An engaged following means an audience who likes, knows and trusts you. Engaging the audience on social media sites is a good way to build a community of followers and fans for your social media account or brand. It is an online platform that came into existence to build social relationships and social networks.

However, engaging the audience is also a difficult task that needs lots of passion, new ideas, and time to make the audience trust you. Read the article to get the best tricks to mastering audience engagement.

Share videos

Sharing videos on social media is a simple and most effective mastering trick to engage the audience. Every single day alone, Facebook users watch a hundred million hours of videos.

And on Twitter, eighty-two percent of users watch videos. Sharing videos will help to engage the fans and followers. To boost audience engagement, you can make and share social videos by using these effective ideas-

If looking for social videos, consider the scenes, entertainment content, responses, culture, shout-out, event, recruiting, promotional, interview, demonstration, and even customer reviews.

One minute thirty seconds is the video length for Facebook engagement, and the maximum length for Twitter direct upload is two minutes twenty-second. So it is easy to record video smartly and share it on multiple networks, and for additional exposure, you can also upload it on YouTube.


To keep the audience interested, storytelling via videos is the best choice; Facebook recommends it.

To make videos, you can start simply from smartphones or go all-in on a camera, lights, and microphones. And if you are facing problems with a lack of house expertise, you can work with a video-specific agency that will help produce and record premium video content.

Edit the videos with the help of IMovie, windows movie maker, or ScreenFlow. To make the message accessible, add captions in it, even if the sound is not there.

To get followers excited to watch the video use social media message copy. Please explain what is in the video for them to watch in that video.

Tag people

To want to get recognized for doing something great is a part of human behavior. This human nature also helps in audience engagement. Just tag the people in the social messages whom you want to recognize. Some of the ways to engage friends, influencers, and fans with your social media accounts are-

With the help of a tool like design, your own with Photoshop, or create the quote graphic. Tag the quoted person or the business he works for in the social message. You can easily find their Twitter handle or search for a business page on other social media networks by searching their names.

To write your blog, you can accept guest authors tag guest blogger in the social message to promote their post. They will experience the comments, shares, and likes counts, which will reiterate them and they feel that they had made the right decision.

When you post your videos, podcast episodes, and blog, you likely reference the amazing content of others. In your social messages, tag them with the link back to the content you post so that they will also get to know that you recognized their work.


Always ask the audience for their feedback on what to post next. For example, ask your audience for ideas on the following content you should post. And when you do create the most advisable content idea, tag them in social messages and share with the folks. Highlighted point is social media involves lots of people tag your followers, fans, friends, and those who inspire you.

Increase posting frequency

Social media organic reaches by sixty-five percent when an influencer increases his posting frequency by twenty-nine percent. To engage and reach more audience sharing frequency helps a lot. The main question that arises is how often to be shared on social media.

There are different estimates taken for different social media networks like Facebook. It is recommended to share one post per day for Twitter; it is fifteen tweets per day, and for Instagram, two posts a day. It is also applicable to share one or two posts on social media networks to engage more and more audiences.

Use hashtags

Using hashtags on social media networks can double the engagement rates. While posting, make sure to use few but effective hashtags with a mix of trending and industry-specific hashtags to find the best ones.

If you use common hashtags like #fashion, #celebration, and #christmas, you have to face huge competition to get recognition. For standing front, inline research hashtags, look at the type of content and the number of likes on the top-performing posts; if you find your content the same, you find yourself a trending hashtag.

Hold question and answer sessions

It is a fantastic way to answer any question that the followers have. A question-answer session also helps the consumer to give accurate information about the brand. It’s a great way to strengthen the connection between the company and consumers since a direct line of communication is open to them.

Many influencers hold question answers sessions with their followers to build trust, which also helps in the audience’s engagement. It’s a great way to inform the public about new services, promotions, and products.

Conduct surveys and polls

The chance of providing opinions of an audience is a great trick to make your audience engage more. The audience likes to put their opinions. There are various features in social media networks where people can freely give their opinion about something with the help of polls and surveys.

It also helps obtain valuable information about the needs, wants, and customer base of the audience. A good relation, trust, loyalty will also build between you and your audience as it shows that you care about their opinions. Further helps in strengthening brand reputation and identity.

There are various survey creation sites available, like Survey Monkey, to easily create surveys and polls to post on social media sites.

Be quick, keep short and sweet surveys. The audience will be more likely to respond when you keep the survey short and the poll simple.

In the poll, you have to ask one question, and there you have a list of answers to choose from, but in the survey, it takes a longer time.

Host social media contest

In several ways, social media contests help to boost the engagement. A contest related to the brand helps encourage the audience to participate in it and catch the attention of other people who don’t like and follow your account. For more clarity, let the contest depend on the follower’s votes, making it easy for you to announce the winner.

You can choose various types of contests according to your brand and followers type, from easiest to the toughest type of contest. Instagram and Facebook are two social networks that are great platforms for the contest. It is seen that people are motivated by free giveaways.

Share content more than once

When you share the content more than once on social media, you can get 31.5 times more traffic on your shared content. To fill up the social media post schedule, you can share your content more than once frequently. The easiest way to do this is to mix up the various kinds of messages you write on a single piece of content.

Respond quickly

Emotions of the audience become permanent with time. Respond quickly when your followers post comments on your social media sites. If you don’t reply quickly, they might feel that you don’t care or are not very active on social media networks.

Both of these reduce your audience engagement towards your account. Followers will be likely to post comments on your post if they know that you are reading them and respond to them positively. If you respond quickly, there is a chance of a conversation between you and your audience.

Social issues

Research shows around sixty-nine percent of people share information because it allows them to feel more involved in the world, and eighty-four percent share because it is a great way to support issues and causes they care about.

People relate more when you take a stance on social issues. Your reputation and audience engagement will also strengthen if you support social issues. The content will be more engaging and shareable if it provides good values and entertainment.


Mastering audience engagement can be hard work. But the benefits are difficult to ignore. The main objective of social media networks is to make the audience happy and let them enjoy.

You will miss out on leads, sales, customers, and online visibility if you don’t take it seriously. Use these simple tricks to fine-tune the strategy until you find the best winning strategy and create a great experience for the audience. Just remember to make your audience a top priority and see the results.