Body positivity has undoubtedly been one of the most-needed movements, and we cannot be more glad to know that a powerful social media platform like Instagram is being used to promote the idea. For years and years, humans have set certain beauty standards, which with time, evolved and ultimately started to have an adverse impact on mental health. One of the many fixated beauty standards is having a smaller body size because being on the larger scale was considered undesirable and simply “not beautiful.”

However, strong men and women across the globe have started to take a stand against such hideous stereotypes and are the potential change-makers of society. Today, plus-size modeling is used as a weapon to prove that beauty lies in every single human, irrespective of what the weighing scale says. Well, in this write-up, we are going to discuss the idea of Plus size modeling and how it is being promoted on Instagram. Let’s get started!

What is plus-size modeling?

Plus size modeling is getting increasingly popular in the fashion industry, majorly among women. It is basically the idea of having plus-size models work on a modeling campaign for a certain brand. It is just like traditional modeling; however, in this case, the models are usually size 12 and above.

As per the PLUS magazine, the plus-size models can be anywhere between size 1X to 6X, and the number can also be extended. When these people model for brands or work on certain campaigns, we term it “Plus size modeling.”

What is the purpose of plus-size modeling?

Every revolutionary movement has a strong purpose behind it, and plus-size modeling is no exception. People belonging to larger sizes have certainly raised many eyebrows throughout their lives, but plus-size modeling gives them a chance to change the way people perceive “beauty.” Besides, plus-size modeling is to cater to the people who wear clothes from the plus section.

It is also meant to create a psychological impact, as plus-size modeling portrays realistic body types and encourages the masses to understand and believe that every single body type and body size is equally beautiful and unique in its own way.

Why is plus-size modeling so important today?

Plus-size modeling plays a huge role in the lives of the models, brands as well as the masses who see the efforts made to spread and encourage a sense of acceptance and love. And the reason it is so important and needed is that society has been preaching women to fit certain beauty standards for years and years. This has driven an incredibly dangerous toll on their mental health. So much so that some people develop eating disorders as they attempt to starve themselves, only to fit the image of a supposedly perfect body figure.

What they fail to realize is that their body size should not be a standard of beauty and that every figure is equally beautiful. In order to make this realization more profound among the masses, plus-size modeling is important, because let’s be honest, models have always been influential in shaping the image of what beauty means. And therefore, to promote this kind of thinking and boost acceptance and self-esteem levels, plus-size modeling is unquestionable, important.

Now that we have addressed all these questions, let’s start to understand how plus-size modeling takes place on Instagram, who are the top names in this industry. But before we get to these big questions, let’s understand why Instagram is chosen to promote plus-size modeling.

So, why Instagram?

Today, social media platforms prove to be the most effective form of introducing and promoting movements. It plays a huge role in shaping minds and influencing certain ideas. And Instagram, out of all the other social media platforms, is easy to use and has an excellent reach. Instagram has more than a billion active users today, and therefore, the idea of plus-size modeling can reach many people at a time, provided the use of excellent marketing strategies and even brand endorsements for that matter.

Apart from that, Instagram has given rise to a whole new profession- influencers, which is a blend of creativity and marketing. These influencers are instrumental in making people understand the gravity of this movement and the importance of body positivity.

Instagram’s overall ability to make the content reach millions of people and the availability of numerous plus-size influencers together have made it the ideal platform for inspiring people all across the globe through plus-size modeling.

We will talk about the well-known plus-size models on Instagram and how they are creating a change later in this write-up. As of now, let’s address some more critical questions.

How does plus-size modeling take place on Instagram?

Well, there are various ways in which plus-size modeling takes place on Instagram so that the idea of body positivity and all-body inclusivity reaches everyone. Here’s how we see it on Instagram:

Clothing brands catering to plus-size modeling

Before anything else, the brands that supply products, particularly for those belonging to the plus-size category, incorporate plus-size modeling in their marketing strategy. For example, ASOS Curve is a brand that produces clothes for in the plus-sizes, and to create a strong base on Instagram, they hire plus-size models and promote their modeling campaigns.

In this way, more people come to know of their brand, and the thought that beauty comes in all sizes and shapes is passed on to the masses. We have seen a number of new brands, including high-end fashion as well as small, home-based ones, making full use of Instagram to reach more and more people with their plus-size friendly range of clothing.

Makeup and lingerie brands promoting all-body inclusivity

That’s right. We have seen countless makeup brands that ensure diversity among their models in their ad campaigns. Models with different skin tones, nationalities, cultures, sizes, and shapes are called as they wish to put out a message that every color and size is beautiful, and the differences should actually bind us.

Similar is the case with lingerie brands, and the best example would be Victoria’s secret. Their Instagram page portrays models with different waist sizes, and they pay special attention to ensure that plus-size models have an equal amount of options and variety in their products. This can be clearly seen and understood from their social media campaigns, particularly the ones that take place through Instagram.

Plus size influencers

There are loads of influencers on Instagram today, and the number continues to increase by the day. Now, there are plus-size influencers whose primary purpose on Instagram is to promote body positivity and create a more accepting and loving world when it comes to body weight and size. They stand firm as they represent the plus-size community and fight against all the discrimination and disregard that they face.

They also educate their followers about how the concept of body shaming and beauty standards were formed and why they should not exist in today’s date. These influencers also collaborate with brands who wish to promote this idea through their campaigns. And in this way, we see a great deal of plus-size modeling on their Instagram profiles.

Plus-size bloggers on the gram

Yes, we just spoke about influencers and what role they play in plus-size modeling on Instagram. But, when it comes to bloggers, the thought process and the overall impact are different. Influencers work with brands and influence the choices of people, as well as promote certain ideas and movements. But here, we’re talking about plus-size bloggers who specialize in the beauty industry.

There are so many plus-size fashion and makeup bloggers on Instagram today who become models for their audiences and provide them with top-notch fashion and makeup tips and looks. This inspires so many people belonging to the plus-size category as they also start believing that fashion and makeup are for everyone, irrespective of their waist measurement.

Model agencies and upcoming models

You may or may not know about this, but there are several model agencies that either focuses entirely on plus-size models or simply ensure all-body inclusivity. Now, these agencies have their own profiles on Instagram wherein they show the talent of the plus-size models that work under their label so that the models get seen and likewise receive more opportunities to be cast.

Besides, they use Instagram to outsource themselves and find new leads and contracts for their existing models. Apart from that, they also look for new talents as Instagram makes it easier to find people belonging to a certain community. On the other hand, budding plus-size models also keep uploading their professionally clicked pictures to get in touch with such agencies.

Well, these are some of the primary areas where we see a majority of plus-size modeling taking place. Now, let’s start talking about the big names in the market that encourage body positivity through plus-size modeling on Instagram.

Which are the major brands that encourage plus-size modeling through their Instagram profile?

ASOS Curve

The brand is completely dedicated to producing trendy and stylish clothes in plus sizes and feature only plus-size models on their Instagram page. The models are professionally trained and work towards portraying top-notch fashion choices available for women of all shapes and sizes.


Modcloth has an incredibly active Instagram profile, with models belonging to all colors and sizes. The collection that they have is just as unique and vibrant as their plus-size models, and they firmly believe that clothing is not just a necessity but a way of expression.

Girlfriend Collective

No matter what the waist size says, everyone should exercise regularly, and Girlfriend Collective makes sure that everyone, including plus-sized people, gets the perfect workout fits. Their Instagram handle is run amazingly as it presents lovely plus-size models in their workout clothes.

Good American

Good American has more than 1.8 million followers on Instagram, and the brand is owned by Khole Kardashian and Emma Grede. Their Instagram bio itself speaks for the brand as it clearly states “Representing Body Acceptance” as all their models have different colors and sizes.

Savage X Fenty

You probably know about this brand, but in case you don’t, it is owned by Rihana, has more than 4 million followers, and offers a wide range of lingerie for women of all sizes. Their plus-size models are certainly killing it with their looks and have managed to gain a lot of popularity.

These were some of the best brands showcasing beauty in all shapes and sizes. Now let’s talk about the faces of these brands- the plus-size models who are making a change in the way we see beauty.

These are the top plus-size models in the world

Tara Lynn

Tara Lynn is one of the biggest names in the world of plus-size modeling and has worked with several brands, including Torrid, Tailissime, Macy’s, and the list goes on. She is a 38-year-old international model and is majorly seen modeling for lingerie and swimwear. She has also been the face of several international magazines and representing the brand H&M.

Precious Lee

She is the first Afro-American woman to feature in the US Vogue in the plus-size section and has been a strong representation of her community, as she continues to be the face of high-end brands like Versace, Savage x Fenty, SKIMS, and so on. Precious Lee is an incredibly determined and aspirational woman striving to make a change in the beauty industry.

Ashley Graham

There are barely any international magazines that Ashley Graham has not featured. The American supermodel promotes body positivity on her Instagram profile, has walked several runways, and worked with brands like Micheal Kors, H&M, Prabal Gurung, and so on. Ashley is also an author, as well as the owner of her lingerie and clothing collection.

Iskra Lawrence

Iskra Lawrence, a British plus-size supermodel, has not only worked with several big brands but also uses her Instagram handle to spread body positivity by showing herself in the most natural setting. She also posts her workout videos and asks her followers to engage in them too. Iska has certainly made optimum use of her fame to promote what matters.

Leslie Sidora

Leslie gained an incredible amount of popularity after featuring the plus range of PrettyLittleThing, and that’s not it! After that, she also worked with big brands like Savage x Fenty by Rihana, wherein her passion for the movement was seen quite vividly. Her Instagram profile is completely real and unapologetic, as she stands firm in favor of body acceptance.

Candice Huffine

Candice has undoubtedly changed many lives, as she not only promotes body positivity but also encourages her followers to exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle. Such a fantastic combination has caused Candice to become one of the most beloved models and Instagram influencers while her running videos continue to inspire so many people!

Barbie Ferreira

Most people know Barbie for her role in Euphoria- a web series on HBO, but the Brazillian American wonder woman also stands to be a brilliant plus-size model. She uses Instagram as a bridge to connect with women worldwide and inspires them to grow stronger against the world and kinder to themselves, as she promotes body positivity like never before.

These were some of the most renowned women who have worked towards changing the pre-existing notion of beauty as they walk runways and feature magazines, representing some of the most enormous beauty and fashion brands.

Until now, we spoke about the concept from the point of view of creators on Instagram. Now it’s time to learn how the audience perceives it and whether it impacts their lives in any way or not.

How do people receive the concept of plus-size modeling?

This is an important question in this discussion, and to answer this, let’s segregate it into the two types of responses to any movement- positive and negative.

Here’s the positive response to plus-size modeling:

More acceptance

There had always been a long list of criteria for models, referring to how they should look. This included several things such as height, skin tone, hair type, weight, and so on. Out of all these, body size was the most questioned one. However, with times changing and minds opening, several brands purposefully started looking for plus-size models. Such an acceptance in the world of modeling led to increased opportunities for plus-size women and a more accepting environment.

This has not only impacted the lives of the models but also of the ones who see them. People also started to be more accepting towards each other, at least more than before.

Increased self-esteem

Where there is acceptance, there is a rise in self-esteem and overall confidence, and that’s just how the idea of feeling beautiful works. In addition to that, what we see on Instagram remarkably impacts the minds and thought processes of people. When people saw plus-size models on Instagram, a sense of increased self-esteem was noticed, especially among the ones who had been struggling to fit a certain size, only to match the beauty standards set by society.

People started loving themselves and their bodies and started treating themselves kindly. Such an increase in self-esteem has been shown to improve the mental health of many, resulting in overall happier life.

Now, like any other idea, plus-size modeling was also misunderstood by many people, which led to a negative impact. Let’s discuss.

Here’s the negative response to plus-size modeling:

Increased laziness

While many people saw plus-size modeling on Instagram and felt inspired by the way people felt positive about their body, some people still misunderstood the point and turned body positivity into an excuse for a lazy, unhealthy lifestyle. Yes, we do understand that each individual has to choose for themselves, how they want to look, and which body type they would like.

However, it does not change the fact that a fair amount of people have indeed stopped exercising and adopted a highly unhealthy lifestyle in the name of accepting their body the way it is. What they fail to realize is that plus-size models, even if they weigh more, have an extremely healthy way of living in terms of food, exercise, sleep, etc.

Normalized outlook towards obesity and general weakness

This is just an extension of the previous point. After having misunderstood the point of plus-size modeling and body positivity, some people started adopting unhealthy lifestyle habits, which in turn resulted in obesity. It is essential to realize that the reason behind exercising regularly and eating clean is not just to lose weight or become skinny. It is to ensure that your body is strong and flexible, your heart rate is under control, you have endurance, and your immune system is strong enough to fight diseases.

Regular exercising is something that needs to be done to stay healthy and not just to fit specific beauty standards. However, some people have been abusing the movement by normalizing being overweight and unhealthy.

This is the way people have received the idea of plus-size modeling when they saw it on Instagram. So, to sum it up, what has been the ultimate outcome? Let’s find out.

CONCLUSION – All in all, how has plus-size modeling created an impact?

For years and years together, we have seen fair-skinned, small-waisted models, whether on runways, magazines, billboards, or Instagram pages. These models were indeed extraordinarily talented and unique in their own way, but the common people- the viewers, did not relate with them. People started to get into extreme acts in order to look like them and fit those beauty standards. But fortunately, times have changed now, and so have beauty brands.

Today, plus-size models are highly demanded as they seem to be more relatable and inspiring for having the ability to create a change in the way we perceived beauty. Even though some misunderstandings exist, it is fair to say that plus-size modeling on Instagram has made the platform a much kinder and more accepting space.