you that you would have a lot responsibility on your shoulders since you would be influencing a lot young people as you grow on Instagram.
You have to very wisely choose your words and actions when you are on the platform. These are the tips and tricks that would 100% work if you give your heart and soul to it, and you will certainly become an influencer regardless of what your age is. All the best, and we hope to see you soon popping in our feeds!