Why Do People Still Buy YouTube Comments In 2021

Why Do People Still Buy YouTube Comments In 2021

With the rise of technological advancements, such as smartphones and social media, the world has been changing more than ever. Even smartphones and social media platforms have been growing more popular and more advanced than we have ever seen. When anyone says the word ‘social media,’ the first things that come to mind are platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But most of us fail to realize that Youtube is a very important social media platform as well.

Though it is very different from the conventional ones, it is the most popular video-sharing platform. Youtube is a social networking platform. We all know that social media has evolved from being such a site where people can connect to a marketing hub for various brands, businesses, and influencers.

Similarly, Youtube has seen a rise in the number of content creators in the last few years. With more and more people joining these platforms, you would naturally expect the competition between businesses, brands, and content creators to rise, and so it has. When people market their business through Youtube, they tend to make a very common mistake. That mistake is they spend almost all of their time and effort on their Youtube videos and only their channel.

What they fail to realize is that Youtube, as we said, is a social networking platform. It is a community constituting millions of people. Thus, the only way to grow your channel is to focus on your channel and engage with others in the community, too, by watching their videos and commenting on them.

Why do people buy Youtube comments?

Now you know that engaging with the community and your audience is quite important. If you have been a creator on Youtube for a long time, you will know that building your name out there takes a lot of time and patience. Even though interacting with others in your community or niche is important, they are still your competitors. To be the channel with the most engagement, you have to have an edge.

And having an edge requires taking care of many factors. You need to make sure that you are uploading content that people like and engage with.

That’s where the game begins – engagement metrics meaning likes, comments, and views, of course. As we said earlier, the competition is high, and growing a channel takes a lot of time and patience. Suppose you have been on Youtube long enough to create videos but still haven’t seen the engagement you want.

In that case, you may consider buying Youtube likes, comments, and views. And yes, they can be bought. While you might want to steer clear from buying fake or cheap Youtube comments, buying real ones might be just the boost that your channel needs.

Why is it best to buy real Youtube comments?

As aforementioned, you should buy real comments, which is pretty understandable on the surface. But you must be wondering why we are stressing so much about buying real Youtube comments. You must also be thinking about how these comments work. Here we are going to elucidate that. First, let us understand what fake comments mean. Many services on the web claim to sell you Youtube views, like likes or comments.

Mostly, these services do not provide what you pay for, and instead, the comments section of your Youtube videos is filled with comments from bots or fake accounts. That is not an ideal situation as the Youtube algorithm does not give ranking preference to accounts that are not genuine enough. You may get away with buying some views or subscribers, but too much of that might lead to your account being deleted even. Now real comments are those that come from freelancers.

Since they have existing accounts and are real humans, their comments can’t be tracked by the algorithm. Plus, these comments are way more realistic than the ones coming from bots. You will surely get spared from having some jumbled-up words as comments, which have no logical meaning. That is why your goal must always be to buy real comments if you ever consider buying them.

Why should you invest in Youtube comments?

Besides being an obvious boost for a channel not doing so great, buying real Youtube comments also boosts the social proof and credibility of the videos you upload on your channel. Thus, here are the primary reasons why it is a good idea to buy Youtube comments.

  1. The engagement on your channel will increase –

    When you buy comments for your videos, you can convince the new buyers that your videos are popular because you have any comments. That will make the newer people comfortable about posting on your videos as well. Many people would either agree or disagree with the others who have a comment. When more and more people start commenting on your video, the Youtube algorithm will give your ranking preference. Consequently, your channel will start growing.

  2. Drown the negativity –

    It must be no surprise to you that a lot of prejudice and hostility exists on YouTube. Many people give negative comments just because they want to. These negative comments can affect the views on your channel. Even though you could report such people for their comments, the best way to tackle such comments is to drown them with the positive ones you can buy.

  3. If you have bought other engagement metrics, you can make them look organic –

    Though buying comments would solve problems for your channel if it was on the verge of stagnating, it does have some disadvantages. We mean to say, if the ratio of the views to comments on your channel is low, people will understand that you have been buying comments.

    In normal situations, if people like a video, they will most probably leave comments too. But if you have bought likes and views, you would have very few comments. Thus, to show that you have organic likes and views, you can back the bought ones by buying some real Youtube comments.

Why do people look down upon buying Youtube comments?

Buying Youtube views, likes and comments, and even subscribers have always been considered a controversial tactic. Most people think that it’s unfair or even illegal, giving buying engagement metrics a bad reputation. Suppose you are buying views, likes, or comments for your Youtube videos without violating Youtube’s policies.

In that case, we can assure you that what you are doing is perfectly legal. But we must warn you that it can be considered playing the system, so it would be best if you do not decide to let anyone know that you are buying likes or comments. There is mostly one scenario when you would need to invest in Youtube comments. If your channel hasn’t been doing too well, you might have bought likes and views for your videos.

But to make it appear like you have got the views and likes organically, you generally would invest in real Youtube comments too. Even though you can legally buy comments, we didn’t say it was easy. Indeed, buying comments for Youtube videos is tricky. But it would be best always to remember to buy real comments, as buying fake ones is the fastest way to destroy all the hard work you put in to build your channel.

Moreover, as we have said earlier, fake comments come from bots, resulting in you getting spammy comments on your videos. Such comments can be easily recognized by your audience and also by the Youtube algorithm. Not only could you ruin your reputation amongst your audience, but you will also find yourself violating Youtube policies if you are a user of Google AdSense.


Now you know most of the information, advantages, and disadvantages behind buying Youtube comments. This article must also have helped you understand why people buy these comments. But now you must be thinking, where can you buy real Youtube comments? Though several genuine services on the web sell real Youtube comments, you must beware of the fraudulent companies out there who may sell you bots. Whether or not you decide to buy Youtube comments, if ever your channel needs a boost, make sure you make an informed decision.

Why Should You Become A Youtuber?

Why Should You Become A Youtuber?

The topic that you should challenge yourself is why you shouldn’t become a YouTube star? The video-sharing website has over a billion users worldwide, resulting in a huge online community. As a result, there are plenty of ways to make money from blogging on YouTube. A top YouTuber can earn a six-figure salary from creating videos.

Furthermore, YouTubers are now becoming the stars of today. You should become a Youtuber because you want to do something that you love and build up a community around it. That may sound like a dream job to many people, and you can make it into something real as long as you have the right mindset going into it.

Becoming a popular Youtuber is something that many people dream of, and with the ability to monetize your videos, it can also be a great way to earn a living. While it’s not easy to make money doing what you love, you can earn money on YouTube.

If you are looking for a creative career with a very low entry barrier, you should consider becoming a YouTuber. YouTubers make money on YouTube for various reasons, but the most common way is through the advertisements placed on their videos. Advertisers pay YouTube, which pays the YouTuber a percentage for the ad revenue that the YouTuber generated.

Reasons To Become A Youtuber

To Be Famous
Being a YouTuber is one of the most immeasurable jobs in the world. No, seriously. You are your boss, which means you set your schedule. You make a six-figure income and have true skill in a world where no one seems to know how to work with each other.

To earn money

Many people may have many reasons why you should become a YouTube. The most common one is that you can earn money while having fun. But, for some people earning money on YouTube is not their main reason for creating videos. Some people want to entertain their audience. But, some people are just doing it for fun. One of the best things about being a YouTube is that you can help others, and thousands can know you.

To pursue passion

The YouTubers of today are celebrities. They’re known for their ability to create highly entertaining videos and their knowledgeable personalities, and the way they can connect with their viewers. If you’ve ever wanted to know how these celebrities started, take inspiration from the history of the most popular YouTubers so you can learn the ropes of the industry and get your channel off the ground.

If you are reading this, then you already have some interest in becoming a YouTuber. But, more than that, you probably have some passion for something, whether it is games, music, or even comedy, and you want to build a following for your channel.

The thing is that is easier said than done. It takes more than just a passion for your chosen topic to succeed on YouTube. You need to take certain steps to create a channel and build a following, and if you follow them, you can become a successful YouTuber.

It opens a lot of opportunities

We all can become YouTuber, but the question is why should you become a youtuber? The answer to that question is simple; you have to be creative. If you have many ideas and you would like to have your original ideas heard by many people, you should become a YouTuber. If you don’t have many ideas, then I suggest you ask people for their ideas, use some of their ideas, and make some of your own.

Becoming a YouTuber opens a lot of opportunities for people. They can make money by making content and getting paid by YouTube or by brands that sponsor them. They can also be famous and get recognition from people around the world. With the invention of the Internet and technology, it is possible to have a job online and get paid.

After years of hard work, you have remained in a job you hate. You have worked so hard, and you are so thankful for your company; you appreciate everything they have done for you. But it is time to move on. You’ve made a decision, and you’ve made up your mind. You are going to be a Youtuber. You have wanted to make videos for such a long time. Everyone says it is such a great opportunity, and you have the perfect face for online videos.

Doing something you like for a living

As a Youtuber, you are a content creator, which means you make videos to entertain an audience and share your thoughts with individuals interested in your content. As with most online businesses, the power of your videos will come from word of mouth and organic traffic, and with that power comes responsibility.

Moving a YouTuber can be several things. It can be a distraction that you can disburse a lot of time and energy into, as you can do it whenever you want and be as creative as you want. It can be a way to promote yourself and others as you can share what you know with the world. It can be a way to make money, but there are other ways to do that.

Express your craft

Making videos is one of the most powerful ways to express yourself. It’s also a lot of fun! You get to show the world your creativity, sense of humor, and personality through the videos you make. While producing the videos is a YouTuber, the other part is sharing it with the world.

YouTube is a community where people celebrate, discuss, and challenge the things they love. It’s a place where you can be yourself, find your passion, and connect with people who share those passions.

So YouTube? Is it a platform for amateur video-makers to gain exposure? Is it a place to share your amazing talents with the world? Is it something in between? Well, YouTube is all that! It gives anyone with a phone and Internet access a chance to be the next big thing, and it also provides a place to upload and spread your art to a wide audience.

It builds up your confidence

If you are thinking about getting involved in Youtube and making videos, one of the main reasons people genuinely do it is to build up their confidence. Many people are worried about how they look, and the fact that they can put their personality and style into their videos can help give them confidence with their looks. They become more secure in themselves because they have a better sense of who they are and the type of person. They have a more precise understanding of their toughness and vulnerabilities, and they are better able to handle their weaknesses because they know what they are.

Becoming a Youtuber is a very smart career move because it builds up your confidence. The reason is that Youtube is a very great place for you to express your feelings towards things such as commenting, making videos, and even more. (Also, it’s free, meaning you don’t have to pay for it.) If you need, you can likewise have your channel with up to four videos a day.

Constructive criticism

In the past, you had two options for getting good at a skill set. You could either take classes or seek advice from the experts. Today, there is a third option coming up. You can yourself become a Youtuber. Nowadays, you can design your own Youtube channel and share your knowledge with everyone else whenever you want. You will be able to take classes and learn at your own pace.

You will also be able to share the things you have learned with others in a way that you can make a difference in their lives. And if you want to make some money, you can do that too.

Flexible working hours

If you’re sick and tired of your office job, then maybe you should consider quitting and becoming a Youtuber. Just recently, millions of people are quitting their job to become a Youtuber, and they’re making a killing from it.

Flexible working hours are a great way to make your job more comfortable. At the same time, this might not seem like a big deal; for some working, a 9-5 job can be a real pain. Most people don’t like to work in an office, work long hours and work with many other people who can sometimes be difficult to deal with. While this isn’t always the case, flexible working hours can be a great way to make your job far more enjoyable.

As the new YouTuber, you will love the flexibility of working from home and choosing your hours. For example, if you love working early in the morning and late into the night, you can make this happen! You’re never late to work because you’re at home.

Creative outlet

There are many ways to find a creative outlet, and if you’re a natural-born video blogger, then you’re in luck! With the growing popularity of Youtube, it’s never been easier to turn your love of vlogging into a successful career. But with so many YouTubers out there, how can you stand out from the crowd, and how can you even get your first video up?

Be your boss

Being your manager begins with a lot of benefits. You’re free to work around your schedule, set your own rules, and, of course, make a lot of money.

No degree necessary

Don’t have a degree? That’s not a problem. Many of today’s top Youtube celebrities and bloggers never finished college. People like PewDiePie, Bethany Mota, and The Gabbie Show have more than enough subscribers to prove they don’t need a degree to achieve their dreams.

While most people need to go to college to become Youtubers, there are a lot of ways you can get your start without a degree. If you’re interested in starting a YouTube channel, you can start by looking for opportunities in your life to start making videos.

Ways to earn money as a YouTuber

You own several options when it comes to what you can do as a YouTuber. The key is to assess your strengths and weaknesses and choose the niche that best fits your skills and experience. For example, if you have many storytelling skills and an interesting personality, try doing a vlog.

If you are also an expert in something and know how to teach it clearly and entertainingly, focus on tutorial videos. If you have a lot of experience with video editing and design, focus on comedy sketches or challenges.

Here are the examples of earning more money


If you need to make payment as a YouTuber, sponsorships are a great way to do so. You can do this in three main ways: create a product, do a product placement, and get paid for your videos. Product placement is where you get a product for free (or cheap), and you show it off or mention it in a video. Product placement can be tricky if you don’t want to include disclaimers in the video, but the effect is still noticeable.

Sponsorships, or “Sponsored Posts,” as some people call them, are an essential part of the YouTube industry. More and more people are creating videos about making money on YouTube, so it can be unclear who’s advice is the most helpful.


If you’ve been looking for ways to earn money as a YouTuber, you’ve probably heard of “merch.” It’s a great way to earn a side income, and you can find almost anything that you want for yourself and your channel. The best part is that there’s a huge variety of merchandise available, from clothes to stickers to fun stuff like plushies and even pet toys. You can even make your own, like a custom gaming mouse or touchpad.

Develop your resources

Develop your resources before you start
It is important to develop your resources before you start. Many people see earning money as a YouTuber as a way to make quick money. It is possible to earn money this way. However, it is not easy. It takes experience and training to build up your subscribers and views. It takes time to develop your style and personality. It is hard work, but you will have to put in the effort to succeed.

Develop your resources. Many YouTubers have succeeded by building their channel, but there are also plenty of YouTubers who have failed by trying to build a channel too big, too fast. It is why it is important to develop your resources. Many YouTubers have a crew to help them, but it is important to teach yourself how to do things yourself.

Next time you need to edit a video, instead of requiring someone else to do it, learn how to do it yourself. You’ll save yourself time and money.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an online business model used by some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. It is a very simple business model to follow and requires very little investment.

It is a great way for you to earn money from your YouTube channel. It is a form of performance-based marketing where a business compensates one or more associates for each visitor or buyer brought by the affiliate’s purchasing endeavors.

Affiliate marketing is an example of the easiest method to make cash online. It’s a simple concept; you promote a product or service and get a commission for each sale or lead you to generate. It’s like earning a salary without having to work for an employer, trade your time for a paycheck or pay taxes on your earnings. You are paid a pre-arranged commission, which is typically a percentage of the sale prices you generate for the company.

How to Start a YouTube Channel?

You’ve been thinking of starting a YouTube video channel, but you’ve got no idea where to start. You decide to read through this blog post to get some insight into what it takes to start a YouTube channel.

Steps to Start Your Own YouTube Channel

Pick a Niche:

Choosing a niche is the single most important decision you’ll make when creating your YouTube channel. While there are many ways to build your channel, you’ll need to be intentional when deciding what you’ll focus on. Not only is this what you’ll talk about, but it’s also an important factor in your channel success.

Create a YouTube Channel

YouTube is a great way to share your life with others. Whether you want to document your travels, create tutorials for how to do something, or have fun with vlogs and funny videos, there are plenty of reasons why the YouTube community will love you. But before you can get started uploading videos and being social on YouTube, you must know how to make a channel so people can find and subscribe!

  1. The first step is setting up your account, which should be easy if you have an email address and phone number handy.
  2. The next step would be deciding what type of channel it’s going to be- personal or business?
  3. Once this has been decided, then it’s time for some fun graphics design work!
  4. Creating a logo for your brand is important.

Create Your First Video and Promote It

The best way to get started is by learning some basic tips for creating a great video that stands out from the competition. The key is using visuals in your social media posts, so people have something appealing to click on when they see it on their feed! You can also use hashtags like #video chat or #video productions that are trending for viewers of the same niche as you will find them easily.

First, find a topic that interests you. For example, do you like fashion? You could video what outfits are good for different seasons or what color trends are in this season. Next, make sure to have an intro with background information on the subject of the video and some bullet points outlining what will be covered in the video (make sure not to go over 5 minutes).

Finally, shoot your video and edit it together! The last step is promoting your work by sharing it on social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram. If you need help preparing, start with editing applications.


The conclusion of this post is quite simple: a YouTube channel can be a great way to share your passions, earn some money and have fun with all the awesome opportunities that have been created around the Internet. Just make sure you’ve done your research and have your stuff together before you go out and start your own YouTube channel.

How To Buy YouTube Views (10 Safe and Reliable Sites)

How To Buy YouTube Views (10 Safe and Reliable Sites)

Buying YouTube views can seem like a great idea at first: You boost your subscriber count, and your video is more likely to get noticed by YouTube’s search algorithm. Buying YouTube views and real YouTube subscribers is a great way to increase your popularity on Youtube while still relatively cheap.

These days, it costs nothing to get a young account started, and if you build up a few thousand followers, you’ll be well on your way to getting more and more total views, subscribers, and even more fans interested in your videos.

Buying YouTube views is a good way to increase the popularity of your videos. What’s even better is that you can buy views in increments. So, if you want 1,000 views, you can get 100 at a time instead of having to pay all 1,000 at once.

There are many ways to buy YouTube views. Some tricks involve using software to get views, but these are usually a waste of money and time. Many companies sell views on the internet, and it is easy to get in contact with them.

10 Safe and Reliable Sites To Buy YouTube Views

  1. Buylikesservices.com:

    A buy likes services is a website that helps you increase the number of likes on your Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram account. Companies that sell “likes” claim to manipulate social media to make it seem like your page is more popular than it is. If you plan to use social networking sites for marketing purposes, you should be cautious about using these services.

    Buying YouTube views is a common practice for most YouTube users. It allows them to increase the number of views they get for their videos. It is also the ultimate solution for those who want to have their videos noticed and make an entry into the competitive world of YouTube.

  2. Buyviews.info

    Buyviews.info is a website that allows you to post your videos on their website, and then any other YouTube user can view your video for a small fee. It is a great way to get your video out to the masses and help your video go viral.

  3. Buyyoutube.com

    Buyyoutube.com is a relatively new software that allows people to buy YouTube subscribers, which can, in turn, help people gain a larger fan base and more views. While we’ve seen hundreds of other companies that allow people to buy YouTube views, Buyyoutube.com is different in that it allows people to buy views intelligently and efficiently. It is a startup that helps people with their YouTube accounts.

    Their primary goal is to help the content creators of youtube make their views go viral. Some of their main features include Viral Marketing, Viral Social Media, Viral Video Marketing, and Viral Advertising.

    The system is simple. You pay Buyyoutube.com for a certain number of promotional views for 24 hours. They put your video in front of a huge number of potential viewers over a short period, and if you get enough of them to subscribe, you get to keep them as long-term subscribers. It is a great way to get your name out there and get you started on YouTube. It is additionally a great method to get people to look at your channel and see what all the excitement is about.

  4. Smrole.com
    While there are many great ways to promote your videos, one of the most effective is getting lots of views quickly. Smrole is a site that is built to help you with your YouTube marketing. Getviral.io is a self-service platform that allows you to buy YouTube Views, Comments, Likes, Subscribers, etc.

    It’s simple; the easy-to-use interface gives you the power to harness the full potential of YouTube. The site was designed with the end-user in mind, making it easy for you to buy YouTube views, likes, subscribers, and more.

    Smrole offers the best, high-quality, real, and active YouTube Views that will get your videos the attention they deserve. Using our service, you will increase your views and also gain real subscribers to your channel. More than any other company, we guarantee the best service and the lowest prices. We’ll give you the views you need to get more subscribers and make your videos go viral.

  5. Smviews

    Smviews can help you grow a massive YouTube following. They help you to drive your audience to your channel and your content. Famoid.com is the premier online marketplace for YouTube views, subscribers, likes, and much more. Offering the highest quality views and friendly customer support, Smviews can help you build a loyal following for your channel.

    Smviews is a revolutionary new product that has been specially developed by one of the biggest brands in the YouTube industry. According to the company CEO, this product has been made to perform one vital function: increasing your number of YouTube views. There’s no doubt about it: by increasing the number of views your video gets, you will also increase the number of subscribers and shares that your video gets. It, in turn, will boost the reputation of your video, and as a result, you will start to make more money.

  6. Media Mister

    The Media Mister is the latest and greatest invention in the video marketing world. With the ability to auto-post videos to social media, the Media Mister takes what can be a very time-consuming task and makes it a breeze. Enter your hashtags, and you are ready to go. (It also helps that the device can post videos in multiple languages!) The best part? You can set and forget. Once it is set, it will post automatically.

  7. Fastlikes.io

    We are going to tell you all about fastlikes.io, the best place to buy YouTube views! If you’re brand-new to the whole notion of YouTube views, you may think there’s some mystery behind it. The truth is that it’s one of the easiest things on the internet to get done, and you don’t even need to know anything about computing to make it happen. Just go to the fastlikes.io homepage and place an order.

    If you want to increase your YouTube channel subscribers, you know you need to post content that people will like. That’s where we come in. At Fastlikes.io, our goal is to help you attract more subscribers to your YouTube channel. We have years of experience helping other YouTubers do this and have developed unique strategies proven to be successful.

  8. UseViral

    UseViral is one of the fastest-growing YouTube networks globally and is one of the most trusted services for getting your videos to go viral. Our system has been perfected over the years, and our track record for getting your videos to go viral is unmatched.

    Businesses of all sizes and from all industries are using our service to give them a competitive advantage over their competitors. We have an enormous library of pre-made videos to choose from, and you can customize the content to your liking.

  9. FollowersUp

    FollowersUp.com is a site where it is possible to buy YouTube views and increase your followers’ number. For those unfamiliar, YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms for content creators and vloggers alike. You can create your channel and upload your videos to share with your fans and subscribers. You may also have the option of adding a link to your YouTube channel on your profile.

    However, if you have not been very successful in gaining many followers, you may feel discouraged. Many different factors affect how many people watch your videos and view your channel.

    FollowersUp.com is an online service that allows users to buy YouTube views, likes, and shares. The service is available at two different price levels, for 500 views, 50 likes, 50 shares for $14.99, 1,000 views, 100 likes, and 100 shares for $19.99.

    The service claims to deliver all views within the next day and all other orders within the next 48 hours.
    The views will remain active on the purchased video for the length of time agreed upon by the buyer and seller.

  10. SocialPackages.net

    SocialPackages.net is a powerful SEO software that can promote your videos on social media or websites for free. If you want to make your videos popular on the internet or make your website popular, this is the right software for you. It can not only help you gain more views or likes, but it also can help you have more followers and subscribers.

    It is the one company that delivers what you want. You won’t just be getting YouTube Views and likes to your channel, but you will be getting high-quality views from the United States as well as a significant amount of likes. It will make you look like you are popular, rather than like you bought fake views.


Buying YouTube views can be a safe and reliable way to earn more money for your videos, but it’s important to research your options first. We’ve compiled this list of the top 10 safe and reliable sites that sell views to help you figure out which ones work best for you.

Youtube Success: How To Share And Where To Share

Youtube Success: How To Share And Where To Share

It is no secret that YouTube single-handedly changed the way the world consumes content. Hundreds of hours of content are uploaded on YouTube daily and billions of hours of content are consumed by viewers across the world every month making YouTube the world’s second-largest search engine. There have been other video platforms that have tried to follow suit but none of those could come close to what YouTube has achieved.

YouTube has provided many with the option of creating successful careers off it. Justin Bieber was discovered at the age of 13 via YouTube, content creators such as Lilly Singh, PewDiePie, Jeffree Star, James Charles no YouTube user needs an introduction to. These creators along with many others owe their success to their hard work, smart work oh and also to the existence of YouTube.

Another reason behind the success of YouTubers is consumer behavior. The Internet has changed the ways of the world. Back in 2005 when YouTube was launched the growth of the platform was good but ever since the world became more digitized concerning connectivity the growth has been massive. Now since most of the internet-using world is using YouTube advertisers to focus on putting their messages on the platform giving influencers (even the micro-ones) the chance to make money.

Some may however say that the golden days of making money off of YouTube have somewhat passed, the opportunity of being successful concerning marketing on the platform is still very real. This is why to date many newcomers are still trying to make it to the YouTube world.

Between 2017 and 2019 the number of YouTube channels nearly doubled from 15 million to over 30 million in just 2 years. The number may make you somewhat optimistic but almost all new vloggers find their content buried under the thousands of contents that are uploaded every day. Only some can figure out how to break free. This may be due to two reasons:

  1. Creating engaging video content is simply not your cup of tea.
  2. There is something wrong with your channel setup.

For the first, there is not much we can do to help however with the second reason this article will be able to help you quite a lot. So, keep on reading to understand more about YouTube. How to make videos, how to optimize your channel, how to share your content, and where to share so that you to can make your mark on the channel.

Channel setup seems quite simple but there is so much you can do wrong which will, later on, affect your YouTube presence.

Here is how any new-to-scene YouTuber who wants to make it will do to set up his/her channel.

Before you begin

Trusting your Instincts is good but before you leap into the YouTube world to set up your channel make sure you do strategic research. It is highly recommended that you first test out the waters before going in this will save you from drowning later.

Start by answering what is the purpose of your channel? What kind of content do you want to create? If the objective is for individual promotion what is your main focus?

  • Is it educate kids on YouTube?
  • Or to make millions?

If it is for business, your channel’s focus should be to create engaging content and to attract viewers to your brand. Once you figure out the purpose of your YouTube channel you can then start working on strategy.

Video keyword research

What is video keyword research? It is the task of finding the words and keywords that people use to search for videos online. This will help your video to be displayed when keywords related to your video content are typed into the search bar.

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine. This means that millions of people are using YouTube to search for videos related to various topics such as sports, fashion, politics, and more.

In other words: it is most likely that someone from your target audience is searching for one of your videos right now. So how do you ensure that when the person presses enter on the search bar your video pops up? By doing search engine optimization.

If you can identify the keywords that the person would use and optimize your video accordingly your video can show up at the top of the search bar. Remember with YouTube most people do not scroll down to look for videos they trust the site to give them the best at the very top. So, if the goal is to catch your viewer’s eye make sure you understand “Keyword Optimization”.

When you learn the art of optimizing your videos around the right keyword you will then improve the chances of your video getting significantly higher likes, views, comments, and subscribers. You can also use tools such as vidIQ to help you with keyword research. Although you would require a premium subscription to access the full results within the tool.

Competitive research

Let’s say that you got a hang of keyword research the next step would be to type in those keywords and queries into the YouTube search panel and see which one of your competitors rank for these. At times you will notice that the same competitors keep showing up in the result panel where you would like your videos to be.

The reason why you are doing this is to study these channels, observe what they have done with their content, take tips, and aim to make a video that is not only better but more engaging than your competitors. Figure the aspects of the video that could have been better or something that does not sit right in the video. Learn from the mistakes of your competition. This way the chances of you making a rookie mistake will be lessened.

Content development

Now that the research part is done you can now come to the fun step and that is creating your video. The topic you want to focus on must be pretty clear by now, you would also have some idea about what you want your video to be like. Once you have some strong hints about making a successful video you can dive straight into the filming process.

Try to collect a few weeks of content before you post your first video. This way you can consistently post content without having to take breaks. This will also keep you from making videos in a rush. When you have a deadline to meet chances are you will not pay the right amount of attention needed since all your focus is on completing and posting the video on time. This can affect the quality of your content which is not the goal. This will also keep your audience engaged while you focus on creating new content.

How to set up a YouTube channel

Making a YouTube channel is not tough. All you need is a Gmail account and you are good to go. Without a Gmail account, you can only view YouTube videos but you cannot react to them, nor can you post anything.

First and foremost, if you do not have a Gmail id, create one. Next, go on to the YouTube website or app and sign in. You will have to enter information such as your name, age, a valid phone number that can, later on, be verified. Fill in all the other information that may be required.

You will also have to select the type of account you wish to have whether a business account or an individual account. The difference with both these accounts is that business accounts allow you to create a channel name and also allows you to share management with other Gmail users.

Once all the information has been entered you will then be asked to verify the account using the code sent on the number entered by you. verifying your account is crucial as it enables you to access otherwise unavailable features. For instance, without a verified account, you will be unable to use custom thumbnails.

Once all of this has been done you can now get down to business and start with the basics of channel optimization. When you click on your YouTube profile you will be able to see an “about” section. This option allows you to give your viewers a little introduction/description of your channel. Keep the description brief yet informative and captivating. You can also add in your location, website, social media links, and anything else that you might see fit.

Nest step is to change the background banner of your channel that is visible when using a desktop device. Go to your channel profile, click on the icon displayed at the top right-hand corner. You will then be asked to upload a picture from your gallery/files. If you have a brand logo you can always choose that or you can choose something that you think sits well with your content.

If you wish to add any links to, the channels you can go back to the “About” section click on the “Customize Channel” button. You will then see an expandable “links” section which allows you to add up to 5 links.

Channel structure

Once you have dealt with the basics of your channel you can then focus on uploading content. When you upload videos, they will automatically be displayed under “Videos” unless you organize them. Like all other things you always want to start with your best foot forward same goes with YouTube that means making sure that the best of your videos is listed first. If you cannot figure out which video is the best you can wait for a while and based on the video’s performance list them accordingly.

Videos that have targeted the keywords well and also have the best production value are most likely to perform the best. Make sure you organize your content based on the themes of the videos and sort them into playlists.
To create a playlist sign into your account and head over to the YouTube Studio option, you will see the option next to the “Customize Channel” option. Next, click on the “Playlists” on the left-hand side menu.

Once you have followed all these steps you will now see a window where you can create a new playlist. Select the videos that you wish to add to this playlist and arrange them accordingly. You also have the option of making your playlist public or private. Since you have a business account make sure you turn it public. Next, add an appropriate title to your playlist, and voila! You have successfully created a playlist.

Optimizing your YouTube channel

It’s the content that makes the channel. So, for the channel to be successful the content needs to be well received. To ensure that a video catches the eyes of your target audience you need to ensure that your channel setup is well-optimized. Optimization is pretty simple you start with optimizing your uploads, then comes the playlists, and then your overall channel.

Lights, Camera, Upload

Do you know why most channels on YouTube are not successful? It is due to the lack of prior knowledge. Most people think that YouTube is easy money but they fail to understand the hard work that goes into it creating a successful channel. The hours of the editing process, coming up with new content, new ideas, filming the entire video, and even when all these criteria have been checked you can yet not be sure if the video will do well.

Video content is not something you should enter into lightly. You need lots of commitment and patience to make it. Processes such as video production require time, equipment and at most times are pretty costly. So do not put in your time and energy into making a YouTube account if you do not have what it takes to be a successful vlogger.

With this, we have come to an end with the basics of creating and operating a YouTube channel from scratch. So, let us say that you have understood the workings of a YouTube channel so what comes next? Well, the next step that follows content uploads is, sharing your content.

Where to share your content

How will your video get views? Since this is a blog for beginners on YouTube it is safe to say that you will have to work to attract viewers to your channel. So apart from optimizing your channel and videos to attract viewers what more can you do outside of YouTube to gain exposure? Below is a list of tips you can follow to share your content outside the platform that will help you gain viewers organically.

Tips to share YouTube videos

  1. Start with family and friends –

    Sharing your content, your videos are very important. Let us get one fact clear – you are new to the YouTube world so you cannot expect to get views without working for it. Even the most popular creators had to self-promote their videos at the very beginning. Now the method to do this is pretty simple. You start with something called the chain process.

    So, before you start worrying about getting your video across thousands of viewers, start with your close circle, that is your family, friends, and colleagues. Once your close circle likes your content, they are sure to share it with their circle, and this way the chain carries on.

    Also, you can trust your family and friends to subscribe to your channel, this way you will have gained the starting numbers that will help you grow further. In summary start with your family, your close circle, and continue forward.

  2. Post links to your videos on your social media profiles

    Want more traffic to your videos why not make use of your social media handles? Cross-platform promotion especially in regards to YouTube works magic in driving users to view your content. You can add posts, stories, etc on your Instagram channel to inform your followers about your YouTube video this way you funnel the traffic on your social media profile to your YouTube this will also help you gain favor with the YouTube algorithms.

    You can also add the links to your videos on your Instagram bio and in the description of your other social media profiles to boost your views and subscribers

  3. Reach out to influencers to promote your video

    Influencer marketing is the fastest-growing marketing concept. Even big brands that are well-established now rely on influencer marketing to reach the audience and to surge in humongous numbers of views. You too can do the same. Tools such as Unamo Social Media to search for influencers with similar spheres of interest and reach out to them to promote your video on their channel or social media handles. Since the target audience will pretty much be the same this will be a great opportunity to attract a new crowd.

  4. Bribe a little

    Every person walking the earth likes free stuff. So why not channel this admiration of free stuff by providing giveaways to coax users to view your videos. One way to do this by asking users to check out your video and tag a friend or two and the person who tags the highest number of friends has the chance of winning a prize. You can also add the link to your YouTube video in the video description on social media and ask your followers to register for the free giveaway through the link. When users click on the link, they will be redirected to your video thus increasing your views.

  5. Remember, be patient!

    Growing a loyal following base, gaining views, growing your channel, and understanding your audience all take time. Do not expect miracles because let’s face they are pretty rare. To get results you need to do your part and the platform will ensure the rest. Make sure that the content quality, as well as the video quality, is given the utmost care.

    And slowly but surely you will see the results. Also, try adopting new advertising techniques, try collaborating with other vloggers, come up with fun new ideas, and also make sure you try to involve your followers as much as you can.

In summary

With this, we come to an end with this blog. YouTube is a world on its own and like our very own world it too has its highs and lows so be positive and stay patient and things will start falling in place.

3 Facebook Marketing Myths Debunked

3 Facebook Marketing Myths Debunked

Facebook is one of the oldest and most successful social media platforms. It was founded in 2004 by a team of intelligent, talented, and ambitious roommates studying at Harvard University, and this team of young lads was led by Mark Zuckerberg, who is now the icon of this digital-native generation.

Facebook has been in the game for more than 17 years, and it continues to be ahead of all the other social media platforms. The reason behind this is that Facebook has always updated itself according to the changing times and needs of the world.

For the longest time, Facebook was used only to stay in touch with friends and family, build communities, and share and receive information. But today, it has turned into one of the go-to destinations for brand marketing. And like any other great idea, this one too received great criticism initially, but with the addition of more advanced marketing tools and features, Facebook marketing proved itself useful.

However, even today, there are several myths and rumors around this concept, and we are here to debunk the major ones so that more people can reap the benefit of this incredible platform without falling prey to misinformation. Let’s do it right, shall we?

Before everything else, what is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing is a type of social media marketing pertaining to only one platform- Facebook. It involves using multiple tools offered by Facebook with the sole intention of marketing your brand to Facebook users. Facebook marketing is usually approached in order to establish a strong social media presence of the brand, which will cause more people to discover it, engage with it, and ultimately help grow the brand’s loyal customer base. Facebook marketing has been adopted by several brands.

The reason behind this is that the platform thoroughly supports brands by providing them with all the necessary tools like Facebook Ads, Analytics, and so on.

However, several myths exist that question the abilities of Facebook Marketing. Out of all of them, we have chosen three of the most widespread and significant ones to debunk so that you are not misinformed.

Myth no.1: Facebook ads are not effective

There is a huge myth revolving around Facebook ads implying that they are not effective and bring no real-time benefit to the brand. To reason with this myth, let me tell you that people usually think that Facebook ads have no practical usefulness majorly because they are not informed sufficiently. The process of Facebook ads doesn’t just involve creating an ad post and publishing it.

There are some technicalities involved, and a fair amount of knowledge about social media marketing is required to truly ace at Facebook ads. Once you start understanding the entire process of placing an ad on Facebook, which will, of course, take some time and experience, you will notice a significant rise in the conversion rates.

Indeed, the Cost-per-click is on the lower side, but it is essential to realize that by framing the right ad campaign and publishing it at the right time, you can fetch yourself incredibly high-quality clicks that add real value to your brand. As a matter of fact, most of the other advertising platforms don’t offer such a huge variety of tools to place ads and target the audience.

Facebook Ads have an upper edge over all other advertising methods because it allows precise target marketing, which enables businesses to reach their ideal and most interested audience. We will talk more in detail about targetting the audience on Facebook further in this article.

Myth no.2: You cannot target your audience on Facebook

This is the second biggest myth about Facebook Marketing, which states that businesses cannot target their audience efficiently on Facebook. Now, the reason behind this myth’s existence is, once again, just the lack of knowledge and awareness about how the ads work and how you can target the audience. Anyone with a decent amount of experience in promoting businesses through Facebook ads will tell you that there is no platform better than Facebook when it comes to actively reach your target group. Facebook has developed its advertising segment so well and has thoroughly matched with the requirements of businesses, no matter how big or small.

To back our statements with facts and figures, let me tell you that there are not one, not two, but seven distinct sectors to target your audience. When you frame an ad campaign, your business can practically select the following factors among your target group:

Demographics: age, sex, marital status, income, affordability, etc.
Location: country, state, region, zip code, etc.
Hobbies and interests: based on the pages they follow and communities they are a part of.
Engagement: the kind of people, pages, and ideas they engage in.
Behavior: based on the consumption pattern of the people.
Connections: the people they interact with and their interests.

Automated optimization: by inserting the location and demographics, Facebook will automatically plan the ideal audience.

With all these ways of identifying and reaching your specific target group, it is fair to say that Facebook did a pretty solid job designing its advertisement segment so that businesses reach their target group in the easiest way possible.

Other than that, influencer marketing which comes under the umbrella of Facebook marketing, is yet another highly effective way of reaching the targeted audience of a business. All you need to do is collaborate with an influencer whose target audience matches yours so that you have a readily available group to attract. And yes, influencers on Facebook have been highly successful in bridging the gap between businesses and the audience. They have a reputable social media presence and the power to influence hundreds of people at a time.

Myth no.3: Facebook Marketing is expensive

Facebook ads are assumed to be expensive because it is a recorded pattern that the prices tend to increase at the time of highly competitive shopping seasons. However, it is important to realize that you can set a specific amount that you wish to spend per day. The beauty of marketing through Facebook ads is that you can never spend more than you have to. You can set a fixed amount for each day, and the profit you earn depends entirely on your targeting skills, market knowledge, and brand’s propositional values. To be fair, if you have enough knowledge and experience and understand how to make your campaign work in the market, an amount as little as 5$ per day can also fetch you a great return.

Apart from that, if you compare any other way of advertising, you will notice that you won’t be getting so much versatility, reliability, and flexibility in designing and promoting your campaigns at such little cost. So, even if Facebook marketing may not be the mainstream or high-end form of marketing your brand and its products, you should know that it is an ideal place to get started. Instead of making heavy investments at the very beginning on other forms of marketing, you can consider starting off on Facebook itself by procuring basic beginner-level knowledge about the hows and whys of social media marketing.

Here are some tips for Facebook marketing:

  • Schedule your posts well in advance.
  • Time them according to your target audience.
  • Establish your brand propositions and promote them.
  • Maintain regular interaction with your audience.
  • Stay relevant by incorporating trends.
  • Post consistently but not too much.
  • Use the analytics tool to study your audience.
  • Develop a voice of your brand to connect.
  • Create maximum amount of visual content.
  • Learn from the social media experts.


With so many useful tools and so many upgrades, it is fair to say that Facebook did a wonderful job developing an easy-to-use and affordable way of marketing for all levels of businesses. Several myths exist around the idea of Facebook marketing, but most of them prevail due to a lack of knowledge and experience. But now that you know the truth behind the major myths, make sure that you use this information to its full potential by marketing with a solid blend of intelligence and creativity.

Want To Go Viral On Social Media? You Need More Than Luck

Want To Go Viral On Social Media? You Need More Than Luck

Social media is a platform that does not require any promotion to get famous. The growth of social media is so rapid that it has led to a notable change in influencers’ lives. The way of communication has changed. The influencers adopt different ways to communicate to their audience.

The social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., are used by politicians, businesses, artists, and athletes to grow their business, sell their products, to advertise a certain brand. With such services, one can go viral easily as it is the holy grail to go popular worldwide.

Platforms like HQ Trivia attract many of the audience by offering them cash prizes. There are a particular set of questions asked, and based on the correct answers given, and they receive the prize. With very little growth of the traditional marketing, HQ Trivia has managed and attracted several people. There are many benefits of going viral on social media, and this also impacts your business growth, and you can attract new customers quickly.

The best advice to go viral on social media is given by Joseph Ayoub, CEO of the firm creaze. He is one of the famous influencers and has worked with the greatest brands on the earth.

We will discuss the seven tips given by him that will help you go viral on social media-

  1. Focus on quality content, then advertising
  2. Target and know your audience.
  3. Partnership with great influencers.
  4. Repost your content on a popular account.
  5. Your content should have strong basketry to make it short and to the point.
  6. Utilize and research relatable content.
  1. Focus on quality content, then advertising

    Many brands focus more on the advertisement campaign when they market on social media. They should rather focus on high-quality content if they want to be successful. Study the strategy of the brands that have successful marketing strategies and are regular with the content. They target to keep their audience engaged. ‘a, good quality content, is the key to success for various brands.

    Before you invest in the advertisement, make sure you are up to date with your content. Your content should be of good quality s that it keeps the local customers engage, and they visit the page more and more. Always remember that you need to be good with your content and have a strong base. If you have a strong base, then it would be easy to advertise your content.

  2. Target and know your audience

    If you want to go viral n social media, we have already seen that you should have good quality content, and the next thing you need to keep in mind is the audience. Know your audience and which type of content they prefer. A content creator needs to target a specific set of an audience because when you create new content and share it on different social media handles, then the users are most likely to share the content with their loved ones if they liked it.

    Your content should engage the brands and build up conversations with your audience. Technology is never-ending. Like social media, you as a content creator should not have a shortage of content or data. You should know your audience through and through.

    Getting viral is not about just getting famous in front of people. It is about getting famous in front of the right people who value your work. Brands set their specific goals, which they want to reach like the brand dove. It has set a targeted demographics that it wanted to reach. Their advertisement featured forensic artists drawing sketches of a real woman and not models and actresses.

    This campaign is aimed at real woman beauty, so a brand needs to know where they want to reach exactly. Once the brand has established its connection, it will automatically spread and share millions of viewers.

  3. Partnership with great influencers

    Social media gives you an opportunity to partner with other brands. Now you have created good quality content and then targeted a specific set of audiences. Now you can partner with other brands and share this information with your audience. By doing this, you’ll be able to grow your network and increase your chances of virality.

    After good quality content, advertising is the main key feature of the marketing strategy. You won’t be able to grow enough audience if you only stick to your social media and do not collab with brands. Remember, some people want to know you, so instead of sticking to your own social media handle, you can make a collab with different popular brands, and you can target their audience, and they can target your audience.

    This will increase the cross-promotion of the brand as well as your content and you. This is the strategy that will quickly help you grow your social media handle and increase your fame. It would be best if you had a boost to go viral on social media, and this boost you can get by sharing your posts with great influencers.

    There can be two chances, like if you want your content to get noticed, then you should think of partnering with people with the same interests and telling them about it. If you want your content to be watched, then you need to adopt a proactive approach, which means you can reach out to them and tell them about your infographic. And the ones who understand it will appreciate it. This is something which is called outreach marketing.

    The key is to start building up relationships right now, you can start by connecting to them on social media, and they should not feel that you just want to increase your audience. The first-ever collaboration should not be a link to your previous videos.

    • Share their content.
    • Post pictures with them so that the audience may know what and with whom you would show up next.
    • Send them an email to let them know that they are amazing and spread love.
  4. Repost your content on a popular account

    Many people get viral by just one amazing video or post of themselves. Once your post gets viral, there will be retweets on your post, and people will make you go viral overnight. This is how you can become an internet sensation. Do it organically, try not to use the same content before, come up with something new, unique that your audience will love. Content will help you stand out, and people will repost your tweet once they like it. Cross-posting the same content by millions of people will help you increase your social media and target a large audience. This will also help you expose yourself to a huge crowd quickly.

  5. Your content should have a strong base

    An influencer or a content creator should keep in mind that their audience feels connected with their content as they do not know you personally. Let your content speak. It should relate to the audience that loves watching your content. When a user loves your content, they will share your post with their friends and family members, which can grow your audience. You can engage with them in the comments and give heart to each comment. They should feel connected with your content. The best way to try out this is by creating a fictional character that can resemble you, and that has your basic characteristics, and people should feel a sense of connection.

    Create such a series that the audience uses it for a lifetime. Feature a product or a service that they love and is beneficial for them. If your targeted audience resonates with your fictional character, they will be more likely to resonate with your brand.

  6. Try to make it short and to the point

    A person can pay attention to any of the content until they find it interesting and relatable. Many people today have attention deficit disorder. This can be because they have so many things going on in their lives already that might distract them and social media is one of them.

    Nowadays, it is quite hard to live without social media. Humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish, and this was a saying in one of the headlines. This is just to make you understand that you need to be specific yet publish interesting content that your audience love as a content creator.

    Today, people have a short attention span, so you need to keep in mind that your content should be easy to read and with less difficult words. It should be like it can be digested within no time. When the reader reads your content, it should be simple to understand and convey the message. Posting too much long content can seem boring to the customers, and then there are fewer chances that you go viral on social media. If your content is way too long and is moreover boring, then users will ignore your content.

  7. Utilize and research relatable content

    After all these marketing strategies, the last one is to utilize your search and content by creating interactive content. You can make your content look interesting by posting quizzes on your social media handles. Audiences like to reply to such stories and polls so that they can engage with the influencers. Make your content more interactive by asking questions and ask for your opinion. Give them chances to interact with you in the comments and share their own ideas. This is how you can involve users, and this will help you increase the viewership on your social media account.

    Also, make sure you share your content at the right time. It is a great way to grow audience engagement if you share your tweet or post, or content at the right moment. There is no substitution for good timings. Set reminders so that you can plan your events or post on trendy topics. Whether it is about sports, fashion, pop culture, world news, or whatever, it should be posted at the right time. This is how it will add to your profile and will help you go viral.

    Social media is one of the ideal tools for seeing what is going on all around the world. Research some topics which are trending in regards to your industry.

  8. Your content should be useful enough to share –

    Content that has creativity in it and has a high engagement rate has more chances of going viral. Content should be practical, and once it is interesting, there is no doubt in getting viral. Target more competitive niches such as weight loss, so basically, your headline should be the main attraction source for the audience.

    And if your audience liked it, then definitely it will be shared by the people. Your content should not be like just people watching it, scrolling it, and not paying attention to it. It should seem useful to the audience. Use the built-in feature of your campaign. This concept is very useful and effective. This feature gives you a strong space and refers your services to others.

    Companies like Airbnb and uber follow similar strategies. You remember the first time when google launched google+, and this was also done on an invite-only basis. People who as access to such things can help you gain access. This will make your profile sharable, and people would want to see you more and more, which is how you’ll be growing your network socially. Your content will not go viral until the audience think it is useful.

    If you want to get, viral make your content useful and for people to share it. Once you get your hands on trending, please do not waste time re-creating it and then posting it. Make sure it is relatable and memorable.

  9. Use powerful visuals and graphics

    Posts that have images, graphics are more likely to be shared. There are posts from buzz sumo, and when we studied them deeply, we saw many similarities among them, each of their posts has millions of likes, and there are several social media shares. One of the things you should include is to create an attractive theme and add visuals. A post with great visuals gets more likes and shares than the one without any images.

    Inserting or using high-quality images in your content is important, and when you share the link on a post, then the social media sites like Facebook, google+ take the picture and include it in your post. Make your own graphic image that will make you stand out from the crowd of other influencers. You can take the help of tools like canvas, which will help you create good graphics, which you can use correctly.

  10. Share your content with amazing other influencers –

    By sharing your post with others, you are letting them know about your virtual world. Sharing your content can help you boost up views and will help you go viral.

    Remember the two ways that influencers take notice of your content-

    • Try to make your content the best so that they stumble upon it on their own.
    • Tell them about it.
  11. Many people like the first approach. Let influencers get to know you on their own. Let them discover you. Then consider taking the second one. Tell them about your content and your creations. Guide them through the blog or post that you think they would appreciate. You can send emails while publishing your new piece of content. Connect them on social media, mention them in your tweets, include them in stories, leave a link down below while posting your content, and last but not least, share your content with them directly.

    Going viral on social media is a dream of every content creator and influencer. Everybody wants thousands of followers and people viewing and appreciating their content. It is an amazing feeling to get viral overnight. This helps you get going and helps promote your brand and take it to new heights.

    You must have heard about the dollar shave club. With that one video of theirs, they went viral and were followed by many potential buyers, and this is one of the brands which was never heard of before. The lane of the marketing campaign is endless.

    The main question is, what makes their content viral and not theirs?
    There is no guarantee about your content going viral; it’s all about what the audience likes to see. If they like, they support. Otherwise, they scroll and move on to the next one. This is how it goes.
    But some brands have made their way to millions of subscribers and followers on Instagram, Facebook, and other social handles.

    Tips to go viral using the trending topics-

    1. Avoid posting on negative events. Create something which makes people feel good.
    2. Create content that makes people laugh and entertain them.
    3. Use tools like sprout social, which are social media managing tools. These kinds of tools will help you monitor the top trendiest topics.
    4. Male, your post attractive. Always include some visuals which are colorful so that people may get attracted and increase visibility.
    5. The main thing to do not forget to use hashtags if you are posting something. It would be best if you remembered that post relevant hashtags that go with the post.
    6. Always try to post some image that relates to your character. By doing so, people will know you and will be attached to you. This will also help you to increase visibility.
    7. This point should not be forgotten, don’t forget to use relevant hashtags according to the post. And tweet on the topic which is in trend.


    All these activities are not just to be read but also practiced. Once you understand all these tricks and tips on how to go viral, then it would be easy for you to come into a trend along with the other famous influencers. These tricks are more powerful and will help you in every way. Create a piece of content that is unique and loved by the targeted audience. Take these tips into consideration and come up with something new which will make you go viral. Remember, it takes effort, but it is not impossible.