We all watch youtube, and you might have a great idea to start a channel of your own. You may actually have a great idea as well. But it would be best if you did the right things in order to grow your channel well so that you can get a lot of subscribers fast and grow your channel quickly. Making vlogs might seem very exciting to some people as you can show your life and earn on the side as well. You might end up becoming a famous internet personality very soon; however, you need to do the right things to grow your channel.

  1. Use good equipment

    When you start your channel at that time, you can begin with your phone to record, but soon you will need to upgrade. The best option that you can do is begin with good equipment and learn quickly because the market is very competitive, and everyone expects good video quality and great audio. You may have to get a great camera, A microphone, a good laptop to edit your videos. Having good lighting is crucial as well.

  2. Making good content

    It is very important to make good content because no one will watch your videos if it is not fun or informative. There are many things that you can do to make good content-

    • Plan your content –

      To begin with, you must know what type of content you wish to create. Do you want to start a comedy, fitness, or tech channel? You can also do vlogs, and a lot of people like to watch things like that. Once you start, you can see what type of videos your viewers like to watch, and then you can keep putting up that type of content. People are more likely to view your content if they already have an interest in the topic.

    • Look at others for inspiration –

      There are a lot of people who are already popular, and you can look at their channel and learn from them. You may get good ideas from them. You can also look at their videos to see how they shoot them and how they what equipment they use. You will also be able to see all the latest trends, and you can start to do all that and jump on trends as soon as you see them.

  3. Use tools

    You can put videos at the end of a video as that people can keep watching your channel. There is also an I button that can be clicked, and you can put related videos on there so that your videos reach more people. These are things that you can do, and you do not need YouTube’s algorithm for it. You can promote your own content in this way.

  4. How to market your youtube channel

    After you upload your first video, you need to make sure you do things so that your video can reach a lot of people.

    • Optimize your videos for the search engine –

      Youtube will recommend your videos, and when people search for important keywords, it will lead them to your videos, so it is important to add the right tags and an accurate description so that you will be high in youtube algorithm.

    • Use social media –

      Most of us are on social media. We can upload our links there and let people see our videos, and get our channel started soon, and more people will get access to your content. There is a good chance that many people may have never seen your content before, and they might get introduced to your channel simply because of Instagram or Facebook.

    • Build your network –

      You can do this by doing collaborations with other YouTubers. In this way, a lot of new people will get access to your content. Many of your subscribers might find the other person that you collaborate with good too, and you might end up helping them as well. You can always ask bigger YouTubers for collaborations.

      Initially, there might not be a lot of them who will agree, but you can slowly grow your channel and make it really big. Usually, many people have similar channels with similar subscribers. So you can grow your channel by trying to get that person’s subscribers to view your content.

    • Connect with your viewers –

      The people who view your content are very important, and you have grown so much because of them. Try your best to connect with them as much as possible. You can do Q and A sessions, and you can answer the most asked questions that you get in your comments. You can share clips and photos of your life on social media, and this can increase your following by a huge margin. This can create a good network among your viewers.

      [slider]When you are aware of what your viewers say, you might get a lot of constructive criticism as well as new ideas for more content, and since the content is coming directly from you, everyone will feel better as you are doing what they like and they are getting to watch something that they wanted to watch.

    • Ignore the negative comments –

      You must learn to tune out all the hateful comments and dislikes that you get. There will usually be someone who will not like your videos, and people might write some very nasty things in the comments, but you must focus on the people whose lives are getting better because of you. There will always be haters when you do something good. It is easy to write something bad when you never have to meet a person, so that is why they do what they do.

    • Upload frequently –

      When you upload your videos, a lot youtube algorithm helps to promote it. The best way is to have a fixed time that you upload videos. This way, it might come in the feed of a lot of newer people who have never seen your content. Most people upload once or twice a week. You can let your subscribers know about when your videos are releasing as well.

      In this way, a lot more people will view your content, and you can get some active subscribers. Being consistent is the most important thing. Even if you do not see results initially or your followers are not increasing, you need to be consistent and keep trying to find new and good ideas to upload frequently.

  5. Monetization

    Monetization is the end goal usually. We all want to earn money from youtube. However, you have to reach a certain amount of subscribers and views. More than One thousand subscribers and more than four thousand watch hours in twelve months. If you do this, then you are eligible for monetization.

    Other than this, you can earn through other ways too. You can sell merchandise, start a business and use youtube to sponsor it. You can also try to get sponsors; you can promote their videos and earn money. You can use apps like Patreon and earn direct money from your subscribers.

How much will it cost you to start a youtube channel today?

If you wish to start a channel on youtube, it is free. There are a lot of YouTubers who spend a lot of money on high-end equipment. You can do that as well if you have the money. Most people start out small with less equipment. Items that you need;

  • A smartphone to record videos.
  • A laptop to edit.
  • An editing software on the laptop.

This is the bare minimum. You can also use an additional phone to record audio. Slowly as your channel starts to earn revenue, you can upgrade and buy cameras, lighting equipment, a higher spec laptop, and a great microphone. All these things will make your video much better to watch, and a lot more people will be much more inclined to subscribe to your channel and watch the content.


One important thing that you need to do is be patient and keep putting content. There may be some times when you might feel like no one watches your videos or you are not growing as much as you would like to. Everyone takes time to grow initially, but soon you will start to pick up a few loyal subscribers, and everything will change for you soon.

All that you have to do is be consistent and regularly put the best possible content on your channel. You can start your channel for free, and soon you will be earning money through it, and a lot of people will know who you are.